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  1. The bits circled should still be used today. It’s what they wanted the shower of celtic loving cunts.
  2. Even after Coronavirus has died down their will be a semi lockdown. Sporting events and the like will not be allowed for a specified amount of time based purely on safety grounds and make sure there isn’t a second wave of the disease. Anybody that thinks season 19/20 can be completed are deluded. For season 19/20 to go ahead season 20/21 would be majorly impacted and when you factor in Euro 2021 as it is now then that’s just fucking insane. Null and void is the only logical step here, oops sorry I said logical forgetting we are talking about organised football with imbeciles making the decisions.
  3. They wat s to play 9 league games in August on top of Euro qualifiers? They are fucking nuts. It won’t happen. There won’t even be football in August 😂👍
  4. Mate apparently the same guy done it in 2012, paid out on Man Utd and Man City won the league 😂😂😂
  5. Fred Done paid out on Man Utd winning the league when they were 12 points clear and Arsenal won the league 😂👍
  6. Steps down as chairman apparently.
  7. It doesn’t equate to winning it though. 👍 Because they didn’t actually win it. Any team handed a win will have the biggest taint next to it. Liverpool havent moaned and they have went 30 years without the league, they know the taint will spoil it.
  8. It’s as tainted as it gets. Definitely not a win 👍
  9. Exactly. Start the next season as if this one is restarting. Its fair on everyone.
  10. If they don’t make it all null and void in this time of a pandemic the people at the top of the game should be chased. There will be no football being played for the foreseeable future, certainly way beyond their stupid June 30th deadline. End it now and allow clubs to do what’s necessary to keep themselves going. Not one team anywhere has won their league, being top is not an entitlement to be caleed the winner.
  11. Corrupt to the core but I would rather them than the SFA or SPFL to be honest 👍
  12. Of course it is. No one is getting treated differently. Null and void for everyone or positions stand for everyone. It’s the same either way.
  13. What’s fair about treating everyone the same? Seriously?
  14. Never questioned in the correct manner 👍
  15. I don’t recall saying it should be a vote, too many vested interests for me. UEFA should decide. Treat everyone the same. That’s fair 👍
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