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  1. Good strong side,can't see us conceding today 0-2
  2. Was watchin the Columbia game last night and thinking how Alfie's transfer fee would go through the roof with a run of International goals It's the exact same with Aribo, especially goals against quality like Brazil, These 2 boys could be worth a fortune down the line
  3. That was entertaining for a legends game, looks like they made a good amount for the charities with a superb turn out I wish we would organize something for every international break,even a televised colts game would do
  4. A good thumping win and top of the league tonight 4-0
  5. My MOTM today Well played Greg
  6. Excellent again today I think it's key that both he and Defoe are being well managed by our gaffer
  7. Strong side again Shame we don't have many wing options at the minute as i'd have liked to see Ojo dropped 3-0 silence the lambs
  8. Is there anywhere showing this tonight? PSG v Real tonight and we're all wanting to watch the caramel wafer cup 🤣
  9. This is the result of our boards being soft as shite for years Every cunty reporter in the country knows they can say whatever the fuck they like and never a peep from us We reap what we sow,we CAN'T just expect absolute cunts to stop being cunts at a time like this,vermin the fuckin lot of them
  10. We knew it was coming but still very sad that it has All the best to Fernandos friends and family at this time
  11. Not the greatest performance and got a wee bit lucky at times but overall worthy winners Gutted for Kent
  12. Any win will do today but i'm hoping for a bit of a show to perk us up 0-3
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