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  1. yes sure , give me your details

    tc number if u have one


    full name

    and if when your flying to and from

  2. orite pal

    yes bus is on the go , is it albufeira -Lisbon yes?

    TC number if have one

    contact numbers for all in your party


    and i will be in touch

  3. Cant see it getting to number 1. If it got in the top 10 it would be an achievment in itself
  4. good post aswell as minstrals. Dont like to see the work bigots in these post though.... I like to call it a good upbringing
  5. Fantastic post minstral. Too many bears these days could do with spending some time with you ti learn a thing or two
  6. Scum surprised at sky, what do they have to gain from defending these cunts
  7. I cant belive my ears. That fenain bastard grant was claiming the next scotland games should be moved to septic park
  8. He has always said he is better suited to the british game. Although as a previous poster has suggested if lyon, marseille or bordeux came in the story would be slightly different
  9. To waste the remaining money on my account , I put £1.50 on a 24 team accumulator. £100,356.23 returns. A kooshty wee return
  10. Ad go with that. Bring Nacho on ASAP if its not going to plan which is more than likely
  11. Good on big Zander for celebrating he certainly enjoyed that
  12. Whats he saying? I bet it was all strachans fault and Aiden is the innocent party here He said "No player is bigger than the club, but No Manager is BIGGER than Celtic" He seems confident that WGS will get the boot Is his agent that bawbag Willie McKay?
  13. Whats he saying? I bet it was all strachans fault and Aiden is the innocent party here
  14. A tim just came on the phone in on clyde and called Lawell, Liewell was funny as man
  15. For a while last night i thought they werent going to do it. What a prat i am
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