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  1. LV

    Ibrox Maintenance

    And here's me thinking it was the brick facade that made it iconic.
  2. Testimonials should only be awarded after 10+ years service or sadly after a career ending injury.
  3. He has a point to them being removed.Lots of banks have closed and people have to use the cash machines which are charging £2 a pop to access your own cash.
  4. Well here's hoping.Time will tell.
  5. It's probably been sorted but not been reported by the press they seem to be good at suppressing bad news.
  6. Think the only way sheep miss out is if hearts win cup.
  7. Langton Court in Langton Court Road was in years back so don't know if still open.
  8. The accompanying music is the Hokey Cokey how long before the Catholic Church gets it pulled for being sectarian😂
  9. So for a record to stand it would need to be a road race, static drink stations would they allow pace makers.
  10. The clubs should be getting a third of the tickets each.
  11. Well when the sub 4 min mile was run Bannister had pacemakers etc don't see the difference.
  12. Can you explain why it wasn't a proper marathon.
  13. Is Tiliemans not a loan player and valued at £40 million to make it a permanent deal.
  14. I don't think the taxman would have settled for a CVA . They wanted us gone nothing less.
  15. LV

    ST renewal

    It's been pish since 2012 but folk have a tolerance all it takes is a combination of bad weather, bad results and the crowds could drop. So getting the season ticket money up front is in the clubs best interest.
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