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  1. Never really liked basketball but when I was younger I had a Lakers top with Bryant on the back so I'm obviously personally affected by this and taking the day off work
  2. We know that every team is going to play their best against us, so its up to us to make sure we play at our best every game, we didnt today and payed for it. Saying the opposition stepped up their game isnt an excuse cause we should be better than them at their very best
  3. Willis


    It's just a fucking gutter that we now have to hope the scum will slip which is unlikely
  4. Not sure exactly where i stand on vaping I think we were headed the right way, this could have been th e generation that defeated nicotine addiction, certainly less people especially kids were smoking fags than when I was younger Then vaping happened and all you see now is teenagers vaping, i reckon more people have nicotine addiction now than 10 years ago The fact they claim it's safe means folk puff their vapes all day long, then you look at some of the packaging and its certainly directed at kids. In the states some states are banning flavoured vapes, I'm against government regulations like that but as the same time I think it would help stop people getting into vapes I certainly believe its safer than smoking but I dont believe it's as safe as some make it out to be
  5. Cheers mate that's put a spring in my step today
  6. I dont mind folk who vape to quit smoking, but the ones who treat it like a hobby or a lifestyle are fucking cringey, it's like 12 year olds smoking their first fag thinking it's cool as fuck If smokers have to go outside then so should those puffing on the poof juice
  7. Willis

    Day 22

    Hes literally almost in tears near the end there 😅 imagine going from professional footballer to professional victim, seems to be the route most ex celtic players take
  8. Could give two fucks about Liverpool we have no connection with them as a club or a fanbase
  9. It's one thing calling it paranoia when you lose and then start making excuses, the fact is we won the last game and still had numerous dodgy decisions to point out. This isnt us being sore losers, its us highlighting that we won even when they've tried to stack the odds against us, can hardly be called paranoia or sour grapes considering we pumped them
  10. It's kind of like the one in Charlie and the chocolate factory, goes sideways as well as up and down, takes you right to your section
  11. Get yer snorkel and flippers out cause well be well past our knees in fenian tears
  12. I can see both sides of the argument here, I dont want to give them the whole broomloan again tho, ever. The most annoying thing is when the old firm games come along esp away games then all you get on here and on social.media is a bunch of glory hunters rabbiting on about how they dont have a season ticket and haven't attended any other away games this season, but they have some sob story about how much they really want to go to the old firm and how much they deserve a ticket even tho they wouldn't be interested in any other game, or if theres a ballot for tickets theres all the 'I'm pure hard done by' posts from folk who didnt get lucky or the "I've followed Rangers for years and really want to go to this game" posts. If you want to go to old firm games then buy a ST, if you cant afford one that's a shame but dont come posting a sob story hoping someone will feel bad and donate a ticket to you cause they wont. It's the same shite every single old firm game. The fans who really deserve a ticket to the pigerry are the ones who stood thru drubbing vs Alloa on Tuesday nights and watched us struggling against Brechin etc
  13. For the 150th anniversary? Why is it taking 142 years?
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