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  1. Was waiting on this post appearing on here. Referees in Scotland are absolutely shite, from Collum, Dallas, Beaton, Clancy right down to the guys refereeing the juniors, they are horrendous. Have a listen to fans of St Mirren, Morton, Dumbarton, and they will be able to list off a catalogue of horrific refereeing decisions that have went against them as well, every single week. If we can’t create enough clear chances in a game at Ibrox against a poor Aberdeen side then we don’t deserve the win. Our fans insistence on turning straight to the referees ineptitude every week is starting to annoy me. Dallas gave us 4 penalties in the one game last season? Has he had a change of heart this season and now he’s involved in some anti-Rangers conspiracy? Honest to fuck every day our fans are getting closer to becoming the tims during the 9 in a row era.
  2. Don’t let facts get in the way. Our support is turning into the exact thing we slagged the taig support for, some of our support are going out their way to make us look hard done to. Scottish referees are absolutely dreadful, and every single team in the league are in the same boat as us where they are getting done by bad decisions on a weekly basis. Let’s not become the victims.
  3. St Mirren have been half decent so far and have tried to break quickly on the counter in the first 2 games. I suspect they will come with the exact same tactic here, but I can’t see them being able to over come the quality we will have in midfield. Kamara is the key, he should be able to dictate the play even with 11 St Mirren players behind the ball. They do have a lot of pace going forward so will be interesting to see how far we allow the full backs to roam when attacking. 3-1 Gers in a tight but ultimately comfortable game is my shout.
  4. The day I don’t wake up on the day of an Old Firm game choking to beat these cunts will be the day I chuck it.
  5. He had to do something after that semi final and he’s obviously came back with the right attitude and knuckled down in training. Right from the start Gerrard has praised his attitude so that’s good enough for me.
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