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  1. Been excellent the last few games
  2. Thought he done well tonight.
  3. BoyBlue62


    Looked very comfortable on the ball, played well today.
  4. Thanks SG. It’s been a long time coming, but we are top of the league for the first time since 2011. Its only October, but let’s at least enjoy the international break. WATP
  5. BoyBlue62


    Sutton will be raging tonight , hopefully 👍
  6. BoyBlue62


    Thought he was excellent today.
  7. BoyBlue62


    Class striker and a genuinely good guy. He will score for fun this season. We have the best 2 strikers in Scotland.
  8. He may be carrying an injury , we don’t know. But we added to the squad this year so we can put out a strong team in every game.
  9. How can anyone complain about Defoe starting is beyond me. Strong team , 3 pts.
  10. Everybody makes mistakes , sure it cost us tonight , but the criticism is way over the top.
  11. Tav had a poor game , but the criticism is way over the top from the usual posters. At least we know tonight’s scapegoat.
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