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  1. If he can lie in press conferences, live TV and on national radio ... he can lie on a stand with skeleton staff dotted about the courtroom. Easy. You'd like to think, though, he'd be held a lot more accountable in anything he says in court - but from what I gather, no-one was really pressed on the Dundee vote revelation in court, it seems.
  2. I think that's a good post and I do agree with you. But the negative things you mentioned at the start (with the exception of the kit stuff, as I think although frustrating it's not a direct slap in the face like the other stuff is), I honestly struggle to let go. Even in the quest of being a bigger person and for the good of the club overall. I just can't. I think the stuff we get wrong is absolutely horrendous and avoidable - and not even using hindsight. But the sentiment of your post I agree with and I know you are correct in what you're saying.
  3. and that post of your's proves that you are missing the point. Words like "exceptions" and "generally" have been used. You either don't know the meaning of them words or you've chose to ignore them. Also the sentence with "not every single player, every single time"
  4. There are exceptions mate. I mind Emerson looked immense first few games, Vanoli too. Whereas the likes of McCoist and Hateley took ages to settle in. In fact, did it not take Morelos about a month's worth of games to get his first goal for us too? I don't really judge strikers the same way though. I always feel they need a run of games upfront to settle then that get that first goal, or first little run of goal scoring form under their belt before we can properly judge them. But generally speaking, he's right. He's not saying every single player, every single time - but 'generally' you can tell after a handful of games if they're gonna flop.
  5. Is it just me or are there no YouTube videos of Dorsch playing other than the one goal he scored for Bayern Munich? I'm not saying he's not a top player, I'm just wondering why he's so highly rated on here? are there a couple of folk who watch a lot of German football and have been raving about him? genuine question btw.
  6. Looks like a Nike Rangers strip he's wearing
  7. Is it true that it came out in court today that the SPFL actually received Dundee's much-maligned vote in time, first time? seen a comment from Mark Dingwall with a screenshot from someone called Ian MacLeod claiming so. If so, does that not (or at least should in our cesspit) raise serious questions?
  8. A few of my mates are moaning to me about Castore now too etc .... can we not just keep it simple? if you like the strip buy, if you don't like it or don't like the way it's set-up then don't buy it and let the people behind the scenes who can properly influence and negotiate it, do what needs done when it can be done etc. People on cloud 9 one minute, raging the next, people saying one thing, others saying another. Just take a step back. If ye like the top just buy it.
  9. I'm uncomfortable with the slatings Barisic and Kent get tbh. Aye I know sometimes they look like their hearts aren't in it and have some bad games - but they are two of the most talented players I've seen at Ibrox in many years for the positions they play in. We need talented players here. Fans would prefer a Lee Wallace to Barisic or a Barrie McKay (I'll think of a better example than him later, he just popped into my head) to Kent because of some emotion or sentiment. We need to support our actual talent players - that doesn't mean don't roar at Kent if he's not involved or Barisic if he's went down like a fanny after a shoulder tackle.
  10. Always happy to. I love it the rare time I'm wrong about a player. What I can't go though (really fries my guts) is when a player signs and has 2/3 good games and he's amazing, best bit of business ever etc or he has 2/3 bad games and all of a sudden he's shite and a waste of money. Rangers fans are hysterical either way. Especially online. Zero balance to a lot of them.
  11. He was sold 2-years ago, almost (couple of months off it) - surely the money would be paid up by now?
  12. Thanks for kinda showing people what I'm talking about.
  13. But what I mean is you don't know for a fact what we might or might not do. You might be right, but you're guessing - and you're saying to folk "If you think it's not good enough then fine, but it's what will happen" like they don't have a clue and you do. I honestly don't reply to every post you make. I only pay attention to you when you post shite.
  14. You really are a dismissive wee numpty
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