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  1. gsa

    Just because I hate Dundee United

    It's entirely true. Who do you think funds the heroin and Irn Bru of your average Dundonian? North Sea oil? Haha!! I can't believe you've the gall to still be on here after your "Murty will be great" comments last season.
  2. gsa

    Osijek Away

    I think Sasa Papac might have been from Mostar, it saw some horrible times in the Balkans war by all accounts.
  3. gsa

    The Great Dane

    I think they played differently though, in 92-93 we were very much a team unit. In subsequent years we almost settled into a rope a dope style, sit fairly deep and absorb pressure then wait for Gazza and laudrup to destroy teams on the break. The problem was, we couldn't really absorb pressure against what were some very good teams, Juve, Ajax, etc and then some competent teams, Gothenburg, AEK Athens, etc.
  4. gsa

    The Great Dane

    They couldn't do it all alone. People said they failed in Europe but Laudrup proved at France 98 he could cut it and Gazza obviously proved it plenty of times in an England shirt. The problem was that we had grafters around them, that was fine in Scotland but in Europe teams knew that if they sat on Gazza and laudrup, our other players couldn't really hurt them.
  5. gsa

    The Great Dane

    I'd say Gazza the higher quality player, he could play in any company on his day. Laudrup a more consistent, productive Ranger for me though. Gazza had plenty of days when he was struggling for fitness or frustrated or distracted. Both great players though. Having them was the equivalent of us having Eriksen and Wilshere now, unbelievable. (Tried to think of England's best cm and Wilshere was actually the best I could come up with)
  6. gsa

    Steven Davis

    I've got to disagree. Ness had the ability, we rarely see any of our youth players use the ball the way he could. Obviously he was deficient in other areas, not least his being made of glass.
  7. gsa

    Greg Docherty to go out on loan

    No he didn't.
  8. gsa

    Ovie Ejaria

    How can anyone rate Jack? He's been utterly woeful in his time with us. Can't pass forward, can't get close to anyone, weak, gives away cheap fouls, haven't seen him dominate a midfield at any stage of his Rangers career. Yet more carbage that people want to make excuses for. Some looked at the Aberdeen team the season before last and thought it'd be a good idea to sign their worst midfielder.
  9. gsa

    Ovie Ejaria

    That's not hard. Jack is a Dundee level player. I doubt he'd even get a game for Aberdeen now.
  10. gsa

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Every no-mark left midfielder in Scotland fills his boots again "Tav". Get him sold, Flanigan right back and John back to left back.
  11. Lesson one would def be kicking the ball.
  12. gsa

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    He's made "Tav" club captain and let "Josh" pull on a Rangers shirt again. Not sure Gerrard is really the messiah we'd hoped for. Not sure I can be bothered with more boring "pressers". When he gets rid of the long term losers in our squad, I'll start to take him seriously.
  13. gsa

    Job Done

    But that's what infuriates me. How can anyone who watches us actually disagree? It's unbelievable. These guys have proven themselves weak and inept time and time again, why does anyone rate any of them? How can you? We could spend all night listing the embarrassing games they've been part of. Do people honestly believe it's nothing to do with the losers on the pitch, the ones we've been suffering for 3 years or so. Yes we've got rid of some of Pedro and Warburton's duds but "Tav" and Windass to name two have been major players in literally dozens of humiliating performances. Why are they exempt? Honestly can't stand the two of them. They'll be back on twitter after some meaningless friendly thinking they're big time, absolute little cunts.
  14. gsa

    Job Done

    What do we expect, Windass, "Tav", Jack, Murphy, Mccrorie. None of them have been good enough before and all have been part of some humiliating performances, yet we expect them to suddenly change because Gerrard is here. It's less about who can sign and more about who we can get rid off. Shocking that Gerrard has made one of the spice boys, who's been a major player in all of our recent humiliations, club captain.
  15. gsa

    Well done Alfredo

    You're the one who started a thread about him? And you're clearly loving it? What a strange guy. Jeffers, Beattie, Kevin Kyle, mcculloch up front, Boyd on inummerable occasions.