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  1. If he's getting man of the match as a holding midfielder the standard must be little better than amateur.
  2. Anyone going to get tickets from SW and sit in their end? I can't see there being any problems with it, especially if your sat at the end of the ground we have?
  3. One of the best first touches I've seen at Ibrox but 2 or 3 good games a season isn't enough. Got plenty of hugs and love from Warburton and Weir and it'll suit him playing in the Championship for a team that aren't expected to do anything. Previously had my best wishes but that comment is pathetic. Fuck off barrie. (I'm entirely aware that Barrie McKay couldn't be less interested in having my best wishes or not)
  4. I've got to disagree. Barry Ferguson was certainly a ned but he was also a fantastic centre midfielder. I think the issue many had with Barry was that he got too big for his boots and forgot his place, I think even he himself would concede that now. Halliday is different, we all expected him to at least show some passion and dig. He didn't. He was weak and spent most of his time rolling around or gesticulating. That's not acceptable from a foreign mercenary never mind a lifelong rangers fan.
  5. Looking at that starting 11. Was there a better side in Britain at that time? Liverpool maybe but I'm not sure who else.
  6. This all seems a bit intense and I'm not really sure how much I care about the daily record. However, if members of the media have agendas against rangers and it's support then the bile they spew can't go unchecked. We've seen where that's got us. If genuine action was taken against those who seek to dehumanise and denigrate us, I'd be all for keeping tabs on them. The reality is that we'l all look at the thread where people are lying about the club and moan and that'll be that.
  7. I can't imagine a daily record crossword is that taxing...
  8. Have I missed the joke?!!
  9. Eh? Are you joking?
  10. It's clearly still a "rangers team". Four of the starters have started for rangers in a league match. The rest are players who are all signed on full time professional contracts with the club. You're trying to make out it was a team of 14 year old ball boys. It wasn't.
  11. You do realise that Graeme Souness has managed rangers?
  12. Great hairline for a man of his vintage, intelligent, hates MOH. Hopefully we can add "good eye for a player" to that list in a couple of months or else we're fucked. Again.
  13. Did Smith stand up for the club?