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  1. Don't read the press online then. No news day for them so they will scrutinise any kinda pish. 3 points so fuck them. The journos will write about it too for tomorrows paper edition. Keeps them in a job. Useless cunts.
  2. We have a decent squad. When they want to play. Frustrating when when you go to a game and they play superb, then the next week we are dire and scraping out a win. Very bizarre and annoying.
  3. We should do it on a weekly basis. It works. Simple.
  4. Its 15 mins from my house. Do you want longitude and latitude?
  5. Great. Any chance you can take your face for a shite? It's my opinion. No more. No. Less. Just you jog on and get your post count up. Its great. You must have been posting some amount of shite since day one.
  6. That filthy tarrier bastard n cunt? 😁
  7. Keeper wise, i would still keep Shagger. Much better shot stopper imo. Fods cant come put for a baw at a corner. When he does its anyones guess.
  8. Wasn't intended. But i enjoyed the retort. 😀
  9. 😁 Can't beat the saturday boredom. Thursday and Sunday games for a while too. Does my head in. Enjoy your day.
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