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  1. The rat rejoins the sinking ship.
  2. If big billy can arrange for a goal to be scored on the 67th minute from heaven,what does the pouring rain indicate. Tears?
  3. "Everybody in Viewpark knew about Cairney", it was said. Meanwhile a couple of miles back the way nobody knows anything.
  4. Timothy , my son. You must go to celtic and learn from brendan rodgers. George, my Dad. neil lennon told me to pack my bags and go home.
  5. I think that ciltec are shitting it at the prospect of a Rangers team full of Steve Gerrards. the 11 horsemen of the apocalypse you might say.
  6. Im getting deja vu here. walker currently reporting Defoe to the compliance officer. Multiple replays will be shown on Sportscene later.
  7. Scottish football really needs to ask itself why billy mcneil tributes are being disrupted, why are celtic having paedo chants directed at them, why is big jock knew chanted. Ask yourselves why these things are happening.
  8. We could do a minutes applause in support of Andrew Gray's Mum instead.
  9. Time travellers, quantum leapers.
  10. With their game kicking off at 12 30 there will probably be a lot of them around the town.
  11. I have a feeling the actual reaction to this decision at Ibrox on Sunday will be a bit different from the twitter reaction. Was Eric Caldow honoured by celtic in any way?
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