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  1. Not if we have long memories. Henderson should be let know when he next appears at ibrox that going to a "don't we all love celtic" party is not what any real Rangers man would do.
  2. Sir socialism. Salt of the earth labour man "frae Govan"...except when it comes to his own dealings. Complete prick.
  3. Yeah that's bad news. You'll have to talk to him forever. Still, it's more acceptable than you being the one who disgraced the family!
  4. Your sister married one? Or did you marry one....
  5. To be fair I wouldn't put Bougherra in his category. He made a huge contribution in his time here and gave everything. He's always been very positive about the club and in part like the fans. Weiss is his an attention seeker.
  6. Even the "experts" struggle when problems stem from the back. One small muscle imbalance can affect posture and lead to all sorts of problems.
  7. It sounds as though h it's going to be a imbalance or biomechanical problem with his back or hips.
  8. I think a lot of those links are down to desperate journalism. They simply don't get know who Pedro is bringing in so they're putting 2 + 2 together and getting 5.
  9. Nonsense. If this "Scottish game" is so hard and needs so much running and tackling why do Scottish teamss constantly get smashed in Europe? Are all the teams they play against full of hard running tacklers?
  10. I'm not really sure that seven figures gets you all that much. Clubs are paying 7 figures for 15 and 16 year olds with nothing more than potential.
  11. Saw him at Euro's. He was really poor. Get back to Fifa little man.
  12. He's playing in the Middle East? Obviously he's an improvement on forester but the fact is he did very little of note in his time here .
  13. Quick thinking on one free kick aside he did nothing in his time here and he's done more or less nothing since he left.
  14. One of the best first touches I've ever seen at Ibrox. I've generally always stuck up for McKay but at 22 he need to start producing far more often. I'd thought he could be a real star for us then move on to the Premiership and have a great career but it looks now like he'l be one of those players who bounce around the championship. Talented but lacking that little bit of edge/drive/nastiness that you need to be a top player.
  15. The Scottish football "scene" is very small and incestuous. Ex Celtic players and Celtic supporting journalists don't hide their contempt for all things Rangers, while so called "Rangers men" are more concerned with staying part of the scene and having beers with Neil Lennon or calling Scott brown a "good lad". Sad that it's taken a guy from Portugal to come in and stick up for the club. "Journalists" in this horrible little swamp of a country are the most uneducated you'll find anywhere. It's actually difficult listening to them trying to ask questions at press conferences. Most of them can hardly string a coherent sentence together.