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  1. The one about him saying "I might be coming back" was considered cryptic. Now folk are just clutching at straws.
  2. At first glance, he looks like another striker who doesn't score very often, but it appears he's more a winger.
  3. The most mystifying thing is how Kenny Miller managed to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes. Hardie for Dorrans was a peculiar sub.
  4. Weiss rumours resurfacing?
  5. Who the fuck are we making statements to? We are hated by every non-Rangers minded soul in this country. Who the fuck are we trying to plead to with statements? We need to focus our efforts on bringing ourselves back to the top, not succumbing to the victim culture of our opponents.
  6. Here we go again...
  7. Can we leave the conspiracy theories to the tims? Sure, it was a shocking performance from Beaton but Scottish referees are just generally quite poor. We never took our chances and let Hibs back into the game before the red card.
  8. Bolton were seemingly interested in him.
  9. Absolute nonsense. Millers shot that went over the bar. Herrera's header. Windass's crossbar and post shots. Dorrans came close with another from outside the box. You can't just talk about theirs and ignore ours. If Motherwell had players that could put away every clear cut chance given to them, they wouldn't be playing for Motherwell.
  10. Remy
  11. Should've passed to Dodoo.
  12. This. Rossiter out on loan at the very least. Literally doing nothing for us. Or himself for that matter.
  13. Would be a good signing. Fair enough if you don't want him back though.
  14. I reckon we'll see some movement on incoming transfers once this is done.