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  1. As a team we have scored a 100 goals this season, his contribution to that is mnimal considering he is supposed to be an attacking midfielder and plays nearly every game. Young Middleton has as good if not better record and he doesn’t play.
  2. Imo he is a quality player, he has that composure about him and is comfortable on the ball, he can play numerous positions effectively and loves the physical side of it too. Always rated him and thought he was a terrific signing.
  3. When did Arfield start creating and scoring goals?? I must have missed it. 😟
  4. Another couple sending offs and we will be lucky to get our money back!
  5. My point of view is, Brown and his boss Lennon have both got one of those smarmy faces you would just love to skelp, and skelp over and over again. How the fuck do these pair of wankers ever get away with just walking around un-molested??
  6. Spot on. We need a major clearout of our midfield, keep Middleton and Jack maybe Kamara but punt the rest asap.
  7. The guy is a Rangers legend, end of story. Most if the other pish being talked about on here is little understood or known, people making out they know the ins and outs if everything that went on behind the scene. Its bullshit, all you have to do is remember the hurt on the guys face and how much the stress of trying to manage the club under the Whyte and Green regimes aged the cunt. Maybe he has said one or two wee things that have pissed a few people off, but he has a right to an opinion just like the rest of us. It doesn’t mean he is a sellout or whatever. To me he has always come across as someone who cares deeply about our club and has brought more joy to more supporters than just about any other figure in our history. And as for everyone thats got an opinion on how much money he got paid or compensated, ffs what has that really got to do with the guys legacy? Every cunt thats ever pulled on the jersey in modern times has been paid and compensated well, so why shouldn’t he? Thats part of being employed at a big club. As ive said, the guy is and always will be, a Rangers legend, he’s not done anything that justifies anyone trying to take that away or tarnish it in any way. Even during his stint as manager ffs. Can you hand on heart say that he never cared? And if you can, then fuck you! You are full of shit.
  8. Did you see Shinnie in the Scotland game the other night? He shouldn't get anywhere near a Rangers shirt!
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