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  1. When the panel of so called experts cant see that the thumbs stamp was not a red card offence it just shows how much they get away with. If that was Morelos it would still be on every news channel stating he was an animal. Yet again what is the club doing to protect our players? Sitting idly by and hoping it all blows over
  2. Think our PR campaign relies on a fax machine that must be permanently broken! Far too long we have been in the shadows of that Mob when it comes to defending our club and its not good enough which has made it open season for everyone and there dog to have a pop and we have sat idly by. It needs a strong statement from the club but i cant see it happening.
  3. Jean Claude Darcheville randomly pops in my head now and again
  4. this lad is definitely been a cracking bit of business. Destined for the top if he carries on like this
  5. Im knackered just watching that
  6. We are in a great position where we dont need to panic buy and only take someone if they would benefit the team! The only problem is the type of players that would may be a bit expensive for this window. But please let ojo go back to liverpool was hoping for big things from him but he doesnt seem interested and has had plenty of chances
  7. Based on Tavs conversion rate with penalties previously i could see why he was on them. Alfredo should never have been given the penalty against them as it was in head to score. Widnae mind letting barisic take one see how that pans out
  8. Lennon looking like your embarrassing uncle on holiday eyeing up the lassies when he is nothing but a fat middle aged baw
  9. This is how it feels to be Rangers
  10. Loving the way big Katic is playing the now! It looks like bringing in helander and edmundson is making him try that bit harder! Fucking buzzing when in the last minutes they tried to play the long ball and he was winning everything in the air
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