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  1. She took my seat in the second half against Stranraer. Had moved back a few rows to get a better view, and some wee guy was taking videos of her on his phone.
  2. Think he followed a few of the players as well, so people just putting 2 + 2 together.
  3. I think had we won the League Cup things would have been different. That feeling of winning and stopping celtic would have given us something to build on. Just now it’s a case of point the finger when it’s not going to plan and hit the panic button. Firmly believe Tav should be taking it on himself and grabbing the ball when it cam to the penalties against them and Braga. It is bound to have an effect on the rest of the players if he looks to go in to hiding, or our most experienced outfield player just wanting to take on the easy pass every time. I think Gerrard mentioned himself post match yesterday that he’d like to see the players take on a bit more responsibility in the final third.
  4. Depends how much of an influence they have though man. What’s most worrying though is the likes of Tav, Goldson etc seem to think that the criticism they receive is unwarranted. Wouldn’t be the least be surprised if they think that Gerrard is being too critical and harsh on them.
  5. Struggle to see what benefit we get from it tbh? Would imagine a football club is like any other workplace where cliques are formed.
  6. The amount of sitters that we miss doesn’t help the panic either. Just have to look at the Hamilton game, I can’t see where goals will come from when Morelos isn’t arsed. So it’s hard to imagine the players having much faith either when no one is willing to stand up be counted. Genuinely thought Hagi was going to be the guy to come in and connect the midfield and attack together.
  7. It’s a mentality thing as far as I am concerned, if we’re not winning they start to panic and doubt themselves. Winning the league cup in December would have gone a long way to rectifying this. It’s the same thing that’s happened at United since Ferguson left. We think we should win based on name and reputation rather than actually going out and earning it. The filth are no better than us in terms of ability, just more consistent. We can see that in the games against them and their performances in Europe. But every player in that team has won and are unlikely to panic as a result of being in those situations before and weathering the storm. We played some awful football under Walter but always found a way due to the winning mentality.
  8. Well what’s the solution? It’s all well slating the choice of tactics, but what’s the alternative. You don’t game plan assuming your tactics won’t work.
  9. This is part of the issue that there’s certain players that you can’t critique against. Morelos hasn’t looked arsed since we came back, he absolutely deserves every bit of criticism coming his way at the moment.
  10. They play Bremen and Monchengladbach either side of us both away. Gladbach currently occupying the last CL spot so hopefully they rest players for that.
  11. What’s a captain for if he can’t grab the ball and take it on his own to lead by example.
  12. One the best posters on here as well, should just write it off as a bad trip or something.
  13. Would like to see Davis out and Stewart in, thought we played our best football Thursday with more attacking options.
  14. Don't think he is the same player when he is erring on the side of caution, which some don't seem to realise.
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