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  1. This is a bit of a side comment because I do believe what Ferguson has said is a bit retarded but people take our ex-players opinions way too seriously. I always try and imagine how much our fan base would get ripped if some of their opinions got given the same reach as the pundits. Seems it's okay to say negative things about your own club online and to your pals, but when an ex-player says it in the media they get slaughtered.
  2. How long does Dorrans have left on his deal? Heard them saying he'll be like a new signing in June.
  3. Not a fan of the song tbh. But I'm a big fan of seeing them froth at the mouth over it.
  4. I hope we can continue this thread under the understanding that doing well in Europe and winning the league are not mutually exclusive.
  5. It's official. 392 top cunts and 14 wee poofs
  6. Both are pretty neck and neck but you're probably right.
  7. Wearing a Rangers top to an independence rally. This thread. Not sure which one is more of a riddy.
  8. Any scenario where we win the league this season would have us winning our next 4 games. Never going to happen. Even if we somehow miraculously take max points from the next 4. They'd only need 4 points from their other 3 games to win it.
  9. "fuck the pope lol"
  10. Fuck sake man. He's not wrong. Why does everyone get oversensitive when one of our ex-players/managers says anything remotely negative in the media? Imagine sticking a camera in front of some of the posters on here for a hot-take when we drop points.
  11. Worrals performance was worse than the sending off imo.
  12. Browns made the most of it. But why does he continue to react to the slightest touches from opponents. Lets us down time and time again.
  13. Short memory of the state we were in before he arrived.
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