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  1. Davis is finished. Should not be a starter. Jones will surprise a few people this year. He will win us the league - you read it here, first...
  2. No. We made an absolute fucking balls-up of it in January. And February. It was our own fault.
  3. Watch Sky pull the plug on the SPFL now. Not having 4 OF games a season is gonna be a serious blow to their pulling power...
  4. We've destroyed them last two games. We would've done likewise in next two games. What's more likely is, we would've lost our game in hand, but if we had won that... That leaves 6 games to overturn a 4-point deficit. And THAT is the reason whey they won't get the title. It's absolutely still winnable by us. It will never happen, but I'd love to see a 'behind-closed-doors' one-off, winner-takes-all, play-off match to decide the winners.
  5. We would've smashed them twice. Hopefully we would have won our game in hand. That means there's 4 points in it and 6 games to play for. No way are they getting awarded the title...
  6. Needs to do the right thing and step down. He is finished.
  7. Wake up, son. There's a reason we didn't get a huge fee for him. Something about being absolute pish and something else about being an absolute liability...
  8. I love Steven Davis, and in his prime, he was an absolute star. I loved the way he played and his work 'off the ball' was always fantastic, the way he created space for others. But he is absolutely done. He should never start for us again...
  9. Gerrard is the best thing that has happened to our club in the last 8 years. A shitebag, he most definitely is not. Who do you want to replace him? Eck? Walter? Super? Get yourself back in reality, mate. Gerrard is going nowhere until we have won 55.
  10. Anybody thinking Morelos is worth 20million is deluded. He's a fucking liability and always has been. We will be lucky to get 2million at the end of this season.
  11. Looks a great player, but fuck me - just wait until the boy has his first shocker and see how quickly he gets slated for not being good enough, never was good enough, never will be, etc...
  12. Awful referee. Give us nothing today. Bolingoli should have been off at least once.
  13. Barasic will be a PL player next season. Fact.
  14. Needs to commit in 50/50s, otherwise he was brilliant today.
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