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  1. LV

    The split

    Just the 18 teams short .
  2. Is this a precursor to getting the big screens at Ibrox out ?
  3. Maybe taken a walk in to a wood with a rope?
  4. The young fan who Shay Logan identified online in breach of the same law which protects the young celtic fan wonder if the police will bother with that.
  5. He has already played for 2 clubs he could sign for somebody but not play .
  6. He liked a tag like many did in the eighty's also a we drink didn't go a miss.
  7. LV

    SFA Charge

    Have they finished Tom Boyd's investigation yet.
  8. They'll get the 6000 to pay much like Bar 72 think it was 3 seasons money upfront
  9. Rangers player profile has him at 1.91m. This is 6'3
  10. Think he's taller than Goldson,Edmundson same height as Helander only Katic is taller by about an inch.
  11. How tall should he be ?
  12. So is it a winger or inside forward we need.
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