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  1. Someone should make a video of all the times he just passes the ball sideways right out of the park. He had a particularly hilarious one against England I'm sure.
  2. I wondered what he was looking at when I saw it on tv.
  3. We've got to be brave enough to go at them. Hope to God there's been no phone calls to Rafa in last couple of days.
  4. Even without sharpness he's possibly still more of a threat than Middleton. Keep Middleton for when Kent tires and the game has stretched.
  5. Said this for years, all of his peers either retired or went to test themselves in a better league, Ferguson, Thomson, Davis, Ki Sung, Barry Robson, Wanyama, even the likes of Armstrong has moved on. He's hung around diddy Scottish football because he's not good enough to play elsewhere and his hard-man act Would be laughable in a proper league.
  6. He was monstered, fair enough it happens, I accept attacking crosses is not his forte but rolling around the ground holding his head after was pathetic.
  7. http://www.usagoals.me/c/football/2875432/4/Rangers-vs-hibernian-live-stream/
  8. Gerrard was visibly furious with him on Sunday, I thought he'd be dropped from starting eleven but not from squad.
  9. We should be brave enough to drop a centre midfielder and put Lafferty in, not that I particularly like Lafferty but we need to be braver. Morelos is a beast but Hibs know it's just him up there, if there was somone else up top, putting himself about and working defenders, we'd be far more likely to create chances.
  10. Is Grezda injured or just dropped entirely? Gerrard looked furious with him on Sunday.
  11. For the most part of that we played like an amateur team, I think Gerrard's reaction at the end reflects just how bad we were. But we won and we're still up there. Let's hope we can grind results out next week and the winter break gives us time to rest, improve the squad and spend some quality time on the training pitch.
  12. Made sweeter by the fact the rest of Scottish football hates him because he stands his ground and fights his/our corner.
  13. Thank God. Please, please make this the catalyst for us to go on and be Rangers.
  14. Because he was brilliant before he left, wasn't her? Another dud who runs around a lot but can't really play. Utterly fucking desperate that people think he'll come in and improve things.
  15. How many lingering camera shots of Gerrard biting the inside of his jacket will we see before 90 mins are over? Try shouting at them slippy, or changing something, anything.
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