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  1. We have though?
  2. I can't understand this point of view at all. Dorrans is twice the player McLean is. McLean's still decent though.
  3. We need a strong squad. McLean would help give us that.
  4. Am I the only one who thinks a captains armband in football is an irrelevancy?
  5. Hope there's something in this. Would be a decent step up from Tav
  6. There was supposed interest from Middlesbrough and Sheffield Wednesday.
  7. Again, nonsense. If a buyer comes in with an offer of £2m for a player and the seller knocks that back and demands £5m, then you've got your valuation there. The actual paid price will then be negotiated. Indeed, a seller cannot force someone to pay what they want but on the flip-side of that, a buyer cannot force a club to sell simply because they value the player at a lower price. Dorrans has two years to run btw.
  8. Nonsense. His valuation is set by the selling club. The price paid will obviously be negotiated between both parties. It's appears as though they've upped their fee expectations for him and they're well within their right to do that. It's now up to our board to either walk away from the deal or attempt to negotiate closer to what they want.
  9. I think the problem with fans who talk about transfer dealings think football works the same as it does in FIFA and football manager. Real life footballers don't have precise market values. They're worth whatever a selling club values them at vs what other clubs are willing to pay.
  10. He's worth whatever Norwich value him at. We either meet that valuation or we don't.
  11. I don't buy this £3m nonsense.
  12. 16 : 90 pumped.
  13. Hahahahaha. Love how quickly shit escalates on here.
  14. Hamilton again hopefully. Get off to a better start than last season. Hamilton 0 - 9 Rangers Hattricks from Morelos, Herrera and Batshuayi
  15. 4-0 to St Johnstone