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  1. He's been brilliant. He was always aware he was only for in a short period but has really transformed this team and instilled some belief and fight in them. To ensure continuity and consistency for the remainder of the season I would keep him with the first team. If he is willing. Whether or not that is as assistant or coach doesn't matter. It it can be looked at again in the summer when the manager starts to ring the changes
  2. Just searched Honest Mistake on twitter Its a fucking goldmine of tim tears
  3. Greedy, sexy, head bashing, hat trick scoring beast.
  4. Joey Joey Joey. This is is why I love you
  5. Harry and Joey. Tag team specialists.
  6. Makes a change from the usual mayhem he causes in ours. Hes been good today.
  7. Fuck me. Just gie us a third
  8. He's back. Hes angry. Some cunts getting fucked up.
  9. Best description of oor Joey you will ever read.
  10. Masonic conspiracy in full swing today after giving us our 156th home cup tie in a row. Twitter should be a laugh today. The taigs will be in full meltdown by now.
  11. Half time sub!!! Fuck me. Changed days.
  12. Our passing is superb and shocking within the same minute.
  13. Creating a few chances. Need to take some and kill this game