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  1. Spot on. When we are giving credence to an organisation who think that the opinions of people like Bonner, Stewart or Hartson are worthy of taxpayers money, then the games up. I wouldn’t read or listen to anything the BBC produce for a multitude of reasons. Just reminding myself that these clowns get paid actual wages from public funds for their opinions is enough to anger me slightly, so I do my best to avoid the lot.
  2. Let the adults talk while you get offended over what BBC Scotland say. Fuck sake they haven’t even been allowed media access to Ibrox in years, who gives a fuck what they say.
  3. I worry about some of our fans, genuinely. Their blood pressure must be through the roof if they can be so easily offended by someone using the word ‘thrashing’ after a team wins 6-0.
  4. So true. Imagine someone like Gerard Houlier telling that Liverpool team that they were going to be playing 2 holding midfielders away to Exeter City in the FA Cup? Gerard would probably have been the first one to go through him. In my mind SG sees Jack as undroppable, he’s going to be starting the majority of games when fit (I like Ryan Jack but he has to raise his game). But if Arfield and Kamara continue to play as much as they have been then I’m going to really start questioning what’s going through Gerard and the back room staffs heads. Arfield has been so sloppy in possession
  5. As much as Gerrard wasn’t winning title after title with Liverpool, he was still regarded as one of the best midfielders on the planet for the majority of his career, and it’s clear to see his standards are sky high. What I am struggling to understand with him is how a guy who has been at that level for so long, held in such high esteem the world over, is unable to organise our midfield into something resembling an attacking threat. I refuse to believe he doesn’t have the ability to change up this midfield against teams that sit in, he must have came up against it literally hundreds o
  6. To be fair, I’ve seen numerous situations like this where the player is sliding and using his arm to keep himself in a more upright position, and the referees haven’t gave a penalty. It happened in an EPL game quite recently where it went to VAR and was given as no penalty. The handball rule is a shambles right now, as the laws state any handball must be intentional, but almost every handball is accidental and we still see penalties given.
  7. Was waiting on this post appearing on here. Referees in Scotland are absolutely shite, from Collum, Dallas, Beaton, Clancy right down to the guys refereeing the juniors, they are horrendous. Have a listen to fans of St Mirren, Morton, Dumbarton, and they will be able to list off a catalogue of horrific refereeing decisions that have went against them as well, every single week. If we can’t create enough clear chances in a game at Ibrox against a poor Aberdeen side then we don’t deserve the win. Our fans insistence on turning straight to the referees ineptitude every week is starting to annoy m
  8. Don’t let facts get in the way. Our support is turning into the exact thing we slagged the taig support for, some of our support are going out their way to make us look hard done to. Scottish referees are absolutely dreadful, and every single team in the league are in the same boat as us where they are getting done by bad decisions on a weekly basis. Let’s not become the victims.
  9. St Mirren have been half decent so far and have tried to break quickly on the counter in the first 2 games. I suspect they will come with the exact same tactic here, but I can’t see them being able to over come the quality we will have in midfield. Kamara is the key, he should be able to dictate the play even with 11 St Mirren players behind the ball. They do have a lot of pace going forward so will be interesting to see how far we allow the full backs to roam when attacking. 3-1 Gers in a tight but ultimately comfortable game is my shout.
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