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  1. celtic top and Lidl bag
  2. Including the one for Barcelona against us at the Nou Camp
  3. It's 75% to accept a CVA so 25% to block/refuse CVA
  4. A want a refund on the Japanese tour tickets a bought
  5. It was s question as to who was owed money .
  6. What about guys who have been going for 50+ years.You will never keep everyone happy just need to hope it done in a fair manner.
  7. Maybe get him to lead a sing song
  8. The biggest of whom is HMRC ?
  9. Would the other shareholder's be due money also.
  10. The last paragraph talks about “grossing up"and being in representations with HMRC maybe the 50 million mistake is the outcome of this?
  11. Not just Murray but all shareholders should benefit, don't know if debenture seat holders would be due money also.
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