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  1. Got this one in pretty much brand new condition a while ago. If I could find a small 07/08 home in nearly as good a shape I'd be thrilled
  2. Anyone else notice Goldson spitting water on the floor in the tunnel on Rangers' Instagram story? Dirty bastard
  3. What's the sizing like? Last year's 2XLB fits me like a glove (usually a men's XS)
  4. I'll buy a shirt made by Build-A-Bear Workshop if it means the money goes to the club instead of Sports Direct. Went to the Belfast shop a week ago and all adult sizes were completely sold out, it was nice to hear
  5. He was huge, fucker literally ate a block of cheddar at lunch every day as a side snack! The only time I've ever seen anyone even remotely in shape wearing a C*ltic top has been when they've been playing for Them professionally
  6. A guy I worked with was a dyed-in-the-wool C*ltic fan. Wore their gaudy rags into the office every day and had shite plastered all over his Facebook page about Them being an inclusive club and "open to all" etc. I ate lunch with him and used to swap shifts with him when he wanted time off. Then when he found out I was a Rangers fan (which is admittedly strange when you've grown up in Dublin), the inclusivity went out the window and he wouldn't even acknowledge my presence (except to talk about me to others in the office like a schoolgirl). Anyway it's nice to see a message like this from the club, and makes me optimistic that when I get over for a match, those in the stands at Ibrox will be a bit more accepting than my Phaedo work colleague.
  7. Not orange, but I have a brand new 2018/19 home jersey in size S which is far too big for me (fits like an L!). If anyone wants it, for free, let me know
  8. It's not an aesthetically offensive sponsor, much easier on the eye than Dafabet or the Chevrolet monstrosity. That said, I really liked it when Rangers and C*ltic had the same sponsor
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