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  1. If the league is postponed and will be for a length of time that makes restarting the league impossible then the only logical option is to void this league and return to normal next season, the league is not a sprint it's a long distance effort where every team knows where they are and what they need to do for the remainder, you don't cancel a marathon after 15 miles and award the medal to the guy who was in first place when there's a long way to go Legal action is needed here
  2. They can take their vote, shine it up real nice, turn that son bitch sideways and stick it straight up their candy ass
  3. Very proud of my Club and it's staff today and proud to be a Bear, well done Rangers. We Are The People
  4. Nice cairds but I don't play cards so no from me
  5. Our RFC crest is one of the best and most unique of any Club and while I like then other one it's generic and boring in comparison If we were to change anything I'd change it so our RFC crest was used more, when Sky shows upcoming European games for instance id like to see our RFC crest displayed rather than the lion one
  6. To assume makes an ass of u and me mate
  7. Supporting a football club financially is probably the last thing on many peoples minds
  8. I'd forgot about Jelavic, but I still think my point stands, but you're right we'll have to wait and see and I hope I end up eating my words
  9. We are as bad or worse than the taigs for shouting big numbers, we haven't sold a player for more than 3 million in over a decade, I genuinely think folk are delusional if they think we'll sell him for 20 million although i hope I'm proven wrong. But we constantly say how much we'll get for a player then we sell them for nowhere near that much or they end.up going for nothing. The big numbers are encouraging but it simply doesn't happen in Scotland unless there are certain circumstances. And many clubs are going to be struggling after this coronavirus shite and I can't see Morelos staying longer than another full season
  10. Well end up selling him for like 5 million
  11. There's nothing like a floodlit game, can remember the first time as a child heading to my first one, being excited just to be out so late at night and the crowd walking towards the stadium in high spirits, can't wait to take my daughter to her first night time game as there's that added level of excitement
  12. I've got 2 at home but don't have one here, mines is just the classic one with the lion badge on it
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