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  1. All things considered, we have to beat the filth on a regular basis to win anything in this shitehole league, I think Gerrard has done wonders in his time so far, but he really does need to ensure all the hard work turns into trophies now.
  2. DJ became a legend in one game, that's how important it was .
  3. Couldn't care less what the Daily Rebel thinks of anything , Hope they go under soon, horrible bastards who are the epitome of Gutter press
  4. Fcuk the haters, and the bishop of Rome No Surrender, we will win this league
  5. Imagine having Aberdeen as a rival, ha ha, the essence of rivalry is competition, there is none wherever Aberdeen turn up.
  6. intae these fucking diet yahoo bastards, they hate us, fuck them, let's go for a goal difference gap, hit the fuckpigs with everything Rangers !
  7. Shame its not the end for the rag, basically a Sellik fanzine .
  8. Let's not get carried away here, surely Europe? 😉
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