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  1. its mad in comparison to how athletic our players are, that the guy for Stranraer looks fat taking kick off and straight out the jail with the face tattoos
  2. Borna singing there! Class act. Gonna be gutted when he leaves, what a transformation since that free-kick winner @ St Mirren
  3. I managed to get a decent playthrough eventually and remember the house always wins quest line was good.
  4. Elder scrolls 6 could be the best hing ever. You’ll like Outer Worlds I think, not been the strongest year for games but it got a nomination for GOTY anyway.
  5. I preferred 3, they’ve actually enhanced it to 4k haha but I seen your favourite is New Vegas mate. Have you played Outer Worlds made by the same people? I’m a couple of hours into it, been quite nostalgic to have something of fallout-quality after the absolute car crash of 76.
  6. guess ill be streaming this on that hesgoal website tonight then.
  7. Skyrim Remastered, Fallout 4, Red Dead 2.
  8. Was lookin forward this aswell, five months added to the wait now.
  9. There’s Facebook groups that seem to have most games up and good chels fans on there. Would just check with admin / vouches before you buy. The official way is to get a membership and wait until one pops up on The Ticket Exchange site apparently. I think it works it’s way down the loyalty points until eventually general sale but you’d be up against it for a high profile game.
  10. Got this on just now, good listen👌🏻 Gaffers a class act and Carragher doesn’t actually annoy me like he used to after watching him on Sky Sports and Monday Night Football for a while.
  11. Thought it was for the full of 2020 the contract was on to and not seasonal
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