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  1. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Wish PES would die tbh
  2. Will be some laugh when he signs for Liverpool in two years.
  3. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    The finished product for anyone that's interested.
  4. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    I'll stick a photo of if it here once it's finished.
  5. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Yeah, that was actually pretty much the dilemma I had when picking parts. Either going for the less powerful CPU and spending more on the GPU but I do a lot of work from home so I met in the middle. Can always upgrade in a couple of years when the prices become more reasonable.
  6. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Ryzen 7 2700x MSI B450 Tomohawk GeForce RTX 2060 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200mhz RAM Game Max 850w Modular PSU Corsair MP510 480gb M.2 SSD Got an old Seagate 2TB HDD that I'm going to chuck in too. All going into an NZXT H500 case (white) Just going to use the Wraith Cooler that comes with the CPU. Will probably upgrade to one of those fancy water coolers in the near future.
  7. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Anyone ever tried their hand at building their own PC? Just bought all the parts for a new build. I've upgraded and stripped down several PCs but never built one from scratch. Any advice for a noob builder? I'm fairly confident as I've watched countless hours of YouTube videos and tutorials and I generally think I have a decent base knowledge of PCs.
  8. A lot of focus will go on the new guys but it has to be said... Kamara is fucking quality.
  9. You'd have more success in here if you renamed it to something like "Puddledrinkers vs Bluenoses".
  10. I'd take a good euro run and winning the league in the same season.
  11. The old 'one or the other' crew out in force. A good euro run and a good league campaign are not mutually exclusive. They went a round beyond us and still finished 1st.
  12. Reckon Jamie Murphy could be a solid player for us next season. Still think we're 2 or 3 quality players short of challenging.
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