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  1. This is after a game when he hasn't even picked up a yellow, or even had a talking to from the ref! Unbelievable
  2. Morelos dropping deep is an idea, but his touch is poor, would prefer hagi playing as the 9 with Morelos being the one making the run in behind, Morelos playing the pass for Hagi to be thru on goal is the wrong way round
  3. Morelos been told to come deep n bring Aberdeen cbs with him. Cos they are obsessed with kicking him, which has created the gaps for Kent aribo hagi
  4. Let's do this Rangers!! No slip ups!!So when the fans are back we can help yous over the line 💙
  5. I included, Edouard, Mcgregor, Forest, Christie in theirs
  6. Everytime man! No wonder I hardly post, cos its pointless, you know its true, so you say Taig fuck sake man They have far more gamechangers than us thats a fact! 5 subs suits them more
  7. Griffiths, Rogic, Klimala, Ntcham, Christie, Elyounussi, Forest, McGregor, Eduoard can all make an appearance in same game now compared to. Defoe, Kent, Hagi, Aribo, Barker, Jones, Arfield, Kamara Jack. 🙄🙄🙄
  8. Ffs! They have a far bigger squad than us, gives them another edge
  9. Barker should be nowhere near our bench never mind our 1st 11, n he is right footed BTW, but pish with both so I get the mix up lol
  10. Can't get an interview with ref at any point throughout a season, when they are the ones in the headlines, but 5 days before season starts he is available to talk about this bollocks
  11. Where does this no confidence come from? We have beat Lyon, nice, Motherwell Coventry without conceding a goal and Morelos has underperformed in every one of those games? Morelos or not I see us winning by 2 or 3
  12. Nk89

    Joe Aribo

    Fuck that! Dont want him in goals
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