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  1. Definitely need to increase the intensity let’s finish this early Rangers 🇬🇧
  2. Absolutely buzzing for this today let’s do this mob and start as we mean to go on 🇬🇧
  3. I’m in GF1, got 3 seats together was looking for the enclosures for my boys. I keep telling them you will love these seats when you’re older but they’re wanting to move so still trying to decide what to do. like the fact we spending quality time and following the famous
  4. Ok m8 what stand are you looking for ? I’m considering moving just wasn’t sure what stand to try for guess some are harder than others
  5. Where are your seats, I was going to put in for seat transfers but wasn’t sure how long it would take ?
  6. I agreed with Hagi but also Gerrard has got to have a plan b if Hagi n Kent interacting we need the other players to be smart and play to our game plan
  7. It’s about scouting come on to fuck it’s not rocket science. The players are there we just shouldn’t be blinkered cause they aren’t a big name, hopefully our scouts are looking and we will find them. Remember they don’t need to cost the earth to be superstars
  8. Definitely we are missing a de Boer type player
  9. Of course we do the good thing is the gaffer realises that, so will be onto a good thing if he didn’t we were fucked. Hopefully with no winter break we will keep going till 55 No matter what that is the priority 🇬🇧
  10. Robster


    Cheers mate, will use it for that when we are allowed back to the stadium, already bought the my gers for me and the boys prior
  11. Robster


    I thought RangersTV was included with the voucher, got an email back saying Thanks for getting in touch, The £25 voucher you have received cannot be redeemed against a RTV package. confused. Anyone else had this reply?
  12. Robster


    Haha pish my arse easy money for the club no gun to the head sign up or not ur choice so stop the negative pish as in life we have a choice so again stop the pish up to the individual yes or no 🇬🇧
  13. Robster


    Honestly don’t get folk it’s not rocket science u know what ur signing up 2 before You part with ur money so stop moaning and if you want to sign up and it supports the club if u don’t want to don’t but please stop moaning it’s the way all clubs are going
  14. After the shambles of a vote last time and most clubs realising they were taking for a ride Liewell and co have got no chance of this happening. At the end of the day we win our games we win the league fuck anyone else let’s do this WATP
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome RFC 😂 thats my 3 renewed today got to hope it’s late August and we can be back into the blue sea of ibrox 🇬🇧🇬🇧
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