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  1. Watch the goals and see his long kick out
  2. Watch a rerun of the ECWC final and you'll see how important his long kickouts were.
  3. If it's all true I'm delighted to read that, we all want a happy fired up Fredo.
  4. Absolutely wonderful for Dougie, I have tears in my eyes for the emotion of the day, fantastic work from the charity and the club, stay strong Dougie.
  5. God bless you Fernando your suffering is over now but you fought it well, rest easy old warrior.
  6. Just had an immediate reply and he is a lying scumbag, I quote from the response: "Dear Mr ****, This man has never, at any point in time, been an employee in St Mungo’s Academy. I suggest, like me, you report the matter to the police. Miss Milton HT" So I will take this to the police and let's get him screwed, maybe we should all do the same.
  7. Just sent an Email to the head teacher requesting action, will let you know what response if any I receive, this guy must be outed for what he is.
  8. 👍🇬🇧😂
  9. Best thing to come out of Germany since Prince Albert. (see what I did there)
  10. That's a real Ranger, great man and as hard as nails.
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