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  1. They are all very comfortable on the ball and try to play the game the right way.
  2. I would expect Jones to be getting better stats than Kent at the end of the season. Love Ojo's pace and directness and i'm pleased to see that he's stopped that lunge from behind that he's been doing in the 1st few games,nothing wrong with how he goes in but the cheating cunts up here will send him off for that. Great times ahead
  3. I don't support rights for groups,any group Individuals rights is the way to deal with this shite
  4. Any win today will do I don't care if its a last minute winner off someone's arse
  5. Excellent as always Jules Welcome back bud
  6. Rod Wallace on a free wasn't a bad addition Aribo looks like another steal
  7. Very powerful and incredibly sad
  8. Don't even know what to say to this. We're supping with cunts that want us dead....again!
  9. Read a translated report from a Turkish source saying he didn't want his kids educated in Scotland, so fair enough Putting 2 and 2 together here but with him being Portuguese, was his kids in a sectarian school and getting it tight? i dunno Good luck to him, we have moved on a level and he has moved on
  10. Excellent post and sums up how I've been feeling about this
  11. Polster and Hastie poor so far Dockerty very good The rest doing ok
  12. Stopped listening to this a good while ago But....to slag off guys that are giving up their weeknights trying to put on a service for the support is poor imho V poor
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