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  1. CR3

    Champ man 01/02

    Rings a bell. The glory days😂 loved the old champy
  2. CR3

    Champ man 01/02

    favourite was 1999/2000 Does anyone know the hidden gems of: Willie howie fae Partick Thistle Kennedy Bakircioglu as a CAM? fucking hell, thought I was a genius with those finds.
  3. CR3


    Class, he was the 1st main brick wall I hit. Honestly he’s up there in the Top 5 I’d say Firecrackers are good for that ape
  4. CR3


    Nioh 2 looks good. @BouncyBluenose87One of those exclusives unless I get a PS4 pro when down in price I might no get to try
  5. CR3

    COD Modern Warfare

    Changed the activision code back to ma gamertag on their site as I was runnin about as UCD-6167394747949?4D or somehin and it looked daft😂
  6. Gears of War 5, Red Dead 2, Shadow of the tomb Raider, BF & Cod, Hellblade all had cracking HDR
  7. it’s all about the games in HDR these days. what are the best you’ve seen, purely on graphics out of interest?
  8. CR3

    COD Modern Warfare

    Aye it’s decent. Don’t suppose you’ve got anyone added from RM for a game? I see everyone’s basically on PS4 FIFA on here and not many xbox loyal.
  9. Last night seems fucking pointless now tbh
  10. CR3


    I’d play both up-top to match the bheasts Kamberi has raised the energy levels and it’s time to not go with the usual pish 4-3-3
  11. Might show up at 3 o’clock in the morning makin a sandwich in yer kitchen
  12. Only joking man, calm doon
  13. Jumped in the night for a quick pint before the subway but it was a bit tight and no playing the tunes. Bouncer said there’s an upstairs but couldn’t hang about (7pm)
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