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  1. Think we would be lucky to get 5000 with the current 2m distancing.
  2. LV

    Kit Launch

    50,000 @£60 is 3 million just covers the initial payment probably need to sell double for them to break even.
  3. Only way they are in the same class is Laudrup is schooling him.
  4. Nothing went in the spam folder?
  5. Will we see the SFA threatening these 3 clubs like Thistle and Hearts.
  6. Think it's something to do with player fitness.
  7. Another tour to Japan to organise for when the match against us can be postponed.
  8. They could still do what is required ...tackle and pass
  9. 6'2" would rule out Souness,McCall,Hurlock and Ian Ferguson they could tackle and play but would be too short for you.
  10. Be easier to move the cameras to the SJ Stand .
  11. Did you watch that match ? His wild tackle done his knee he was out until December .
  12. He did injure himself in that match.
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