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  1. So what was it then? We were utterly horrendous first half, we get in at half time, and then we play fairly well in the second. I'd imagine whatever was said to them at half time changed the course of the game.
  2. He wasn't, watch more closely next time
  3. Thought he wasn't as his sharpest today
  4. He strolled it. Looks very direct and got a good few shots on goal. He has the physical attributes for the SPL also.
  5. Ojo looks a superior Kent in all honesty. And that's high praise as I very much rated Kent.
  6. Decent win in the end. Ojo looks decent as does Jones and Aribo. In the second half the passing was much slicker and more decisive. Fuck knows why they always need told at half time.
  7. We're crying out for a bit of quality, of which Candeias has very little. Thank fuck he's nowhere near the game.
  8. This is actually the type of game where Stewart might be of some use
  9. Need to bring Aribo on, midfield look clueless in the final third
  10. Aribo on for Jack. This is exactly like watching certain games last year but without the passing along the back line. Where is the cohesion? Ojo and Jones only two positives.
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