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  1. You'll manage Rangers someday son. Yeah Dad.
  2. If big billy can arrange for a goal to be scored on the 67th minute from heaven,what does the pouring rain indicate. Tears?
  3. Of all those convicted so far, are they all celtic supporters.Can they rightly be described as celtic supporters and football coaches
  4. Cheers for telling us your bank card pin.
  5. "Everybody in Viewpark knew about Cairney", it was said. Meanwhile a couple of miles back the way nobody knows anything.
  6. The weekly edition of Sportscene is a huge embarrassment to Scottish Football.
  7. Listen to the start of the commentary from the 12 May game, he starts by waxing lyrical about celtics impressive defensive record then all of a sudden he stops talking about it.
  8. They could end up having no-one there for 10 in a row.
  9. Timothy , my son. You must go to celtic and learn from brendan rodgers. George, my Dad. neil lennon told me to pack my bags and go home.
  10. I think that ciltec are shitting it at the prospect of a Rangers team full of Steve Gerrards. the 11 horsemen of the apocalypse you might say.
  11. I wonder if any of todays clappers will be chanting BJK in 2 weeks.
  12. Im getting deja vu here. walker currently reporting Defoe to the compliance officer. Multiple replays will be shown on Sportscene later.
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