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  1. It's in the link article bud Us,them and sheep looking at Steven Fletcher,probably paper shite,i hope
  2. I hope we're not in for Fletcher gives me the dry boak
  3. No chance that RTV can handle that sort of demand It's dodgey as fuck at the best of times
  4. I reckon we'll see an over the top bid for Hicky from the nappy rippers and Budge will STFU and take the money and say no more on reconstruction Stinks like fuck!
  5. No a surprise there mate is it They had 6 years to put their incompetent placemen in positions of power,all Rangers haters to a man. It took around 10 days of the communications lines getting stretched by covid for them all to show themselves up once their strings were cut HA ha useless cunts had it all and fucked it
  6. Fucking dirty corrupt cunts The whole of hampden needs a deep clean and disinfectant More clubs will follow suit now and hopefully nail the cunts to the wall (McLennan 1st,then Doncaster,then any other cunt that puts their head up)
  7. It's a hard one to solve mate cause you don't want to hand over evidence to the people your accusing We have previous with "missing" evidence
  8. 2/3rds of Ryan Kent I would say probably worth it depending what nick were in after all this I imagine that no big decisions will be made till it's all over and we can take stock
  9. It just keeps getting murkier and murkier Time to clean them all out and start again, that's the only way forward now
  10. That Ferguson article is horrendous Used to love that wee cunt as well,remember when he said he'd get buried in his top and captains armband? Don't bother Barry!
  11. That's a worrying statement I can see it just going quiet now, hope i'm wrong FFS
  12. aye they'll both get 3 or 4 loan players for free next year,wait and see Whole thing stinks like fuck
  13. Disgraceful if true The whole lot needs burned to the ground and start again
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