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  1. no incest in my family! I`m a Protestant from Kinning Park!
  2. `Tavernier already has 7 assists for the season so his contribution going forward is already evident` Exactly my point! He should be in midfield not right back
  3. I leave others to come to their own conclusions!
  4. you would know dude,still selling your soul to the Devil?
  5. no doubt you will be dreaming of me as you fck your dog
  6. `negative Flanagan` a right back who puts defence as his priority? I`ll take that! Move Tav into midfield, it`s where he should be playing as he creates more than the rest of our midfielders
  7. against diddy teams, but when he was actually called on to defend like v Septic and Young Boys he was posted missing! I stand by my post! He is not a right back and never will be!
  8. and signing a Liverpool right back and playing him as a left back is what? A stroke of genious?
  9. he spends more time in midfield or attacking.I believe that is his greatest strengths and he is one of our biggest threats going forward but not if he`s pinned back marking some diddy v St Mirren.He`s too good for that! Get him into midfield"
  10. and can anyone tell me why SG continues to meddle with our CB pairing? Katic is a stand out but he drops him for the Euro game! I vcould have got a taxi and stopped that goal before Helander! We`ve signed a CB that is even slower than Goldson!
  11. Because he is a liability at right back and until SG recognises that he will continue to cost us goals.We need a right back who can actually defend!
  12. If you review the video footage on youtube from the Sandy Jardine Stand you will see the Legia player pushing Rangers players away from their fans.Does the truth hurt that much?
  13. nice to see you can still have a sensible discussion about Rangers on here without people resorting to childish behaviour and accusing people of being `one of them` Same old shite on here by the same people!
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