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  1. Another game we get the pleasure of watching our opponent sit with every man defending as if their life depends on it. We need to play fast right from the start. Hit shots from all angles,none of this slow paced shite like the first half yesterday. Let’s batter teams for 90 minutes πŸ‘
  2. I would love to knock this rhat bastard out.
  3. Knew this day was coming for a long time but it’s hit me like a tonne of bricks. A young man who gave his all on the pitch and loved a good laugh off it. Struck down by a horrific disease when he should have been winding down as a player and perhaps going into coaching as well as enjoying his family life. Puts an awful lot of things into perspective and I just hope his family cope with the massive loss they need to live with. Rest in peace Fernando. A Ranger forever and a legend of a man πŸ’”
  4. The Daily Record should be banned from our club, who buys that fucking shite anyway. They are irrelevant and not needed in this day and age.
  5. The director of football role is not something I have ever paid much attention to to be honest. By all accounts the guy done a good job but he doesn’t win matches so let’s move on and start pumping teams starting tomorrow. If we get another DOF in then hopefully we take our time and go for the correct person rather than rush it.
  6. Child rape and child murder is normal at that cesspit. This country is so fucked up it is allowed to happen.
  7. They are either struggling to sell tickets or, as they claim, if they have 50 odd thousands ST holders like then how can they buy an additional two 3 match packages? Where the fuck are they going to sit?
  8. Scotlands worst first half in 40 years. Steve Clarke straight into the drinks cabinet at half time πŸ˜‚
  9. Craig Brown is a senile old bastard and Fraser Forster is displaying early signs of joining him πŸ‘
  10. UEFA are a shower of corrupt bastards. They do what suits them because no one stands up to them. Any club treated unfairly just meekly accepts it. Disgusting.
  11. And just to add Nicky is a liar too πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  12. They paint themselves out to be angels and in this country they have a compliant media backing them up. Some of the shit that gets said is unbelievably crass but for that lot to act like this is frankly laughable πŸ‘
  13. Will be taking absolutely zero lessons in morality from those paedo enabling bastards. Not now, not ever
  14. I was was an investigator for Operation Yewtree I would kick your door down you rancid paedo bastard.
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