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  1. Short memory of the state we were in before he arrived.
  2. As I said. This season was always going to be transitional. My point of him doing better than expected that you appear to have latched onto was more down to the fact I didn't think he'd see Christmas up here as I thought it was a mistake in appointing him. We can argue all day about standards and what we should be achieving. But I'm going down the road of patience here and fully anticipate a far superior effort next season when we're not having to rebuild our entire squad.
  3. Not really mate. I'm realistic. You don't win things just because your standards are high. I expect silverware next season though.
  4. Absolutely agree with the rookie part, but as you say, that decision was taken by the board and we now have to roll with it. He's done better than I thought he would've. But binning him after one season is not the answer.
  5. If we're sitting next season going through similar motions then maybe we should be looking elsewhere but right now he's the right man for the job IMO. This was always going to be a transitional season for us. Would appear people think we should be restarting fresh every season if it doesn't work at the first time of trying. Mental.
  6. I think had you asked people when Gerrard took over at the start of the season, if they'd take the season we've had so far they would've bitten your hand off. Sure, getting outfought in that manner at home is unacceptable. But I still think we've come on a lot more than the last two seasons in a massively more competitive league. Fully expect a much higher caliber team next season with more focus on quality than quantity. Completely behind Gerrard.
  7. He'll go for more than Dembele imo.
  8. Never say never I suppose. Just glad we're still talking about it at this stage. Next season will be much, much tighter if we spend some decent money on a player or two.
  9. I stood up from my couch and applauded him.
  10. Missed my point, unsurprisingly. You use basic stats and disregard everything else.
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