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  1. Reading @Elfidedo's report all three got on.
  2. Well that's them needing a new centre half maybe they'll want to take Goldstein after playing a full season with no health problems.
  3. Tims are not noted for being classy.
  4. Still bitter after 30 years. The Erskine Bridge will need to be closed when we do 55.
  5. It's Aussie Dollars not Pounds it is roughly half that £230.
  6. Souness has only mentioned two names Collins and Houghton as players he tried to sign maybe Frankie is getting mixed up just like his Treasure hunt story.
  7. LV

    Ibrox Maintenance

    Amsterdam coffee shop would be good. ⏺️☕😉
  8. Cannavaro was only 5 10 not a bad central defender.
  9. That maybe the case but if we have unsold seats how can these not be sold to the 14000 on the waiting list?
  10. We have c5000 unsold seats around a 1000 for visiting league teams allow another 1000 for segregation .That leaves 3000 unsold seats are these needed for Cup/Euro matches if not we should not expand until we sell these seats.
  11. It's around 500 per stand so just 1000 extra seats
  12. Don't know about Arfield but Noemi was born in Finland and I'm a rocket .🤡
  13. How did he no get capped for Scotland then?
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