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  1. They are clearly being instructed to prevent any player from celebrating with their fans. When they did this to us on the 29th at FT and to an extent on the Katic winning goal, i thought it was just a one off to stop us from celebrating our victory in that shithole they call a stadium. While that is bad enough, to see they are still doing it and doing it to teams in Europe is honestly the most petty and and childish thing i have ever seen a football club do. Seems like whenever they are not acting like a fucking child they are fucking one.
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    To step up and get 2 goals and 1 assist, as well as creating 3 very good chances for Alfredo against an in-form Braga team while all of his teammates around him are playing so poorly is actually incredible. He's Steven Gerrard's lad, he's better than his dad. There's a generic football song in there somewhere.
  3. While i respect that our players have delivered some unacceptable performances, I always consider that most of our opponents will tell us pre-match that their game plan is to frustrate the crowd and have us turn on our players, so in that respect it's always annoying to hear people shouting abuse at any of our players. I've been to games vs the sheep were McInnes has said this was his plan prior to kick off and a lot of people in our support executed flawlessly for him, but of course they shoulder no responsibility when points are then dropped despite the fact we are literally carrying out the opposition game plan for them. Surprisingly, there are other ways to inspire a player to perform better other than calling him a fucking clown.
  4. He's 1 yellow away from another suspension? He's going to end up missing St Mirren and Hearts only to return against Ross County and get booked for absolutely fuck all to then miss Aberdeen, Hibernian and Hamilton...
  5. 4:36 - 4:43. "I'm hoping that we can find a better level than against Stranraer. Having said that, we had what... 80% possession." BBC thinks otherwise.
  6. Day 22 and the slug is still so raging that he's out of breath. ­čśé Hartson and that wee wank Stewart, along with all the other paedo supporting terrorists are pretending it's an offensive cut-throat gesture because that's how they want to see it . They won't listen to anything which says otherwise simply because it doesn't suit them to do so. This is the cut-throat gesture they all want it to be. Could honestly post a million more but here are a few gestures which literally takes seconds to find as they are all tagged with the key words and are very commonly understood to mean "no", "cut it out", "stop", "i'm done", "that's enough", "it's finished", etc, etc, etc. In other words - as we all know, as we have likely all seen it before - this is a gesture which signals the end of something. This more closely resembles the gesture Alfredo made and it would make sense in the context as it was performed right at the end of the match. He was saying that the match is over. Or perhaps he was signalling for the crowd to cut out the torrents of racial and sectarian abuse that he was being bombarded with, but i don't think that was the case as his gesture was aimed towards our backroom staff and not the bigots in the crowd. You wouldn't think they would still be talking about this more than 3 weeks later.
  7. Here haud on a minute. Are you saying Neil Lennon isn't in the top 2 ugliest cunts in the world!?
  8. Yet another rancid article by a bitter racist who can't accept that his shite team got destroyed in a football match.
  9. So... their "vigorous" defence of him was to question if the multiple camera angles of the assault was "competent" enough video evidence and if deliberately grabbing Alfredo by the balls while making no attempt to win the ball qualifies as an act of brutality/violent conduct? Am i reading that right? ­čĄö
  10. Not sure that i can see the irony mate. Could you explain what you mean?
  11. Imagine being 30 years old and still can't control himself at a football match. Absolute fucking weapon. Waterboard the cunt with hot piss.
  12. He's dived in every single match I've ever seen him play and it never gets mentioned. You seen slow motion replays of him dropping under no contact and clowns like Andy Walker are like "Yep, that's a clear foul." Agreed. Said a similar thing in another thread about a week ago. He's never even attempted to do anything dangerous but they still label him as a hothead. The Porteous red card vs Barisic and Christie red card vs Livingston are a thousand times worse than anything Morelos has done on the pitch. If you only read the papers you would think Porteous is a little naive, Christie is a saint but Morelos needs locked up and given psychological treatment. I've heard cunts saying Morelos "lost his discipline again". He got booked for a little nudge and then for a dive, so at what point in there did he lose discipline?
  13. Still waiting on them asking that fud Elyounoussi about his vow to destroy us on the 29th.
  14. Sky have recently given us a 5 year deal worth £160m for exclusive rights to our matches starting from 2020, while they have given the English Premier League £3.58b over 3 years for a selection of matches. Which is £32m per season for us and about £1.193b per season for them. They have even given the lower division English Football Leagues £595m over 5 years, which is almost 372% more than us and they're not even playing top flight football. I think we suffer from our national broadcasters taking our money and ploughing it into the English league. It would be interesting to see the figures of what they take from us and what they give back to our game. Another issue, of course, is that the vast majority of people would rather watch a dug chase its own arse than watch any match in the SPL outwith the OF. Seems like most Scottish clubs are solely interested in throwing hammers, long ball tactics and I suspect most (if not all) of them would rather take a dull draw than attempt to play any kind of entertaining football.
  15. You tend to forget that we aren't actually ahead of them on points yet given that their meltdown is already in full swing.
  16. I mean i don't want to get into the specifics of Alfredo's knob but Christie seemed to grab the lot and we can leave it there. Christie was moving into him and Alfredo pushed him away, but i wouldn't call it a genital grab as Alfredo barely touched him and never clenched his hand to grab at anything from what i saw. Unless I'm mistaken?
  17. I see they're trying to compare it to the incident last season. The difference between this and the previous incident is that Morelos put out a flat hand and forearm while trying to push Christie away and maybe accidentally touches him with his pinkie finger at most, and then Christie tries to make the most of it because he's a cheating wee scumbag. Christie grabs Alfredo's cock and balls and squeezes them. One is pushing away a smelly tramp and the other is sexual assault. They're not the same thing and it's pure desperation to suggest that they are.
  18. @born a blue nose Meant to quote you on this. Bain - 0 Frimpong - 1 Jullien - 1 Ajer - .5 Brown - -2 Nae Neck - 0 McGregor - 1 Eduard - 1 Somebody else can fill in the rest
  19. Kent seems to always show up in Old Firm matches. Like it's his natural habitat. They should have David Attenborough narrating his performance instead of those wee goblins on Sportscene.
  20. Wasn't even aware John Beaton was at the game. Is that the rule, aye? As long as John Beaton has seen it in full then it can't be retrospectively punished? He must have a season ticket at the paedodome.
  21. I don't think anybody is talking about conspiracies in this case. Nobody is saying Clancy conspired with the SFA or was instructed by the paedo's to rule against us. I don't think all referee's are out to get us. However, We have an individual referee (who has previous against us) who - in most peoples opinion - went above and beyond incompetence. He could not have done more to help them win other than putting the ball into our net by himself. I've watched football for over 25 years and Clancy's performance was the worst i have ever seen. The fact that we won in spite of him should not mean we sweep it under the carpet. When someone is shooting a gun at you, you don't ignore it simply because they missed. You are welcome to disagree that he cheated and think he is just a very shite referee. However, do you not agree at the very least that he should never be given another Old Firm match as it is clearly beyond him?
  22. Nico is the answer. Who is the best CB in league is the question.
  23. 0:49 - 0:52: "Rangers have the lead and they'll feel they deserve it." No shit we deserve it you absolute fucking cretin. I can't stand Ian Crocker or that wee fud Andy Walker. I usually end up watching these games on mute at some point because they are both fucking unbearable.
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