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  1. RangersRumours cunts getting RM accounts.
  2. Easily an £8m player when he was with us.
  3. Seven figures would be pretty steep for a player on his last 12 months. Thet being said I don't think they'd sell to us for any less.
  4. I fear he'd be too cheap an option for the board to turn down.
  5. The annual "please sign me Rangers" plea from Lafferty is doing the rounds.
  6. Aim higher lads.
  7. Good. The only one this season who actually deserves a new contract.
  8. Return Joe Garner to Preston and get a refund. Use the £1.8m for Dorrans.
  9. I'd sooner get rid of Waghorn before Garner.
  10. Ryan Jack more likely.
  11. I don't get the clamour over Wes. He's an average keeper who people overrate every time he makes a decent save. His distribution and decision making is woeful.
  12. Been once before and I honestly don't think I seen one Pub I'd have felt comfortable watching a rangers game in.
  13. Aye, but he's no Portuguese mate.
  14. Dorrans would be one of the top midfielders in the league if he came here IMO. He's played at a good level over the last five years and is way better than anything we currently have in midfield. Don't see what's not exciting about that. It's a good start to rebuilding if we get him.
  15. Graham Dorrans. Absolutely yes please. Blue nose. Great player. Upgrade on what we have.