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  1. They give them it.. its void If it's a void season.. then its void. Either way its void.
  2. Nk89


    Morelos is a cert to score next weekend
  3. I wonder if he had took this approach with the other players we would still be challenging the now. Maybe he has learned to manage them another way in the media, We will see when Katic or Morelos makes there next mistakes how SG manages it
  4. Regardless of what happens he made a bold move to come away from his comfort zone where he was probs guaranteed assistant manager at some point, And take on this huge challenge. I will always respect him for having the baws to step up n give it a go!!
  5. Surely Souness woulda made him well aware of the expectations
  6. Peanuts compared to what he used to so nothing to do with wage
  7. I would say McGregor was at fault for St johnstone goal by letting the player cheat the ball down 10yards inside his box when the ball is coming from a great height! N Goldson are fault for Killie goal when turning the wrong way to chase Brophy
  8. This n also it is Katic that has stepped out of line.
  9. Dont get this "take us any further" thing! How much further do you expect him to take us? We need to work out a way of beating 3 or 4 SPL teams! And then we are alot further than we thought we could ever be at this stage surely?
  10. We have a better chance if we keep Gerrard imo, And until xmas, this team 100% have the ability to win this league, they have just lost the confidence. They have also performed and won alot of big games this season before this major fuck up!
  11. Why does he play like he is all left footed but then takes pens n free kicks with right foot. Last night he had 2 chances tht he could hit with his right similar to hibs goal but he hit it with outside of left foot.
  12. McGregor Goldson Katic Edmundson Hastie Jack Aribo Kent Hagi Morelos Kamberi/Defoe Time to start experimenting or the last 9 games are a fucking waste of time. Fed up with Tav's deliveries n Barisic is back to the Barisic of last season
  13. I dont want him to leave because I think we need a bit of consistency or we will fall further behind, With Gerrard in charge we have a chance of league next season, if he leaves we have no chance as we are back to the start all over again.
  14. Watched Rangers 5 v 0 Hamilton highlights this morning Comparing tht to last night. Goldson and Edmundson are 15 yards higher up the park n it pushes Davis and Kamara up to nearer the edge of the box closer to the striker, alot of 1 touch passing around the edge of box, compared to last night and since the break when nearly every ball from midfield to the striker is a ball over the top because the distance between midfield and forwards is far too much.
  15. It was all about the League they said
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