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  1. Different font sizing of Rangers and FOOTBALL CLUB is throwing me off a bit
  2. It's more discussing their attempt to try and outdo us after we've clearly outlined fantastic strip sales and 40,000 ST. It's all about the Rangers again, Tamb.
  3. This is the main part of course. It's amazing how often this comes back up and never seems to gain a lot of traction. It does appear to be now; all very Spotlight...
  4. RM needs a new scapegoat. Tavernier and Goldson have had their time.
  5. What do we reckon this time? It's not quite school uniform time, so ... they had to buy masks?
  6. Penn State potential? Loss of titles/cups/etc from the period.
  7. "We've pure sold mare than they H*** an aw that" "Have ye aye, how many?" "Aww I'm no tellin mate, my source tells me it's mare than them though" All about the Rangers as always.
  8. I read that; pure click bait. When you read the article it's "my source tells me we have definitely sold more than Rangers".
  9. Erskine Bridge will collapse with the amount of rhabids on it...
  10. We'll be twenty points ahead by Christmas and they won't come back at all mate Quote this when it happens
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