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  1. without much thought I'd have said this year's top 4 and Arsenal would have been bigger due to fanbase and because the premier league is shown everywhere added to the amount of cash thrown at global commercialisation £££ but if anyones arguing us being bigger I obviously respect it.
  2. thought Newcastle were bigger than Everton tbh (but I'm limited going that far back in history) with my age. Maybe generous saying we're bigger than Arsenal/Chelsea imho due to their commercial/global pull and general premier league exposure across the world but I respect it. @ForeverAndEver
  3. No, I read it and it kinda redeemed itself. Hence why I said 'start of the post' numpty
  4. Kemar Roofe (born 6 January 1993) is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker, winger or an attacking midfielder for Belgian First Division A club Anderlecht.also batters tims on a daily basis
  5. if not, you could maybe change your username to RoofeRangers
  6. in the West of Scotland or other parts of the country for that matter, it's just a bad idea to have our badge and branding on packaging showing clearly like that sadly.
  7. apparently he went on to say 'trying to get Bournemouth back into the Premier League is better than finishing second every year in Scotland' and that the taigs are on another planet from us. Not surprising coming from someone who's second name is 'O'Hara' tbh.
  8. just spreading Jamie O Hara mongo awareness mate
  9. The clown probably believes it though or he wouldn't have said it. I don't think just because they're on talksport means they're scripted to lie sensationally.
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