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  1. It'll turn those of us off who liked to grab a 2XLB to have a plain jersey.
  2. Apparently the Utilita logo is going on the front of the kids' kits? If that's truly the case it'll be a real blow to those who can get away with a sponsorless 2XLB kit
  3. This looks like a lazy mishmash of the two Hummel shirts. The striped collar, the white bits on the sleeves, even down to the script on the inside lower back hem. Hope it's Mehmet effort at best.
  4. Usually don't care about the socks but I have high hopes for this season's after Shagger posted a photo of some Castore bits he was sent. The socks had the wing logo curling around them. A nice big red wing logo sweeping around the black part of the socks would look pretty classy
  5. This crest is wrong. The vertical bar of the F doesn't overlap the C.
  6. I've seen one or two on ClassicFootballShirts.com and saw one (in rag order) on eBay a few weeks back. Keep an eye out on those.
  7. Anyone got a high-res version of that similar photo where the scroll crest is picked out in white flowers in the foreground?
  8. I'd like to see a return to the late 1960s RFC, or the mid-90s one. The current one looks bottom-heavy without the stars
  9. Economics. So long as there is a demand for football, good players will go to the highest bidder (mostly). The biggest problem with your little brain-fart is your suggestion that somebody should be paid less for doing what they love. Should a heart surgeon, a teacher or a zookeeper be paid less or work for free because they do what they love (or even worse, because they may feel it's a "vocation"?) Get lost
  10. Whatever you've taken, I want absolutely none of it
  11. Found a whole album of that training gear in use! Featuring the most staunch team bus in the the third tier https://willievass.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/050713-Rangers-training/G0000I_1.xQEvJBw/I0000N8TpQek0OB0/C0000RuSYb5vZE60
  12. Check out the old-style scroll crest on what I presume was a 2013-2014 training jersey. Anyone got one of these knocking around with the same badge? Was it on any other kit at the time?
  13. These belong to a collector, stars are clearly stitched. Are they genuine?
  14. Do you mean the a NTL Digital one? I love that one. The one afterwards (the first Carling one) was appalling. Even the badge looked inconsistent from jersey to jersey
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