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  1. Shankland is Jason Cummings 2.0, don’t think he improves us and sitting third choice would only hamper is development. I would like to see us get a left back because the thought of Barisic getting injured and being left with Flanagan/Halliday scares me. But if we bring anyone in their attitude has to be right, can’t have someone affecting the morale of the squad.
  2. These fenian mutants are saving Stevie the bother of a team talk.
  3. Who would want to shake his hand in the first place? With teeth like that it is unlikely he's the type to wash his hands after going to the toilet etc.
  4. If they’re both shoplifters then why did he buy the present and not steal it himself?
  5. Still unsure if you’re serious with your posts or the greatest troll I’ve ever seen.
  6. Hopefully this result gives us the kick up the arse going in to Sunday because that's the only way to get over it now. Feel the team plays much better when Kamara is in it as he always looks for a pass along with Jack and Davis.
  7. Has champagne Jill photoshopped someone else’s email? Her Rangers number is in blue and even the font colour looks different from mine.
  8. Met up with @BigChief yesterday to sell a ticket to the game as arranged on here, no issue at all - top guy.
  9. M0NTANA


    @Redwhiteandblue is consistently a mongo. Is all I can about take from this.
  10. Contract should be ripped up for this, let it be a marker to everyone. The days of fucking about are over, Jones is another distraction we do not need, between this video, the way he celebrated scoring against us after signing his pre-contract and the rumours about the 15 year old girl. This is attention we do not need and is behaviour the likes of Walter, SAF, Mourinho etc. would not tolerate. Its contrasting that the so called ‘Rangers men’ are the ones that are constantly the issue whilst you have the likes of Kent who comes here and just gets it.
  11. Aye not in that division, Ferguson at a push due to his weird unorthodox style but he needs to be able to stay on his feet. He did wrestle at a fairly legitimate college but that fight seems destined to never happen.
  12. He's been lucky in that he's always facing stand up guys too, as soon as he is matched against someone who can stuff the takedown he could be in trouble because his striking his not great. Pretty sure he is juicing too.
  13. Haha, he's no the owner ffs.
  14. Usman is probably preparing for the Colby fight, you don't want to be preparing to fight one guy then have it switched up on you. This fight has been in the works a long time and is probably far more valuable as Colby is a complete mouthpiece. It is all negotiation tactics anyway, I read this morning that Covington and Usman still isn't official as Covington won't agree and is likely to be off. I don't buy for a second that Usman would rather be stripped than step in with Masvidal, and I certainly wouldn't believe a word that comes out of Dana Whites mouth! Anyway I am away to hopefully watch Poirier pull off an upset. Winner to challenge for the BMF title imo.
  15. Never said they were. Pish, Covington is rightfully the no1 contender being he won the 'interim title' and if he didn't get it that title was pointless. There is only hype around Diaz because he tapped Conor, he was always in Nick's shadow and there's plenty other 'stand and bang' guys throughout. The 'BMF' title is generally the unofficial term for how's, so unless the winner plans on getting in with Stipe it remains a pointless title that's possibly only there to get round commission rules.
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