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  1. I am going for 3-0 to The Teddy Bears. I am more worried about the referee's performance, and whether we get injuries by those bitter thugs they call football players. Yeah I know that dump is never easy for us to go to, but we ARE a much better team than them, if we are allowed to play football that is.
  2. As always, three points is what is required, but I feel we will win 3-0, again.
  3. Obssessed so they are. They spend more time talking about us than their own bunch. They are so jealous of our history, and they are shitting it because they know we are going be winning trophies again.
  4. Very smart indeed. We could all buy one and team up and take a walk up the Gallowgate after we beat them next time. After all they like the craic. They couldn't possibly be offended by that, could they?
  5. Half baked Proddies are as bad, if not worse than tarriers. The enemy within.
  6. So would I. It may not have been pretty, but 3 points is 3 points. We may have been fortunate at times, but we have lost games like this in the past. Do I wish we played brilliantly every game? Of course, but even our iconic teams had games like to-day's. We are still right in there, so for that I am glad.
  7. Everything about Brown annoys me, plastic hardman. How I wish Graeme Souness, Terry Hurlock or Graham Roberts could have played against him. If it could have happened his shorts would have been as brown as his name.
  8. Most seem to be going for 3 nil. I agree, but that is at half time. 4 nil final score to the Gers of course.
  9. Absolutely fantastic! What a day that must have been for that wee fella. Knowing he was getting taken to Ibrox, donning his scarf, and I must say, a very impressive tammy. Then his team win, he joins in all the songs, and he does a brilliant bouncey! And then he is a star on social media! Well done to his folks, yer wee bear is staunch.
  10. He will get a much better reception at Ibrox than he would if he went for a beer up the Gallowgate. Bitter taigs.
  11. Disgrace imo, done to appease our enemies. Why should we do that to scum who didn't want us to be here? Well we are and very soon they will hear us by our noise, when we celebrate silver.
  12. I don't believe anyone could have a bad word to say about him. I attended the church funeral service for Fernando, and when Marv spoke, folk listened, even if they didn't share his deep faith. He got a great round of applause twice, one before he had even finished. He has a real aura about him, and is one of my favourite ever players who has worn our colurs.
  13. Yep, it's the most goals we have scored although on two or so occassions we have won 13-0! I believe it was in the 19th century, would @tannerall have been there? Personally, I saw us beating Raith Rovers in December 1967 at Ibrox 10-2, my most goals in one match. WATP.
  14. Not sure if he did, but it was way before 2nd world war. Jimmy Fleming as you may well know scored NINE against Blairgowrie in 1933/34 season when we won 14-2. Alas I couldn't make that game. Not staunch!
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