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  1. Ah, was it? Still a decent effort though. Can't be easy to win things with Birmingham City.
  2. The FA Cup with a team like Birmingham is a massive accomplishment. No doubt about it. But that comment about it being bigger than reaching the UEFA Cup Final is laughable.
  3. Better be a staunch royal blue or no dice.
  4. Wouldn't be the worst move we could make. Doubt it though.
  5. Bet365's tweets are cringeworthy.
  6. Can't believe people are actually thinking he got dropped for the penalty incident. He's being dropped for signing TBB at full time.
  7. A brutally disappointing second season that he didn't anticipate and was too stubborn to accept. But in all fairness. He's left us in a better position that when he joined. I'd thank him for that and then move on. We are moving into a new era now. Time to look ahead.
  8. Suavco.
  9. Probably offer nothing. But his hair is majestic so it's a yes from me.
  10. I don't know how adept McCann is at coaching but I'd like to see him in. He could work wonders with McKay. Always enjoyed his views as a pundit. I think he offers decent insight into our game.
  12. Daily Mail has us down as an interested party. Please be aware, pirate jokes are forbidden.
  13. And still the root of the joke eludes you. That's a direct reference to the movie in which the meme I posted originated. You have literally turned this into something it's not.That's what's causing the fuss here. You've came in, completely misread a joke and have now made it appear that the folk in here are rabid racists.
  14. I think you miss my point. Nothing wrong with taking an interest. In actual fact I really enjoy watching the videos put up by the media team. The point that I was making is that people on twitter have him down as some sort of messiah after two training videos.