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  1. I’m deleting this account, not gonna be harassed. Contacting admin also
  2. McInness is resting players for the cup replay against Killie on Wed, coward
  3. Play better so that the referee decisions become immaterial. Take the ref out the equation
  4. 2 Rangers official assaulted and no links???
  5. So there are no links on the attackers, I smell BS
  6. But the attacks were nearly 1 week apart????
  7. Could this possibly be the same men behind the Dave King attacks and Robbery? Too much of a coincidence if you ask me
  8. We dropped 5 points from 6 against the worst hearts side ever
  9. I think he will be a Rangers player for years to come as no one will pay what we want for him and that suits me. We are a far better team with him in it
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