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  1. BradBear

    Felix magath

    It was just a wee joke, I promise!
  2. BradBear


    How do you know? Are you stalking him?
  3. BradBear

    Felix magath

    Imagine Berra getting cheese rubbed on his thigh. I want it to happen now!
  4. BradBear

    Felix magath

    Definitely not, Magath wouldn’t be her type!
  5. BradBear

    Felix magath

    Fair enough, I’ve been misinformed then.
  6. Says a lot about them that they seem to be so desperate to come to Ibrox at any opportunity possible, jealousy is a terrible thing!
  7. BradBear

    Felix magath

    It was too tempting!
  8. BradBear

    Felix magath

    How is anyone supposed to know, apart from Magath himself and those on the board? I don’t think he’s come out recently and said anything about it regardless.
  9. BradBear

    Felix magath

    Wouldn’t dream of it.
  10. BradBear

    Felix magath

    Dave King probably knows, you should ask him.
  11. BradBear

    Felix magath

    He’s known to be an absolute bastard of a manager, not sure if that would benefit Hearts at the moment.
  12. In any case, you seem to have lost the internet a long time ago.
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