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  1. Just woke up. Rough. Depressed. Still thankful I'm no one of them. Cunts.
  2. Hate those horrible bastards man. Jammiest cunts going. Commentary team constantly wanking them off when they were utterly shite. Saved by the linesman.
  3. I get that last night was frustrating but the fine line between a good season and our season being over is pretty outrageous. We dropped points in a place where some of our greatest teams have dropped points and all of a sudden we're dog shite with poor mentality. Granted, we should've been out of sight at half time but people really need to compose themselves after poor results.
  4. Absolutely shocking performance from Flanagan. Completely nullified our left flank and put us under massive pressure by fucking a simple clearance twice
  5. Odd one. Was quality last season in spells. Completely ineffective this year.
  6. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Probably a good shout mate. The specs requirements you've put are actually quite old. You could get something much better for the price range you're looking at.
  7. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    What's the spec of your nephew's tower?
  8. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Tried to play some more of this last night. Genuinely don't think I'll even be able to see out one season in Career Mode. It's actually dire. I honestly believe most of the devs at EA haven't actually watched a live game of football. Tactical defending is even worse that it was when the implemented it years ago and 80% of your shots or passes are blocked/intercepted.
  9. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Game has actually made me give PES a try this year. First impressions are that it's probably not on the same level as FIFA but way more enjoyable that the shite EA have served up for the last few years.
  10. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Career mode mostly mate.
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