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  1. This should be an excellent test and I think the gaffer will play what he thinks will be our first choice team, excluding Arfield, for the season ahead. In the first half at least.
  2. You log on with the phone and I'll use the laptop
  3. I'd move Candeias on for a fee. Otherwise he leaves on a free next year and I can't see him getting much game time with the amount of players we have in wide areas now.
  4. A new poster who believes he is worth 18m and that the team is good enough to develop without him. I fail to see the problem here. Plus I’m not desperate to sell him, I said I think it benefits us more overall.
  5. A key way to source funds for players is to sell those you currently have. We sell Morelos then we can start paying 4/5m for a few players. Considering we’ve already shown how well we can play without him, I don’t see the problem. You seem to think holding on to our prized asset is most important, whilst I believe we need to sell him to redistribute his quality around the team. We’ll find out this season who is correct.
  6. None. All I’ve said is I’d like to see Alfie cashed in for around 18m so we can distribute some more quality around the entire team, as this gives us a better chance of winning the league imo. Fuck knows why this is seen as odd.
  7. 18m should be the target imo.
  8. Old board entirely removed and new board installed (comprised of guys who were directors from years back). New majority SH is a Chinese billionaire who also bought Nice and Barnsley. Very odd.
  9. Still, fair play to those who pay. Quite decent revenue stream for the club.
  10. Selling valuable assets to improve the quality across the squad, didn’t realize this formula was new.
  11. Stop this rot. I believe we play better football with a player like Defoe in there, and for other reasons I’ve given, I think we have a better chance of winning the league if we sell him for a sizeable fee. Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn’t mean they’re a Yahoo.
  12. Until it’s been rebutted, lazy dismissals don’t hold up.
  13. The devil is in the detail, I gave a lengthy explanation as to why I believe it to be the case. Its not as simple as what you’ve just posted.
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