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  1. Aye was just ragin of bein locked oot the ol firm a ton+ down😂👍
  2. big Tom Logic was nowhere to be seen the day canny beat it Miles aff it - fuck off to leicester with the tranny shagger ya kangaroo muchin jet black fenian fucker
  3. Thats facking beaudiful
  4. Popcorn has been playin auld Lustig Time to get his pants pulled doon again!
  5. Ooft, these are nervy enough without added hangover anxiety an high blood pressure from havin a mad juan on the tonic n beers😂 Gonna have a couple after ma breakfast pre-matcch though👌 Think part of it for me is just shiting myself that I sleep-in or somethin!
  6. Canny sleep at all before these games an ah was behavin last night.
  7. How many tarriers came down Folk locking the door letting bears get a bleaching outside is fucking shite
  8. Chelsea fan since Hullit & Vialli in the 90's and not confident at all, with Emery's record winning this cup v Sarri who has never won a trophy. Sad times, how we got Top4 or even 3 was also a shock and felt like we had turned into Wenger's Arsenal settling for Top4 The general feeling around the team and fans singing 'fuck sarriball' and 'you don't know what you're doing' to the guy says it all really.
  9. CR3

    New TV required

    TCL (the creative life) Chinese brand taking over America Bought a 4k HDR10 43" smart TV for £350 last summer Lower input lag for games too. Can get a 55" for about £400 too - Amazon Sounds too good to be true but I can verify - has been great. Beat or matched Samsung KS8000's in reviews etc - only thing to note US & UK model numbers are different. They've got a 6 series an we've got a 43DP608/43DP648.. / 55DP 55DP I'll even add this nerdy guy 's review who is about the most critical and at the forefront of 'tech' these days: Hope this helps. My mate bought the 55" after my experience Planet Earth 2 (in particular) on it or 4k netflix shows are the dugs danglies.
  10. CR3

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Pulled the trigger on this the night, instead of Rage 2 next week. [was gonna be one or the other] Folk who did buy it here enjoying it?
  11. Guy trying to sell bar 72 for £150 = \
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