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  1. We are lacking in numbers for the middle of the park. The fact we have a 3 of jack arfield davis against stranraer shows that. Docherty should be kept just incase
  2. And if st johnstone draw with morton they will be playing replay instead of the tims, so if ross county beat ayr, we will have played the same games by then
  3. I think Matt Ritchie on loan for 6 months for that right side could be plausible
  4. No chance are we risking Defoe in this game, inless we need to bring him on. Wes Flanagan Edmundson Katic Halliday Jack Kamara Arfield Ojo Stewart Jones Starting to think we are quite light in midfield regarding numbers. Ideally wouldnt want to risk Jack or Kamara but no one else bar Docherty. Or am i missing someone?
  5. Tavs goal could do him alot of good going into 2nd half of season. This mob beat aberdeen 2 -0 last year btw. 6-1 is probably impressive. Uzbekistan i know but unbeaten in 12 games or something like that before they play the famous. Good job well done now Stranraers turn to get pumped
  6. If its one game at a time you shouldnt have mentioned St. Mirren!
  7. This exactly!! Christie ban is a smokescreen to do Morelos
  8. If memory serves me right was it not Clancy tht booked Morelos for a dive in the box when it was a clear pen n Morelos woulda missed the semi final, thats why he is missing Stranraer game? It was a very similar situation as Frimpong on him in the final
  9. Steven McLean got a ban for grabbing Kouassi baws mind!!
  10. We will go there and dominate the ball as usual ie. last 4 games, Kamara jack davis against brown mcgregor ntcham, is a no contest when it comes to controlling a game If we can avoid any stupid mistakes we will win this by at least 2. First time i have been confident goin there in years!
  11. A think Tav is class, but his end product has been poor for weeks, lacking in confidence, i thought he put them in too early last night gave Defoe no chance to get near the 6 yard box.
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