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  1. 3 million.lol fuck off Scot Arfield is at his peak,his prime, right now A buying team is not buying potential here or a young player with promise. Scot will be at his max value right now.EPl and European experience and an international captain. No wonder we get shite cash for players when even our own are under selling them
  2. He'll get a ban now for 1 reason and 1 reason only. It's all over
  3. Absolutely rippin the piss out of us now. What's next,the ref phoning the bigot to apologise for Rangers scoring The games fucked!
  4. Love these projected images on buildings A big Union flag please Rangers or a nice white charger running across the main stand please
  5. It does not sit well with me that everyone and their dog is speculating about the big mans health, compare that to thumb heid where no one is allowed to mention his health or your a bigot! Stinks Fuck em big man your better than that shower of shite, hope you enjoy a good long holiday and happy retirement, you've earned it
  6. Long overdue to have aa experienced hand on our commercial dealings Hope it all works out for him
  7. Impossible to know without a crystal ball but I agree we will struggle to replace the wee man.
  8. Think this will be a tough test, at least our left back is not a weak point again 2-1 Alfie 1st scorer
  9. Very frustrating player who can swing a cross in but doesn't do it enough for me There are also times where he looks as though he can't take a throw in,that's no good enough for any pro player Also doesn't like it physical and now all the other teams know that and put pressure on him. I think a left back is more of a priority than an attacking midfielder TBH
  10. Picture quality isn't great but if i'm seeing this right then quwstions need to be asked about referee's FFS this performance is worse than Clancy v hibs and I thought that would be impossible
  11. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1gqGvnlRWDqGB Periscope link
  12. Tav and Kent for me If Alfie scored in the bigger games then I would have voted for him
  13. Cheers for the heads up OP
  14. No surprises from the support that went largely unpunished after hampden Fuckin intae them Rangers!
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