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  1. Time to go back to our routes

    I'd take Catholics like Amoruso, Albertz and Cannigia just now. I'd take Muslims like Hemdani and Bougherra. You're one of those morons that sings "Ryan Jack is a fucking Protestant" aren't you? He may be a Protestant, he's certainly not a footballer.
  2. Niko and Alves

    He hasn't actually been rag dolled in most of the games. Stop making out Scotland is some sort of mega tough place to play. Players here are weak and unathletic.
  3. Niko and Alves

    Are you a retard? What do you think it means? He should be playing ahead of Windass.
  4. John Bishop

    Paying to listen to a scouse accent is lunacy.
  5. Niko and Alves

    He's better than windass.
  6. Kenny Miller

    Hearts are shocking, that's why.
  7. John Bishop

    Lou is misunderstood. Susan Kennedy is the real cunt on Ramsey St.
  8. Niko and Alves

    Hahaha!! Good one. Alves is the problem. Another brainless idiot. I bet you also think "we need pyoor Rangers men whit no whit the clubs all aboot". The biggesgt imposters in that team are wearing 9, 8 and 11. If that little fairy Murty had any balls he'd drop the 3 of them. Murty should stick to teaching the under 12's how to be polite and positive or whatever he's supposed to be doing. If he doesn't have the bottle to deal with Miller he's not fit to manage the team.
  9. Kenny Miller

    The video of clips showing Kenny Miller struggling to get the ball out of his feet and battering of the keepers legs could be 90 hours long. He's a very Scottish footballer. Couldnt cut it in England, Turkey or America. Always sloped back the the SPL because it's the home of technically awful forwards who run channels like brainless fucks.
  10. Kenny Miller

    Because he's a cunt? Because his face is orange? Because he sanctioned his agent to post stuff about the club online? Because he leaks to his pals? Because he calls "Broony" and "stokesy" good lads. Because he used to play for celtic? Any of the above might explain the "personal stuff".
  11. Jason Holt

    "Jack has brought much needed dig" I hope that's a joke?
  12. Niko and Alves

    I think looking at the length of his career his spine is just fine. Ryan Jack, Windass, Wilson on the other hand...what spine have they ever shown?
  13. Niko and Alves

    I think you mean any worse. How could any player be worse than that?
  14. Niko and Alves

    Niko has a good shot. That maybe all he has now but it's something at least. I challenge you to name one thing, just one, that windass does well? Go on?
  15. Niko and Alves

    Niko is worse than Josh Windass? If you've any self respect/dignity you'll rip out your modem and retire from the internet. Let me check again incase I've misunderstood. Josh Windass is better than Niko? That's what you're saying? The Josh windass that plays left midfield for Rangers?