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  1. Fantastic and to think 90% of the people in that video are dead now 😭
  2. Tosh8

    This season.

    Sorry my names not dados jock, or nachos arsehole haha
  3. Tosh8

    This season.

    Haha I shoulda have know better than to ask the brigade 😭
  4. Tosh8

    This season.

    Still the only Scottish team in Europe and potentially 3 points behind the scum yeah 85-90%
  5. With all the bullshit going on what do you guys think of the season? Including our actions re: Coronavirus and all the soft bs that went with it? Personally we were so impressive on the park for 85-90% of the season especially in Europe, we also seem to have a board back that’s willing to stand up to the entrenched bitterness against Rangers. Ofc I’m biased being a bear since birth but now other teams are being shafted to and the ugly truth is coming to the fore. Personally I’m proud we have spoke out regardless of the way the media spin it. It also interesting to find the scum almost more silent on the recent vote developments as they are on child molestation. Flame away flamers! The rest of you Comment below :)
  6. There’s something rotten going on in the SPFL offices and the green goblins are saying fuck all! Normally they can’t wait to stick their oar in. Last time they were this quiet was when they were molesting children in the 60s and 70s
  7. The f1 is still on though 🤣
  8. Hope the Bayer fans kept their receipt 🤣
  9. Nothing from Rangers or Uefa yet.
  10. Rangers' Europa League clash with Leverkusen is reportedly OFF after UEFAmoved to react decisively to the cronovirus crisis. Respected Spanish media organisation Marcamade the claim on their website earlier today. They stated: "In the absence of it being made official, the Champions League and Europa League are also suspended. "Today they would have to dispute the first leg of the round of 16 of the second European competition, but the coronavirus will cause the suspension." There is no news on what European football's organisational body will do to complete fixtures or when they will be played. UEFA are yet to confirm the report. From the record.
  11. Hearts just named the ref at have time in an attempt to pressure the ref for the second half. Not standard practice
  12. We need to get in and about that fucking hearts loan keeper he’s a massive liability, be RUTHLESS Rangers!
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