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  1. Their bravery is truly humbling when you think about it, I often wonder what those lads and lassies would have thought if they could have seen into the future of what their lands would become under the EU.
  2. UEFA objecting to the remembrance of those who died to liberate Europe what a world we live in
  3. They were letting of flares on the pitch even back then, back before we called them pyrotechnics , the trampy cunts used to get outsung at the piggery back then, the "Rangers end" was fucking bouncing
  4. Certainly happened at the piggery to Peter, back in the 70’s
  5. I mind some mhanky bastard ran on the pitch at the piggery toward big Peter, Peter never flinched and the tramp shat it and got carted off by the coppers, decent keeper and decent guy.
  6. Good luck to him, no point in trashing ex players, leave that to the filth
  7. Used to meet my local coppers at the big walk a lot, when they were off duty, changed days indeed !
  8. Let's be fair (pardon the pun) , they don't mind Sellik players wearing their hats.
  9. I think his point is , what has that got to do with anything? what business is it of the Police? Can you imagine a cop asking you your sexuality or religion in the street?
  10. Will be a joy to see them get their cunts kicked in there, the unholy alliance !
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