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  1. We have to be positive regardless of finishing second. They could draw Roma and we could draw Malmo! Have to hope for a favourable draw. If we draw one of the champions league dropouts Ajax, Red bull salzburg, inter or benfica we likely lose but we are a couple of players short of a real good side!
  2. Thought the whole back 4 was very good tonight. Jack was exceptional I have to say. Kamara and aribo good first half but poor second half. Just didn't go for kent tonight.
  3. Honestly we should win this game. I might be wrong but I am pretty sure that they really aren't a great side Young Boys. If we cannot get through on Thursday we have only ourselves to blame. No hard luck stories. If we go out on Thursday Gerrards managerial career at Rangers could quite possibly read two seasons, no trophies, successfully guided Rangers to the group stages of the europa league in two seasons.
  4. Tav was excellent on penalties until this season. I would give penalties to Allan Mcgregor 😂
  5. All about the first goal this game! Believe if we score it then it will be a comfortable qualification. If they go 1-0 up they will sit in and frustrate us!
  6. Clearly a quality right winger has to be a priority in January or end of season! It's beyond me how gerrard thought that Ojo was a more useful addition to the squad than Candeias was. Without doubt signing ojo is his poorest decision as manager along with paying 1.75m or whatever it was signing Grezda!
  7. OK mate. Don't advocate this formation. The point I was making was about giving Flanagan a run a games because I don't see the awful player that most on here seem to see!
  8. Doubt that would work!
  9. I wouldn't recommend changing formation if we had a quality player for the right of the front 3. But atm we have Arfield, Barker and Ojo to choose from! Its always a possibility to play Kent in a number 10 role because of his ability to play with either foot!
  10. Supposedly Southgate has been watching him recently.
  11. I'd like to see us at least try out this formation! It solves the right of the 3 problem! Mcgregor Goldson Katic Helander Tav. Davis. Aribo. Barisic Kent Defoe. Morelos
  12. gersfc86


    Play Tavernier right of the front 3. Flanagan at right full back! 😂 Tavernier can't defend.
  13. gersfc86


    I think he deserves a run at right back. Tav has been useless. Cost us against Young Boys, Hearts, missed two penalties etc.
  14. gersfc86


    Like I said I don't get it. Our best two performances last season were Rapid home(3-1) and celtic home. If I remember correctly he started both. Honestly think he is orite! And as for youre not a clue mate it's u that's not got a clue. He was a regular for Liverpool when Rodgers should have won the league with them!
  15. gersfc86


    I don't get it with the Flanagan abuse! Anytime he has played he has been decent, not making many mistakes. When we have played Flanagan left back with Kent ahead of him I think our left side has looked really solid. No doubt he can't deliver the crosses that Barisic can but I would give him a run at right back because Tav hasnt been good enough this season.
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