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  1. *** Winning isn't everything

  2. Mulumbu

    This is taking us back to the 60's when anyone who played well against us, we signed who remembers George McLean or later on Ted McMinn. Not good enough for me I'm afraid.
  3. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    I know from the guy I've just bought my new car from in Glasgow that he wants a left hand drive car as he is going home in the summer so I don't believe he'll get a new contract.
  4. Not so major in the grand scheme of things, but

    Maybe to try and drown out their shite? I agree we want our songs played before the game, at half time, and blasted out to drown out them at the final whistle.
  5. Mohsni

  6. Falkirk game on Sunday

    As the fan zone has been cancelled then the match will surely follow,follow, oops sorry didn't mean to mention them.
  7. Good sign

    I've noticed they are trying even harder than before to have a go at us about every little thing that happens from referees to our magnificent stadium. That tells me they are panicking and their sphincters are trembling.
  8. Class from Fraserburgh

    A really classy response out of the top drawer from one of senior football's minnows(no disrespect intended). Hope they can track down those responsible and get the money back they have missed out upon. Their senior colleagues could learn a lesson from this, and I for one wish Fraserburgh all the best for the future.
  9. Or even would've Pedantic loyal
  10. Meet Mrs Morelos

    Kinda explains why he loves scoring so much
  11. Walter Smith Interview

    Absolutely love Sir Walter, a real Rangers man and a true gent, still calls Fergie Sir Alex. Had IMO the 2 best foreigners ever in Gazza and Laudrup.
  12. Happy Birthday Tam Forsyth Legend !

    Was at Hampdump when he scored his first ever goal for us against septic with his studs from all of 3 inches, he, the team and all us at our end went crazy. A great player who teamed up with Tommy McLean as he lived in Stonehouse and wee tam was in Ashgill I think and they used to travel together to training and Ibrox. Loved it when an opponent hit wee tommy, and big Tam would get him back later with the crowd giving it woohohoh up till TF hit the guy, to a great big cheer, great days and a great servant. Happy birthday Tam
  13. Our media team

    Just went onto our website to check K.O. tonight was at 19:45 and was staggered to discover it's at sheepdome, what a bunch twats, see below. "Rangers take on Aberdeen at Pittodrie tomorrow and we’ve pulled together everything about the fixture in one handy place."
  14. The Draw.

    Used to love going to Somerset, it's a real old style football ground and usually had a great atmosphere.
  15. Murty Presser

    Just watched the above. He speaks really well, looks to glow with pride, didn't fudge any answers and dismissed the questions about them, good job Murts, well impressed https://Rangers.co.uk/news/Rangers-tv/video-graeme-murty-presser-14/