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  1. Fod

    Having seen Goram(the best ever IMO) Woods, Klos & McGregor all at their prime, he is not in that class but is probably as good as we can expect at this stage in my club's return. Do though bear in mind Peter McCloy was our goalie in Barca in 72 and for many years around that time.
  2. 856.42.

    Well done guys. this is the kind of charity we should all support for all those who gave their all for us.
  3. Neymar likes the Nacho man

    Sign him quick
  4. Poppy Scotland

    Cheers mate just ordered 😆
  5. Derek McInnes

    Not sure about McInnes but surely a 12month rolling contract is the way forward until we see how he does, then offer him some security with a 3 year job.
  6. Aidan Wilson

    That'll wotk well, in RoI Padraig is known as Paudie so he can be Paudie the Proddy.
  7. Aidan Wilson

    Soon we could be cheering on Aiden & Declan in our royal blue RFC tops.
  8. Rangers Poppy Badges

    Name and shame them
  9. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    There is no single feeling that makes you a Ranger, it's just something inside, outside, how we act and behave. You don't choose to support the world's most successful club, you are born to be one. WATP
  10. Ironing board enquiry - Rangers related

    Of course it will be, just like Triggers broom.
  11. Training

    With Wally?
  12. Souness: Ally Could Go Back To Rangers as Manager

    And this is the guy that some want to return as manager, well then, still think it's a good idea? Never forgiven him for the way he left and never will.
  13. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Just No.
  14. Just listening to..

    First time I've heard that, lump in throat time, goosebumps and eyes going moist. Thanks for posting mate.
  15. Pena

    The greatest goalscorer in my lifetime was Coisty, he wasn't the best footballer but he knew where the goal was and how to score so Pena will do nicely for now.