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  1. The only one that wanted to win today was Kamberi. You'd be better off sticking that captains armband on the fucking goalpost. Shower of shite, every last one of them.
  2. Hello Rangers. Haven't seen you since last year. Welcome to 2020.
  3. Our captain has been a mainstay in all three of those occasions.
  4. Someone ought to tell them the season doesn't actually finish in December. Looked like they're back in pre season since we came back.
  5. Team should be ashamed of themselves. But if John Beaton was a competent ref, we win that game. Two big fuck ups on his part.
  6. Aye, was still hopeful before this game. But that's it done.
  7. Don't even want to think about it tbh. Sickens me.
  8. Just as gutted mate. Don't get me wrong. I just don't think he deserves the sack. Not yet anyway. Hoping for some response from us now. 4 points between us if we win the game in hand. They still have a few tough fixtures between now and the next OF so I hope we can start clicking again soon.
  9. From the OP? No, I'm pretty sure he's had a fair few now.
  10. You do get some hilarious threads on the back of a poor performance.
  11. DeanMK

    Leagues over

    We could have easily come out the first half of the season ahead of them had we played the same number of games. Not sure how we can suddenly make the assumption that we have no hope of doing the same in the second half. Two OF's to go and they still have a couple of tougher fixtures coming up soon. Notably away to Motherwell next week. We're all disappointed for sure, but I do think a lot of folk have forgotten what a normal season feels like.
  12. DeanMK

    Leagues over

    Pretty scunnered by the Hearts and Aberdeen games but the league is absolutely not over. There seems to be an assumption that they won't drop any points from now until the end of the season. They dropped 5 in two games earlier on this season and will eventually drop again. We just have to show some spine and start winning again.
  13. DeanMK


    I fucking hate Ojo. He is a useless fuck. Why Gerrard thought to bring him on, I don't know.
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