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  1. I wonder how many times they'll hear the lie, "It wiz awready like that"
  2. Looks like he's got a really good first touch as well
  3. Sorry mate, have to update you Harold Bratfackalack or whatever his name is, is saying he could leave celtic for 60m No joke
  4. That would be me trying to be funny and as usual failing mate
  5. What gave you that idea? I'll be happy if we can sell him and make some money on him tbh, so I'm all for that.
  6. Exactly, and another thing is Morelos and Defoe are known quantities in Scotland, Roofe and Itten are not. Although I have reasonable confidence in both players being good in the SPFL, both are going to have to come in and hit the ground running with Defoe being injured. It doesn't leave a lot of breathing room if one of the new players is finding it difficult to adjust. This is another good reason to have a tried and tested Scottish striker waiting in the wings. Given Defoe's age, it will take him longer to get back to fitness after this injury, so he could be out for a sizeable time. When you start talking in those terms you start to see the risks involved in being over-confident in your squad.
  7. I know what you mean, but also disagree with not having tactical flexibility, I think it is our Achilles heel. I think people are getting confused between what I think should happen and what is going to happen under the leadership of Gerrard & Beale. For Ex. I would have bought Shankland long ago, but clearly Gerrard doesn't fancy him. That type of player would have been an excellent 3rd choice IMO. I think it's silly to try and dump a system onto the Scottish league without being open-minded about systems that have brought success in the past. For example, I don't care if 4-4-2 is outdated, so is the Scottish League.
  8. Perhaps not, but it doesn't mean I'm wrong. We'll see how things pan out throughout the season.
  9. Throughout the years we have made good use of Scottish players, who are tried and tested in the league. Getting someone with the kind of rep you're talking about as a 3rd choice is utterly stupid, and not something I have at any point stated we need. I think you've maybe assumed what I was meaning and made a rash judgement on it, perhaps I should have been more clear in what I was saying.
  10. You're telling me I'm not allowed to voice my opinion of a player I do not rate? He has plenty of critical fans as well, I stated he has skill, however I then stated I think he's too ineffective in too many games, isn't seeing the positive and negatives being balanced?
  11. Exactly, it's incredibly short-sighted to think we've signed two forward in a day so that's all of our problems solved. Our most critical part of the pitch IMO is the CB area, and we have Goldson and Balogun, Helander seems to be made of glass, so are we really willing to risk having a pairing with Edmundson if one gets injured? We don't really have any steel in midfield which imo is a big mistake, as some games you need that type of player. We have Itten covered by 37 yo defoe who is injured right now, is Roofe then going to go central? His goal scoring stats are not amazing. I still think we need a CB, CM and CF, but we also need to get rid of the shite, as you have rightly highlighted - we have too much of. The pertinent phrase is strength in depth, not just depth.
  12. How many of those CBs are reliably fit and can actually produce the level required to win the league? Who's to say we'll be playing 1 up front all the time? With new strikers might come flexibility, especially when trying to break down the parked buses in Scotland.
  13. I'm being greedy here but with Morelos going, I would say we need a 3rd striker, a CB and a Bastard of a midfielder to really be confident. I don't trust Edmonson to be of the required level to come into the team, Helander's injury prone and Katic is fucked. I'd rather we got another CB just to be sure. We have Roofe and the swiss lad, i'd rather we had a backup striker with Defoe fucked I'm not too confident starting the season with 2 forwards not used to the SPFL The biggest problem for me is we don't have a no-nonsense game controlling midfielder who has a bit of dig , we have skill and imagination in there, but I feel we're lacking for some matches.
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