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  1. Brilliant as always mate, all the best for 2020 to you and your family. WATP GSTQ GIRUT
  2. Got mine in North Stand, that's me got the semi and the final. WATP GSTQ RTID
  3. Hopefully he's getting his new 20 year contract with a minimum value of £200m for us.
  4. So a lit flare lands right next to you forcing you to move swiftly away is acceptable? and does anyone know if the guys equipment was damaged? I do notice you are completely ignoring the wee fannies own claims he hit a cameraman.
  5. It his his camera equipment bag and forced him to move away and once again you're being an apologist for a downright twat. Read again and I said he shouted to all within earshot that he hit the cameraman so there you go case closed for the defence. IMO maybe you're the one who threw it or his big brother?
  6. I did make my feeling known as did his "mate"
  7. OK it hit his equipment beside the guy, is that good enough for the pedants on here.
  8. Read the original post, I said it effectively hit the cameraman, and then he told everyone around his mate he hit the cameraman, where's the lies.
  9. As everyone who was at Hampdump today no doubt saw a crackpot lit a flare then proceeded to throw it at the pitch. It fell short and effectively hit a cameraman. The wee fannie then ran across from the area he was in to the row behind me and shouted to his mate who was directly behind me "I hit a f*ckin cameraman" His mate told him he was a clown and they almost started fighting when a female steward intervened and wanted to lift the innocent guy. A number of us protested so she gave up but the wee fannie who was that brave he kept his scarf around his mouth was let off to return to his mates and big it up. I love the atmosphere they create but they are now getting out of hand and do these idiots realise or even care about the potential damage they are doing to our club, they need to start behaving like adults.
  10. I notice some on here are touting him for Scotland and he probably deserves it but I don't give a shit about him playing for Scotland, I want a fit Jack playing for us and the fewer games he plays the less chance he has of getting injured and we need him for 55.
  11. I smell shite here with this guy.
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