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  1. DeanMK

    How do you react?

    Hahaha, fuck that. I'd launch myself in front of a bus.
  2. DeanMK


    Going back in for Skrtel according to the Daily Record.
  3. DeanMK


    Guy's an enigma. Looks like such an unnatural footballer but could somehow consistently put the ball in the net.
  4. DeanMK


    I'd like him to succeed here. Just don't see it though. Probably won't get the chance.
  5. DeanMK

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

  6. DeanMK

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    Jim White is definitely a Rangers fan, but unfortunately he values his media career more than he values the club.
  7. YASSSSS. TOP OF THE TABLE.(for now)
  8. Clearly in the minority here but I actually like him as a commentator.
  9. DeanMK

    Welcome to Rangers, Gareth McAuley

    Glad to see we've got our 4th CB in. Was worried about only having 3 and seeing McCrorie shoehorned in for cover.
  10. DeanMK

    A Case For The Defence...

    The midfield let us down for sure yesterday. Whether that was down to tactics, or just general performance, who knows. On the other hand, I thought we defended quite well actually. They can make the claim that they should have scored 5 or 6 into us but the facts are, they didn't. Barring a counter attack directly following an ungiven foul, they couldn't score into us. We gave them too much respect in midfield. I would expect a much better showing at Ibrox. Still feeling pretty positive about our chances this year.
  11. DeanMK

    Never winning the title this season

    I reckon we'll run them close. We've been unfortunate. Yesterday was poor, but not as poor as some are making out. We were robbed at Aberdeen and unlucky to concede with the very last kick of the ball against Motherwell. There was such a positivity around the club before yesterday, but as usual, so many struggle to refrain from chucking the toys out the pram. It's September, the club is going in the right direction, I fully believe we'll have a good season.
  12. DeanMK

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    Noticeable improvement. Players now have OF experience. Won't buy into the the hyperbole in here. Looking forward to the next one.
  13. Hot headed player being dealt with by a hot headed ref. Guy should have been able to calm the situation. Ran over to Morelos like he broke someone's leg.