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  1. They are no longer our players so get this to feck out the Bears Den. Or do you think we should try and lure them back?
  2. Question 1 is it because he just might not be one of us? Question 2 Feck knows.
  3. What's all this shit with Official? In my day it was simply Fishel like "here's your fishel programme", "fishel spearmint milk choclate chewin gum", and "fishel ham rolls" All said together without taking a breath, try it, it works.
  4. Should have known or should've known. Pedantic Loyal
  5. Scotland obviously England - London, Manchester France - Paris Germany - Dortmund, Stuttgart, Munich Italy - Livorno Spain - Seville, Villareal
  6. That's not an expression you hear often from one of us 😁
  7. Brilliant mate, a wee cracker
  8. As Eric Caldow & Willie Johnston are in the photo it must be sometime from 64 to 66.
  9. At his level he probably has a termination clause that prevents him joining us for 3 months.
  10. I don't just watch the games I go to them using my season ticket. My point is we played him generally in a wide position when he may have been better using his pace to get in behind the defence through the middle so on that basis I stand by my comments. It may have been tried in training, I don't know just like you don't know, anyway I don't understand the aggression to an honest opinion.
  11. Let's be honest here, he was never really given a chance with us, don't know why Warbs bought him in the first place, maybe because he destroyed us in a cup tie? Good luck to the lad, hope he does well and we get our money back.
  12. TWAT
  13. That is all there is to say.
  14. That'll have destroyed him.
  15. Give the money to Erskine, a good British charity supported by RM, then let's see the moonhowlers object to giving to charity.