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  1. Bayern Munich in the 70s,Benfica in the 60s
  2. Archie was the first sub in first class football in Scotland.Substitutes had been in football from the 1860's some where as we know now others where more like replacements for players who didn't turn up.
  3. Archie Gemmill in the 1960's in Scotland.
  4. Their not 80% of wages up to £2500 limit per month works can top up if they wish.
  5. Surely as a business we qualify for all the government has put in place for businesses?
  6. British Summer Time is what they don't want to use they don't like the Brits
  7. Think it takes a month to kick in so it might stop 4weeks hence.
  8. It's not just the supporters who are racist Tonev, Griffith's both racists.
  9. If they go tits up what happens to the points they've won ,cup places .
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