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  1. He's an attention seeking whore.
  2. Think Engurland will get pumped by NZ. Wales might be a close one again.
  3. Fock off ya birds blouse. Im bored with this shit. FF is far superior in my opinion. Too many keyboard arseholes on here. Mods included
  4. So much out of the real football he was watching the rugby and forgot what to do. Probably still looking for the ball.
  5. Preferred Boconegra from the guys from over the pond. Some left foot. Was sad to see him leave. Sorry if i derailed the thread.
  6. Got a wee bit of grit in my eye there. Great gesture by all at Rangers, The Rangers Charity Foundation for making this a reality and not just a dream, and SG to take time out to meet the fella and give him an experience he will cherish. Stay strong Dougie.
  7. The burd. I wanted to see the burd. Ffs. Ooft just had a glimpse. Why was she so long in the face?
  8. Robb


    Wow. Great post fella. The passing of family members is soul destroying. The passing of a Rangers great is just as bad. I shed a tear too. Chin up, and move on. Life can be shit at times.
  9. Why the directors? They weren't on the park playing shite.
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