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  1. Liewell paid off a known paedophile and has tried to moralise over Rangers for years. Utter filth. They are lower than a snakes belly and should be closed down completely.
  2. A RC school teacher that supports celtic doesn’t give us anything. I can’t say I’m shocked. And to think the Torbetts still push an agenda that he’s against them as well. 😂
  3. The dross on our squad stood up and showed just how shite some of them are and it shows we need a good bit of investment in our playing squad next season. No false dawns with any of them.
  4. We have played Kilmarnock 11 times in the league since we came back up and won only 2. Fucking 2. What a disgrace that is.
  5. Anyone with John Masons attitude toward this subject needs watching very closely. If you make excuses or make stupid comparisons to avoid hammering the perpetrators in these vile crimes then it makes me question,what do YOU have in your background Mason? What is your reasons for deflecting? Are children 100% safe in your company? Normal people want justice. Others clearly don’t.
  6. If that old bastard is still in a job this time next week it just goes to show how vile the SNP is 🤮
  7. Right let’s get this back on track. celtic covered up child abuse for decades. They should be closed down for it all. Hope everyone agrees 👍
  8. Cunt trivialised rape and still never got punted. A vile old prick. https://www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/snp-msp-john-mason-denies-9558268
  9. Mason has previous for unbelievably stupid comments. He could have lost his job time and again. He’s in the SNP though and they have no morality at all.
  10. Cheers pal. What a bastard he is.
  11. Dermot Desmond doesn’t have any morals.
  12. 29 mins in. If this doesn’t make your fucking blood boil then I don’t know what will. The SFA man they picked to clear football from wrongdoing looks dodgy as fuck too. This is the worst thing I have ever seen in any sport in my life. Vile.
  13. Very late winner there. Boys have been dominant but very wasteful in front of goal.
  14. Jesus fuck. Even more. This simply cannot be denied to be a full blown organised paedophile ring being run out of a football club who were complicit in its organisation and cover up. They must close them down. I don’t want my football team ever sharing a football pitch with these scumbags again.
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