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  1. I had a good read up about him before his first game for us and my initial thought was if he has that many injury problems then what is he doing here. The main attribute you need in League two i would say is to be physically strong My biggest surprise with Rossiter is how well he stood up the the physical demands, he is only a small guy with barely anything to him but most games he was the most imposing player on the pitch. Some of the teams we have faced this season (Colchester and Northampton spring to mind) are literally full of 6 foot odd rugby players who just want to kick the s**t out of you. Jordan just imposed his will with a crunching challenge or two early on then bossed the game. You could see his fitness levels getting better game by game I really can not speake any higher about the kid. Hopefully he is over his injury issues and gets his career firmly back on track
  2. As I said i cant say what you need in midfield but if you need a holding/anchor type he is the man Not comparing them as players but the job he done for us was pretty much Makelele at Chelsea although at a much lower standard Just sat in front of the centre half's and destroyed anything that come near him. Broke attacks up and just kept everything nice and simple to feet. I said 10 minutes into his debut he had no business being in this league. Instantly stood out like a sore thumb
  3. Yeah i think i know who you are on about. Our loyal fanbase are quite well known to each other. Makes it a lot easier when you do not have that many fans 😀. Pete Eaves i think is the guy in question. Was a nice chap. Sadly missed
  4. Yeah mate. Same to your lot. Always had a soft spot for Rangers. Hopefully you can carry on the progress you have made this season and reclaim your rightful spot as champions of Scotland. As well as putting the enemy from the other side of the City back in their place Good luck 👍
  5. Bury fan here Been following this thread for a while and thought i would give a honest opinion on what I have seen of Rossiter I have been at every game Jordan has played and he has been absolute class for us. Reads the game brilliantly and his positional awareness is fantastic, got a great engine on him and despite only being small in stature he is rock solid in the tackle. He breaks up play very well and has provided a defensive shield we was missing. If he can stay fit you potentially have a serious player on your hands Comparisons to Gerrard are way off though, totally different players. SG was a box to box savage and had everything, Rossiter on the other hand is very defensive minded. He is not going to be spreading 50 yard balls and creating much but as a defensive midfielder he is everything you want I cant say if he is good enough for Rangers or what you need in midfield but he is far to good for league two in England. Would comfortably be a solid Championship midfielder IMO I had a quick chat with him after we won promotion at Tranmere ( he was immense again and probably had his best game for us) and he seems to have his heart set on going back to Glasgow injury free and making a good go of it. He actually said he owes Rangers after the way he has been treated up there on and off the pitch. He could not have spoke higher about Rangers than what he did. Lovely down to earth lad aswel Wish him all the best. He has played a massive part in our promotion and will always be more than welcome by everyone at Bury F.C
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