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  1. Getting found out this season. There's a reason no one tried to sign him last summer.
  2. Let the end of the world reactions commence.
  3. Sack the players. Sack the manager. Sack the board. Start again in the 3rd division. Only solution if we don't win the Europa League.
  4. RM after a defeat is what's embarrassing.
  5. Had a bad game. Sack the board.
  6. If missing two games ruins his season, he's probably not good enough to play for Rangers.
  7. Like when? Not even lost a game this season before today. Made up we lost aren't you.
  8. There's a difference between being up a manager's arse, and actually seeming to revel in the fact that there is a reason to have a dig at him. No guesses as to which you are. Gerrard isn't going anywhere, no matter how much that irks you the fuck up.
  9. Best sack Gerrard and rebuild again then. Take five steps backwards to go one step forward.
  10. Thursday doesn't count then?
  11. I'm not arguing either mate. Just frustrating when players can't raise themselves for this. Have a good day and night all. Long season ahead. No team wins every game.
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