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  1. but but but....we have a stunning and brave journalist on another thread telling us we are wrong for thinking this, that it s already carved up and we should run up the white flag right now. Aye right!
  2. Just my tuppenceworth We need good hard solid experienced pros to take on the senior roles in the team.i.e stick the boot in when needed Our senior pros are Defoe, Davis, Greegsie.2 of them under 5ft 5 and soft as shite and the other acts like a child at times Hope i'm wrong but giving Defoe a contract might come back to bite us.I'm relatively happy with Greegs despite my earlier moan but the other 2 need replacing for hard bastards
  3. Decent draw, could have been harder tbh Intae them! If we can get a clean sheet at ibrox that will be enough to see us through imo
  4. Was worried about tonight, but what a performance. Brilliant to a man That's a very good side oot on their arse
  5. A good win and a good performance sets us up nicely 0-3
  6. Don't forget that the lad is constantly having his mental heath questioned as well. Another of societies taboo's that is somehow not a taboo when it involves our clubs employees. Truly shameful the way he's been demonized and not just by rival supporters but by the SMSM press pack. Disgusting what this country is becoming.
  7. Sounds like my house Thursday night 🤣
  8. I think it's too much to expect us to click from the off tonight, hope i'm wrong Any score that reads Braga 0 will do me for the 2nd leg
  9. Both the "offside " goals looked ok to me Red card all day long on Goldson as well
  10. It's all a bit desperate again Personnel needs changing at half time, this lot are not up to it What the fuck has happened to Kent? Alfie well off the boil,midfield trying the ame shit over and over again.FFS
  11. Thought he might have dropped 1 or 2 Aribo taking the fall for the other night,a wee bit unfair, he wasn't the worst out there imo
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