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  1. Pedro: Time to go?

    We need a steady 2/3 seasons to gradually get better under stable leadership with a solid team to build upon. I genuinely believe we are at the beginning of this process and don't agree with booting out managers because they're not bringing in instant results.
  2. Dorrans

    I'd probably try and actually observe what he does in a game before making threads like this. Nonsense.
  3. The most mystifying thing is how Kenny Miller managed to stay on the pitch for 90 minutes. Hardie for Dorrans was a peculiar sub.
  4. Club 1872 Statement on Neil Lennon

    Who the fuck are we making statements to? We are hated by every non-Rangers minded soul in this country. Who the fuck are we trying to plead to with statements? We need to focus our efforts on bringing ourselves back to the top, not succumbing to the victim culture of our opponents.
  5. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Here we go again...
  6. Fully Expected This Cheating To Keep Us From Winning

    Can we leave the conspiracy theories to the tims? Sure, it was a shocking performance from Beaton but Scottish referees are just generally quite poor. We never took our chances and let Hibs back into the game before the red card.
  7. Pena

    Is he even unfit?
  8. Pena

    I'm sure you're allowed to have a bev 2 days before a game.
  9. Second Sponsor.

    Every other club will be adopting this over the next few seasons. Guaranteed.
  10. McCoist to join BT team

    Good. Will make BT sport more bearable.
  11. Lee Rigby - Bheasts being the scum they are

    What a bunch of horrible cunts. It seems the English media are now shining the spotlight on the vermin within their support. Look forward to seeing them attempt to sweep this last week under the carpet. I get that this is a minority of their supporters but this is what happens when they bury their heads in the sand and don't condemn the terrorist sympathisers that are rife amoung them.
  12. Is this our Gaffers strongest starting XI?

    Tav for Hodson Walker for Windass Naismith for Miller
  13. Tommy Robinson

    Of course it's a lie. A lie that will have the usual suspect journalists drooling over before too long.
  14. Tommy Robinson

    Indeed. As long as there is a media bias present, we'll always be made to look bad.
  15. Tommy Robinson

    Can already see it... back page of the Scottish Sun... RANGERS FAN TOMMY ROBINSON SPARKS RIOT. Could really do without this sort of publicity.