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  1. Not confirmed but im sure we will be the Guinea Pigs, like we were against LEVERKUSEN
  2. Makes me sick, that wee herpes lipped prick with a smile like a Piano keyboard has a bitch fit, gets everything he wants to the letter. Very odd but not surprising, 1st full house allowed in Scotland is us a a tester v Ross County 2nd Oct. Lets just go to Piggery wa 30 points, no excuses this year.
  3. Scotland don't have a right back, they accommodate that we cock from Arsenal whos clearly had too many SELIK BOYS CLUB MEDICALS.
  4. Cool, fat fuck makes my blood boil too
  5. Tell you what some place this, sadly some act or behave like Taigs. Anyone with an opinion or a rumour, is branded too easily, confirm very wrong.
  6. Hope its untrue, will never ever step foot in any of his Lonsdale laced rat traps.
  7. Sadly heard that the fat controller owns RFC Crest.
  8. Cani wait, hated going to games and not coming back wa loads for my Kids. Hopefully my grandkids can now reape the rewards. Lol and me too, not had decent Pint tumbler in years, think last one is a carling one. Might even buy myself Full fucking strip.
  9. Steven fucking Presley, manky bastard! Playing for Peeds alone tells the story, but buckling against Marseille cemented him as only a wannabe and not good enough in my mind. Prick of a guy, no doubts or dubiety in that.
  10. Shocking player, from Aberdeen away 1st Game 18/19 by trying to block with a diving header, to blaming everyone, from then on in. Would take a glass pint of Peroni for him.
  11. Dont give a flying fuck, 1 of my favourites and will be sung load and proud no matter. Step up and Play
  12. Mendes, against the pigs, even better when seen on TV from behind Goal. Holly in Hands Goalie, diving like he had just seen a tenner.
  13. Black base, red top for me all day every day. White fiddlers socks for others who cant be named, but should be shamed.
  14. Who cares how it started, what it means, or what they represent, they are our Socks, no one likes us we dont care.
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