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  1. Totally agree. Flanagan is never attack minded in a million years and if Gerrard doesn’t know that already then that’s weird. Defoe in the last 3 games has looked alienated and the guys who are supposed to back him up have done very little. Defoe would be far better playing off another striker. He simply doesn’t do what Morelos does. 👍
  2. Yesterday when he was clean through on goal he appeared incapable of breaking out of a jog. 😳
  3. McGregor Patterson Goldson Katic Barisic Arfield Davis Kamara Aribo Morelos Kent A good few of that lot need to take a look at themselves. Bottling 50/50s and lack of effort was awful yesterday. It’s time to step up, the fans and club deserve more.
  4. I said prior to the Stranraer game we should have been at full strength against them. Most of our first choice players then went almost 3 weeks without playing. Same as last year and we haven’t learnt from that. We are still the best team in the country but the mentality side is lacking big time. That needs to change if we are to win anything. Can it change? Will it change? I fucking hope so.
  5. Our problem isn’t ability. Our problem is bottle and mentality. And that is a massive problem to have if you want to win anything. Straight question. Would you trust these players to win a game tomorrow to win the league against, say, Aberdeen? A one off 90 minutes. I would have serious doubts.
  6. Seen all this pish too for a couple of weeks. “I would settle for a shite performance as long as we win 1-0”. See when you start accepting shite as long as you win then being shite bites you in the arse. Playing poor and winning is part of the game but planning on accepting it first is a losers mentality. Our players play like that.
  7. We would be wasting money buying. You can’t buy a winning mentality and we don’t have the money to buy players with that mindset. That’s why we have the guys we have. Players that win things come at a premium. This league isn’t over because of points or we aren’t good enough. I just don’t think we will win it because we are mentally incapable.
  8. Good managers learn from mistakes and they learn fast. That’s 3 wins v celtic and 3 times we have blown that straight away. Team set up today from the first minute was terrible. Sat in and allowed Hearts to dictate and apart from the first couple of minutes after half time that was it. Brutal.
  9. Last year away to Killie we were 1 up and Worrall sold the equaliser. We failed to recover and lost. Today is deja vu with Kamara fucking it. Totally scunnered. A dreadful performance with not one player giving his all. Not fucking one.
  10. Let down after let down with this group. Out played and out fought by the worst team in the league going for a title. Losers, fucking losers.
  11. These fucking shitebags won’t win a thing. I said we couldn’t start bad or we would be in trouble. What was Gerrard saying pre match? It happens too many times.
  12. We play that fucking tadger Flanagan over Patterson because the boy is only 18. He’s fucking superior to Flanagan and I don’t give a fuck if he 12, play the better player. Surely Polster is a better bet.
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