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  1. Passing it to the SFA is just passing the corruption from one arse cheek to the other.
  2. Hope so or Scottish football should just close down 👍
  3. I didn’t think they were capable of phoning the police.
  4. I agree with him about SD. Hate the shithole shops. But you can buy a Rangers top and SD don’t get a penny. They don’t touch it or earn a bean if you don’t buy from them. They only make money if they pay up front for a batch and sell them on. Just buy elsewhere and hopefully the fat wanker is left with stock he can’t move on and Castore and Rangers have already been paid. Tables turned on the fucking balloon. 👍
  5. You wouldn’t have bought a top from Castore that SD don’t get a penny from?
  6. I’m not telling you anything. That’s exactly what’s happening.
  7. When the deal was signed with Castore there was no SD involvement. There wasn’t any other retail involvement. Castore would, after signing with us, then do other deals to distribute their product. Nothing to do with us at all.
  8. Deloitte looked at the stuff the SPFL wanted them to. A paid for whitewash. Another embarrassing turn for the corrupt SPFL.
  9. Dundee cast their vote. That vote should stand. The only way to change vote was for Dundee to contact the SPFL to request a change. That didn’t happen. Dundee were contacted by the SPFL and asked to hold back their vote and were obviously encouraged to change it. That is not allowed. The SPFL have fucked up big time. They then contacted Aberdeen to tell them the “result” of an incomplete vote. Again that is not allowed. They put in a false voting deadline. Again that is not allowed. They lied about the options open to clubs to receive their own money by saying “its this way or none”. This is nothing to do with football, it’s how a company has lied to its members and owners. The SFA have no jurisdiction over this and for the SPFL to claim it should go back to them is not only laughable but shows how desperate they really are.
  10. Try it on for size in SD then put it back on the hanger then order it from a decent company 😂👍
  11. By the time you can go in a Sports Direct shop you will be able to go into other shops and try them on for size.
  12. Castore can sign deals to sell with who they want. It won’t cost them money, it won’t cost us money. We don’t have to buy from Sports Direct either.
  13. Quite glad I kept the head and waited a bit to see what’s happening but totally understand the anger at the thought of Sports Direct having their claws in. Sports Direct have zero power and are being used by Castore to sell their products. Fuck Sports Direct. Fuck Mike Ashley. Fucking don’t go in their shops.
  14. Sports Direct order 5000 Rangers tops. They need to pay Castore up front. Castore and Rangers get their money. Sports Direct need to sell them on to make their cut. Rangers fans boycott them. They make nothing. Im ok with that 😂😂
  15. Hollicom getting Sports Direct to cause a mini meltdown on the eve of the bheasty court cases starting, Sports Direct sell all sorts of football jerseys, doesn’t mean they have any control at all. Think calm heads are required 😂 Just don’t buy from them, get your stuff where you want to spend your hard earned. 👍
  16. Sports Direct sell all sorts of team strips. If that’s all it is then just don’t go near them. BUT. If it’s anything more than that then there will be massive questions and a lot of anger to be addressed if we are in a contract with that fat repulsive nonce cunt.
  17. The SPFL have never had an Old Firm later that match day 7. Lets see that suddenly change to appease the abusers.
  18. The SPFL trying to argue that the procedures and voting process are somehow “football matters” that should be referred to the SFA is actually embarrassing. Its the conduct of you as a company you fucking melts. Even the lawyers on their behalf must be saying “at least I am being paid” 😂
  19. Just over an hour and a half to hopefully the start of the end of the corrupt SPFL. If we kick off next season with the same league body and people ruining, I mean running, the game then it’s going to be grim. Corruption can’t win. Pay offs cannot be accepted in any form. The corruption needs to be beaten and binned, nothing else.
  20. Fuck JD. If they are happy to be associated with the systematic cover up of child abuse that’s up to them but I would never be seen in an establishment like that. There are other shops out there to buy from. 👍
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