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  1. This is a strange one Genk and his agent are saying the deal is compete but we haven't announced anything. I hope its done as he is a fantastic talent and will go for a huge fee in the future
  2. By all accounts his agent is saying the deal is compete. If thats the case i would be happy with that as he has the potential to be a cracking player
  3. I would be delighted with Hagi on a permanent deal to be honest the lads shown glimpses of his quality i honestly think he could be a fantastic players for us. I believe that we desperately need to sign a quality striker, Right back and a leader in the middle of the park with quality that can command a game
  4. In my opinion we have made a good start with Holt, Foderingham, Halliday, Rossiter and Flannigan. Morelos needs to go but only for a big fee Tav i would cash in on Kamara if we could get £8mill for him then i would personally take him to them Jones needs to go Barker needs to go offers us literally nothing Murphy i like him but again won't be playing much so its time to go reinvest the wages somewhere else Stewart decent squad player but never gonna be a starter so i would get shot of him In terms of players coming in i think we need 2 good quality strikers a right winger a tough leader in the middle of the park and a good quality right back that can defend. I feel really underwhelmed by the likes of Dykes and Ferguson being linked to us and i think we need better quality players if we are to progress in europe and the league
  5. Underwhelmed by this to be honest. If this is the standard we are signing then we won't progress
  6. The guys an absolute walloper. Was a very happy day when he finally left the club worst signing ever
  7. Would love to see the lad sign up permanently. I think he has a lot to offer the team and we have only seen glimpses of what he can do.
  8. He scored a shit load of goals in trail matches then wasn't signed i think he was like 50 or something they couldn't verify his age
  9. Need him signed permanently the guy just put passion back into our team when he came on last night his work rate and drive was exactly what we needed.
  10. We will get a big fine for that bottle. Fucking idiot throwing that on
  11. Morelos couldn't score in a brothel at the moment WTF is going on with him. Just miles off the play at the moment
  12. WTF is that from Kent needs to at least get it on target
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