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  1. The attention every November probably isn't enough for him any more. Shit-stirring hypocrite.
  2. Didn't Umbro use this pattern in the 09/10 season? Bigger badge is indeed key
  3. Nope. But I wouldn't want to see clubs die for financial reasons either.
  4. Rearranging my jersey collection. This beauty arrived a couple of days ago in time for the match against the Scum. Can't say I'm gutted that it got postponed.
  5. Gmajor1991


    Yes, there absolutely is. I know that I'll get torn apart between this comment and my lack of past activity on this site, but whatever. Adidas or Nike aren't going to touch Rangers because of the shambles that our club's merchandising has been in over the last couple of years. Our punk-rock approach of setting up an external site to flog merch, and loyal fans flocking to brick-and-mortar shops to buy them out of jerseys, is great but it still looks shitty when the Scum can have their jerseys displayed in huge flagship sports shops whereas we have to hunt for ours. Secondly, Macron's gear this year has been pretty slick. We won't be in the most gilt-edged company amongst Hibs, Vitesse Arnhem, Milwall and Lazio (and Ross County) but those clubs have had some very nice, clean kit designs and training gear this year. Would you rather we made our own kits (again) like Bolton Wanderers?
  6. I'm absolutely baffled by how the team took a complete 180 after New Years. How?
  7. Announce joma In all seriousness I wouldn't be unhappy with macron. Worst case scenario it could be a Bolton Wanderers type of case where we make our own
  8. Tack on another 80p and make the price £16.90? On the subject of merchandise, I'm hoping for some decent jackets from The Gers Store in the coming season. This one would be perfect if it had sleeves
  9. It's not "fuck all". First win at the Chamber of Secrets in nine years?
  10. In fairness, if you wanted to see the highest level of skill and athleticism, you'd be watching La Liga matches
  11. In the absence of an "introduce yourself" forum, I'll leave this here. I'm a lurker, but not a Bheast.
  12. How long is he banned for?
  13. Got this one in pretty much brand new condition a while ago. If I could find a small 07/08 home in nearly as good a shape I'd be thrilled
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