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  1. Walter Smith meeting Gerrard now that's a conversation i would love to listen to.
  2. He seems to have found his position and his play is great.
  3. I watched with my mate who is over from the states and he couldn't believe the biased in sky and the referee decisions. He said it's all against us!!!
  4. Cooper07

    Kris Boyd

    I agree it's about time all the ex Rangers players stood up and backed us up!!!
  5. First of all i love Steven Davis i think he has been brilliant this season but the past 3 games we have been excellent in my opinion!! I know the final wasn't a great result but we were by far the better team. What do you guys think?
  6. We are by far the better team. It's not a mental barrier. Any other day and we would have won. The luck wasn't on our side today!!!
  7. For fuck sake its not Tav decision!!! He has missed loads and we all wanted him off the penalties !!! Morelos should never have taken it!! Barasic or Kent would be my choice.
  8. Luckiest cup win ever!!! We battered them the whole game!!! 5-1 would have flattered them!!!
  9. I've heard this morning that Davis is out. Morgan is up front and Edouard on the bench. Not sure how reliable.
  10. If that is supposed to inspire the fans and make us feel confident then absolutely not!!! Never a Rangers captain!!
  11. Not got one 😡😡😡 Does anyone know if they are releasing the emails in stages? Can't believe it if I dont get one!!! First final I've missed in years!!!
  12. Goram is the best ever for me. At his peak he was one of the best if not the best keeper in Europe in my opinion.
  13. It's fantastic to see Gazza back at Rangers. He looks so happy and looks like it has given him a boost. Sometimes the players need reminding of how big a club we are. These photos prove it when a legend like him comes back!!!
  14. Heartbraking news. Terrible disease!! 😢😢
  15. He wasn't the worst today. Aribo was a joke and Ojo did nothing when he came on.
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