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  1. It's alright having the tools you need to know how to use them.
  2. LV

    Ryan Kent

    Wrong . McCoist himself talks about meeting supporters at various social events and wondering if they were in the crowd that day .Think it might have been against Dundee.
  3. LV

    Ryan Kent

    The same McCoist that the fans told him to get to fuck .Might be a lesson for some new young players we have now who just might need time to settle.
  4. LV


    Fixed that for you.
  5. This illicit would that be deemed now to be racist/sectarian.
  6. Well if it's Morelos doing it they would spend half the programme discussing the hot head etc .
  7. Think they'll mention Alfredo getting grabbed by the throat and thrown to the ground by the French centre-half.
  8. Can you name the 6? Cause I'm struggling after the 5 named
  9. LV

    Our Board

    Not asking who sanctioned the signing of the Manager but who brought him in .As you have said in your answer your not for telling for personal reasons that's fine
  10. LV

    Our Board

    Thanks for your input but I'll still wait for Blue Avenger to answer
  11. LV

    Our Board

    Blue Avenger says neither King or Allan brought Gerrard in so think I'll wait for him to get back with his answer.
  12. LV

    Our Board

    My question was directed to Blue Avenger as to who brought Gerrard onboard.
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