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  1. I sorted it right after haha you must have been in there quick
  2. Get in there play fairly poor and beat last year’s champs league quarter finalists 2-0 limiting them to not much some improvement,
  3. Thanks @Womble72 for sorting 1x Porto🇬🇧
  4. Aribo dressed up as a ghost the day for Halloween
  5. You wouldnae think Morelos is a yellow away from missing the next game, pushing folk over and shouting at the linesman😂
  6. Finally going with width in Kent and Barker and not playing five central midfielders, good stuff.
  7. got a pass for £30 squid off this guy who’s a bear www.ebay.co.uk/usr/btsport_pass
  8. got a pass for £30 squid for the year www.ebay.co.uk/use/btsport_pass
  9. Got a pass for the ufc, class Diaz v Masvidal will be good
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