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  1. The misery spewed by some of our fanbase knows no bounds.
  2. Don't really mind the way the fixtures run. Very winnable run of games there. A win at pittodire sets us up well. Alternatively, drop points at pittodire and this place will fold like a pack of cards.
  3. Ordered. Hope my purchase goes to the fund for a right winger.
  4. Probably good enough to be the number 1 at every other Scottish club outside the OF. Great signing for a backup.
  5. DeanMK

    Skate 4 announced

    Announced at EA play today.
  6. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    New Corsair AIO installed.
  7. Was there that day. What a game.
  8. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    This right here. Graphical and processing power upgrades are great and all, but the switch to running your OS from an SSD is one of the greatest speed jumps you'll notice as a PC user.
  9. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Would definitely be up for a few games at some point.
  10. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Been playing with a couple of guys who don't usually play FIFA so it's been pretty dire mate.
  11. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Aye, levelling up is pretty tough. I was getting through 20/25 minutes of raids with a couple of kills and only coming out with 500xp. Trying to get to level 10 for the flea market but it's taking an absolute age.
  12. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Started playing this recently. Frustrating af. It's good when you get a proper raid going and manage to get a few kills and some good stuff, but the gap between the new players and the veteran players is outrageous. So hard to kill someone who can afford the best gear.
  13. DeanMK

    FIFA 20

    Been having a go at clubs again. More shite than good.
  14. Better fullback cover Better striker cover Quality starters at CB/RB/DM/RW/ST required too. Hope to see the back of Ojo and Barker.
  15. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Got that Bannerlord game. Pretty addictive. Will be good when the mods start coming out.
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