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  1. Sloppy start, get a grip we want lots of goals, it could be the difference
  2. According to the obsessed, Ibrox could do with a new Roofe anyway.
  3. I was getting the wrong country shit so changed my VPN location to Australia and it's now working fine so if you have a VPN try changing it away from the UK
  4. Heading straight to Paddy Power, he'll give odds on anything the twat.
  5. I just signed up my grandson tonight no problem other than an issue with me already having one.
  6. Putting them on billboards anywhere will cost a lot of cash but at Ibrox the space is free and they will be seen by many.
  7. While in an ideal world we wouldn't need or want these, we need to raise our profile as a club and if these help to do this then fine, it's about marketing the club. We have lost ground on others over the last 10 years so increasing our profile is good and if it reminds others we are The Rangers and this is Ibrox then all the better IMO.
  8. That's a bonus then. WATP GSTQ RTID
  9. Best of luck to him, he did a good job for us and is a relative of Godrup plus my misses always liked his hair
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