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  1. Damning Statistic

    Exactly. I'm not advocating stupidly. But at the same time, you cannot have celtic players swaggering around Ibrox like they own it. Often in Rugby a massive tackle can galvanise a team and shake them out of a stupor.
  2. Damning Statistic

    You're a smart one. Nobody said he'll should break his legs. A yellow cards challenge to at least get in his face, committed by a player going off anyway would have been the professional thing to do.
  3. Damning Statistic

    It was clear Pena wasn't going to last 90. Why not put a hard challenge on brown before he went off? No balls or nous that's why.
  4. Damning Statistic

    Two yellow cards. We couldn't even turn the game into a scrap, we couldn't even up the intensity and make them feel like they'd have to battle. I'm not one of these morons that thinks pointless fouls and yellow cards make up for being beat but at the same time, you can't just bend over. We talked at length last season about them rolling up to Ibrox and swaggering around, doing what they want. Is anybody listening? Two yellow cards picked up by a young Colunbian who seems to have more fight than the rest of the team put together and a Portuguese ( who despite what anyone says about his ability, tries his heart out) Sums it all up really. I hope Jack and Dorrans are utterly mortified this morning. More importantly I hope someone with a blazer on is mortified. Will the penny finally drop?
  5. Dirty lego eating bastard

    How many times have we said all of this? Fucking Groundhog Day. He swaggers sout the SPL like he's a god because nobody has the balls to smash him. It's pathetic. He should be pressed hard every time he's on the ball, he's a poor player. In amongst the press, he should receive a slap or two. It's not rocket science. Making Scott brown look like an actual player. It's totally humiliating.
  6. Them celebrating

    Saw that from windass. We're just weak all over. How much longer do we have to put up with it? We were told we have a team of men now but that couldn't be further from the truth.
  7. Jack and Dorrans

    Had to endure people on here two nights ago telling us all how "excellent" Jack had been since he signed. Can we put that to bed? He's got miles to go before he's a Rangers centre midfielder. Very little influence on games and can't pass forward. Dorrans is nowhere close to the player that was so exciting for West Brom a few years ago and looks physically diminished to the extent that he can't really get around the park or drive forward with any threat. Two "staunch" signings yet the pair of them couldn't put a mark on brown and Armstrong between them. Pathetic.
  8. Them celebrating

  9. Bunch of shitebags

    Didn't leave a mark on them. Is anyone ever going to step up put brown in his place?
  10. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Hodson will be fine. He'l make some awful passes and have a few mis-controls but he's a diligent defender. We have a history of his sort of player turning up in old form games and doing us proud.
  11. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    Harsh. He made an extremely poor mistake but I don't think he'l make the same mistake again. No worse a defender than lee Wallace.
  12. Club legend excited about tomorrow

    Always remember him coming on and doing something pretty decent and the camera went to the Rangers bench who were all pissing themselves with neil Alexander saying "on yourself salim". Think it was against Motherwell. No idea why ally didnt just keep him for the lower leagues.
  13. Declan John - Ruled out tomorrow

    If windass plays and I'm sure he will, he's got to at least run at lustig. It's a weak spot for celtic.
  14. Mcann bashing mhanks

    John Spencer said the same.
  15. Jason holt

    It was a good effort mate.