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  1. BallochBear

    Most memorable Rangers game, and why?

    Bayern Munich '72 when we defeated almost the German national side, atmospheric is an understatement there was only ever going to be one winner that night and I remember there was 500,000 inside the Brox(Seville calculator). And septic went out same night😊🇬🇧
  2. BallochBear

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    I feel an argument approaching
  3. BallochBear

    The Scotsman’s ‘For Seasons’ article

    I agree. Pedantic Loyal
  4. BallochBear


    Fair enough mate I'm just a pedantic old goat.
  5. BallochBear


    So who exactly are these so called big clubs, the only ones I can think of are Man U, Real Madrid, Barcelona and maybe Bayern Munich,, there are lots of other clubs playing in bigger more financially funded leagues but not bigger clubs IMO, we are The Rangers.
  6. BallochBear

    Early days but.....

    Like many Bears I was not sold on SG when he was announced but I am rapidly changing my opinion of him and his backroom team. So far he has weeded out most of our dross and brought in some good quality players and he has without doubt made some significant improvement in guys like Tav, Jack who now looks the player we thought he could be and Morelos who has become a huge player for us with the way he is playing now. SG comes across really well at interview, with the media none of this business speak like pitch geography, trained well etc. in fact I'd say he is the most accomplished speaker since Sir Walter . Overall we could well have got a diamond here and his profile is completely up there with anyone.
  7. BallochBear


    Reminded me of Amo ☺🇬🇧
  8. BallochBear


    Agree 100%, thought he was sensational tonight, he chased them into errors, great job Fredo!
  9. BallochBear

    Out?: Josh Windass

    Is this deal confirmed yet?
  10. BallochBear

    Minutes Applause at tomorrow's game

    R.I.P. soldier you served your country and we all owe you a debt.
  11. BallochBear

    Simon Jordan on talksport

    Could't agree with you more mate, he has a face you'd never get fed up booting and looks just like one of them.
  12. BallochBear

    Barisic signs

    Welcome to the World's greatest club and the world's greatest support.
  13. BallochBear

    Barisic signs

    And I suppose your Croatian is spot on
  14. Does that include Lafferty
  15. BallochBear

    Kyle Lafferty

    No you won't I'm parked outside his gaff with the engine running.