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  1. Bruno will be the one the others follow.
  2. Im still excited... fuck trying to kill my buzz
  3. Fish or steak?
  4. Loving this transfer window.... Glad we are back to using EBTs
  5. Could be our biggest and most important transfer window since Advocatt came in and replaced 90% of the 9iar team. Exciting!!
  6. Kiernan and Forrester available for free.
  7. Toral makes no effort to create space and ends up level with him. Dodoo stays wide when he has acres of space just inside Waghorn does move and look for space but ends up with 3 around him but his run drags them right making it 2 v 1 in our favour on the left If Dodoo had come inside more he would have been the best choice Miller makes no effort to get forward with him, then scores a screamer!!
  8. A great run. The movement in front of him by our front line was shite though.
  11. Been out and about. Just checked the Sky Sports and saw the 3 subs. What the Fuck!?!
  12. He's been brilliant. He was always aware he was only for in a short period but has really transformed this team and instilled some belief and fight in them. To ensure continuity and consistency for the remainder of the season I would keep him with the first team. If he is willing. Whether or not that is as assistant or coach doesn't matter. It it can be looked at again in the summer when the manager starts to ring the changes
  13. Just searched Honest Mistake on twitter Its a fucking goldmine of tim tears
  14. Greedy, sexy, head bashing, hat trick scoring beast.