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  1. And some that still think McCoist wasnt given a fair shot at the managers job 😞
  2. Hes probably the type that likes to watch big black cunts shag his bird
  3. If you think facebook is bad you should see the Rangers page on Reddit 🤢
  4. Michael Stone would have been proud of that throw, hope that prick spent the whole night in a freezing cell soaked to the bone in Dr Pepper
  5. I doubt it's that but I still dont like that they're going to sing it but it's not a huge deal
  6. This just makes me sad, what a pathetic country we live in
  7. He had this way of getting it up them while remaining classy. We are better than them in every way and Jock Wallace knew it and wasnt afraid to show it.
  8. The greatest Rangers man ever in my opinion, absolute legend. Disgraceful how he was treated by the club. Rest in Peace.
  9. If they're gonnae punish us for singing and let them away with that then insanity has prevailed. Singing a song is bad, lighting flares that could cause fires and filling the stadium with smoke is fine though
  10. Fuck Yer Pope And Yer Virgin Mary
  11. Why you being miserable on the eve of us smashing they cunts? Chin up, the taigs are getting buried in the morning 🇬🇧
  12. Has no lyrics or music but this is my favourite Rangers video
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