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  1. CR3

    Borderlands 3

    Only put like 2 hours into it myself so far and I completely get what you’re saying. No real differentiation from the second story. Same old, just Borderlands 2 with better resolution and colours, with Gears 5 being impressive and the new Fifa and Cod betas this weekend I’m not in a rush to play it at all. Mad considering I just spent 50 on it.
  2. CR3

    COD Modern Warfare

    Seems decent, just been running about with the M4A1. Campaign will be class, now it’s in 4k
  3. RIP #2 What a Dutch team he managed to get into and player of the year here, winning a treble too. Warrior & Winner 🏆
  4. Felt bad for Katic being left out being our best defender this season but they done the job tonight. Rotation working but just wish they done it in the OF.
  5. I’ve always been on the xbox unfortunately, just joining in some FIFA hype for next week early access, cheers though
  6. CR3

    FIFA 20

    I’m all passing no finish but would want my build-up to be quick at times. But aye I’m all possession and lacking in the final third, like us at times
  7. My passing is class then it gets to the striker and I can’t hit a barn door
  8. CR3

    FIFA 20

    Surely it’s not slower, getting the fear now
  9. CR3

    FIFA 20

    didn’t think 19 was that good but play them every year anyway.
  10. CR3

    FIFA 20

    Cool, just got a EA access code for it anyway - FIFA and beers next weekend then think the new COD BETA is up aswell next week.
  11. CR3

    Borderlands 3

    Out Friday. Just pre-ordered it on cdkeys. First two were good, anyone going for it?
  12. CR3

    FIFA 20

    When is it available on EA access for 10 hours for free? Normally hound that before buying full game👌
  13. McGregor doesn’t deserve a Khabib rematch, he would just get smoked again. I would watch Diaz 3 though.
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