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  1. David Winnie is a dick who hardly got a game for Hearts, probably still holds a wee grudge against them for that 👍
  2. They way I have wanted it to go for as long as I can remember. Us down south and those cunts out of the U.K. Phenomenal.
  3. What does Leo Messi and celtic have in common? Answer....Leo Messi plays as a “false 9” and, well.....😂😂
  4. Rangers won more games in the Europa League than any other team. That means we won it doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? 😂
  5. My list of clubs I hate is 41 long.
  6. When you find child abuse acceptable then their behaviour isn’t unexpected 👍
  7. Utterly disgusting mate. They have zero morals.
  8. Fucking scum seem to be mocking all the Coronavirus deaths. They are lower than a snakes belly.
  9. celtic’s home stadium should be in an office the amount of times they have “won” in them by bureaucrats signing bits of paper. Fucking tramps.
  10. There you go mate PETER LIEWELL TELLS THE TRUTH (honestly) Yesterday, amidst the hysteria from the east of the city a statement was released by celtic FC which was as cringeworthy as normal while it waxed lyrically about a title “won on the park” and described celtic in a manner akin to a proper clubs celebrations after winning the Champions League. Buried within the tirade of self glorification was one nugget of truth and honesty. Peter admitted that celtic had “won the celtic way”. We couldn’t agree with you more Peter. Let us remind our readers exactly what the “celtic way” is. * Claim “separate entity” from celtic Boys Club to the public and, more alarmingly, victims of child abuse. * Publicly state you will deal with the perpetrators who hung sectarian effigies off your stadium “once the criminal case is over” yet do nothing. * Cave in to pressure after correctly disbanding an area of your stadium that continually brought shame and financial burden to your club. Suddenly for reasons unknown to the public, the area reopened and is now under the control of the very people you wanted to banish * In 2008 you introduced Scottish football to the term “sporting integrity” while claiming you could not extend the league to assist your biggest rivals who reached a prestigious European final and claimed to be visiting the Far East for a tour that never took place. * Badgered referees in to a near strike and suggested foreign referees should be used for key games. * Using the untimely and tragic death of an ex player to postpone an important game which would have seen your team miss some key players due to injury and suspension yet fail to postpone games when you have non important games after the unfortunate deaths of genuine club legends in later years * Paraded your manager in front of the media as soon as football was shelved due to a world pandemic claiming “surely they can’t take our lead away from us” while your contemporaries south of the border examined every possible avenue (and still do) to complete the current season. After 30 years of zero titles it’s arguable a victory for Liverpool FC would mean more to their club yet they have never once contemplated asking thd FA “not to take it away from us” These are just a few quick examples of the “celtic way”. So Peter we congratulate you in eventually, after 8 years in existence, finding a way for our page to agree with a single word you say. After a botched gerrymandered resolution to prematurely end the Championship/League1/League2, which was always going to be used as a precedence for the early end of the Premiership, we congratulate you for victory in your “celtic way” Neverendedship title and we say well done in convincing your drooling at the mouth following that they really did win a 8 and 3/4 title. It’s a wee shame that your “resolution 12” brigade couldn’t enjoy the celebrations for more than 24 hours before returning to their default setting of hating our club more than they love yours as they take to the ether today to snarl, threaten and rage at the SFAs decision to throw out their dreams and hopes of the end of “Sevco” after the SFA threw out any possible chance of punishing Rangers for “crimes” from 2012. Keep up the “celtic way” rhetoric Peter. We are entertained by the melted jelly and ice cream mobs lapping up of your lies and agendas. You feed them well. Sons of Struth
  11. So the bastards at the SFA were desperate to get us based on a story from the lying bastard Craig Whyte? Turns out they had nothing and had to drop the charges. Two footballing bodies in the same country showing hatred toward a member club is fucking disgusting and Rangers need to do something here. No standing back now we need to go after these cunts 🤬
  12. How much money did Rod Petrie give to the Auchinleck Talbot chairman who was on the Junior Football board and has now suddenly resigned from Auchinleck Talbot? That looks as dodgy as fuck. Edit.....he resigned from the SJFA West Region Committee.
  13. Grown men turning up to an empty stadium of another team is truly sad. I can’t imsgine ever doing that, they are a strange breed. Suppose the primary schools have been closed for a few months so they have pent up frustration.
  14. Rangers fans turning up at Ibrox and leathering tims just makes my heart swell with pride. Defending the stadium like soldiers battering plastic Oirish tramps has made my day. Hope it happens again, seeing a bheast caked in blood is always a good sight.
  15. Today is another day where the pride of being a Rangers fan is enhanced. In a pandemic they claimed being handed a title from a corrupt football authority is “the best yet” while people are dying and businesses are going to the wall. Dirty undignified scum. Thank fuck Rangers are my team 🇬🇧
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