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  1. Fuck! This is just rumbling on and on and on. I understand wilder is wanting to maximise his earnings from the fight but he will probably make more from the AJ fight alone than his last 10 (+?) fights. And they have spoke of putting in a rematch clause in the states, bringing even more $$$ to the plate for him. Ffs what else can he want/expect more. It clearly is all about the money and not legacy for wilder, which I completely get, of course it's about money. Even his legacy as he puts it is a joke. Apart from Ortiz (who's in his 50's, maybe even 60's ) whos tank emptied or he would of likely won, wilder has fought a load of bums. I think the offer to him is fair. AJ is undoubtedly the A side. He is the one that generates this kind of money, not wilder by any means. At all. This isn't a charity. Wilder can't expect to get 50/50 from what AJ has done in his career thus far to have the interest in him that he does and the money that follows that. I would like to see the fight. I think AJ would win but that right hand of Wilders is certainly dynamite and a big risk for AJ so you just never know. With all the delay tactics and word shite from the wilder camp though it's getting to the point now i'd love it if wilder was sanctioned to fight a mandatory and loses...thereby also losing the AJ fight. I had hoped whyte would of got that shot who would certainly be a risky fight for wilder but obviously isn't to be. I'm sure AJ said last month he would just "freeze" wilder out if he wasn't reasonable which seems more likely than the fight happening at this stage unfortunately
  2. "On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when add up all those inches, that's gonna make the fucking difference between winning and losing! Between living and dying!" Should bring in al pacino for pre match team talk
  3. It is isn't it. Hopefully equals up home and away goals on Sunday
  4. I can that, yes Totally agree with everything you have said. Windass could be a bigger player for us than what he is showing. Of his 16 goals I don't think it's a coincidence that 14 of them have been away from home. He definitely seems to lack the mettle and psychological strength at ibrox but seems to relax more and is more free flowing playing away. If he could just develop that side to him he could be a very important player as he does have the ability just needs to find his baws at Ibrox. It's no doubt a confidence thing. It's easier to take a chance and Fuck up away from home but I think he fears fan backlash at home. I get it but he just needs to go for it. Agree with you re cardoso; I thought he had been doing pretty well overall to be honest most of the time but yeah, the performance at Hampden was a shocker! Alves just doesn't give a fuck. As you suggested he has played at a much higher level so should be showing much more than he does. We have players all over the pitch now that are playing for the jersey and he is one that you just know is not going to stretch himself that extra inch if needed. It's the heart of alves and windass I question for this game, just hope alves is thinking ahead of playing for portugal in WC to stake his claim, and that windass just unshackles himself and goes all out beast mode. Time will tell. Battle fever dawning
  5. Funny you mention him; I hadnt thought about it until today and he's a concern for me also. He's the type of player that could get a hard tackle and then go missing in these games. Can't afford that. I wouldnt go tinkering with it but exactly as you say he has to perform and has to be aggressive. If he can just find that edge and mentality, take responsibility and want to get on the ball it could pay dividends. He can't go hiding
  6. Im between my tablet, raspberry pi/Tv and pc frantically trying to get a decent link. I'll fire the ps4 on as well :D what you using to watch on ps4?
  7. Ah I see i see. Cheers mate. Is that the same with ultimatemania i take it?
  8. Thanks BNB, I am familiar with the site just struggling to find a flawless stream. On a side note anyone know whats going on with sportmania? happy to pay for it but its not working
  9. any links BNB? sportsmania isnt working for me and any free streams i keep trying arent working :(
  10. The problem with Wladimir is he doesn't like to get hit or will be up for a tear up. Vitali was always of a different mindset to me and would be the one of the two that would be up for a war. I don't think wladimir has that in him. I hope it turns out to be a cracking fight, but if AJ enters beast mode and doesn't show wladimir too much respect i can see him knocking him the fuck out
  11. Anyone know what the deadline is for uplifting tickets ?
  12. Entirely get what you're saying but people potentially couldn't make games due to illness or something and it would be unfair to penalise them. Take your point of people just picking and choosing what games they go to. At the end of the day though as someone has mentioned if they have paid there money it's down to them what they do. I don't agree with it, and for the record I have attended every home game, but i don't think there's a way around it unfortunately. The best way would probably be to analyse who went or didn't go to the semi/final last year and allocate tickets to those people that didn't go. Ticket office isn't going to invest any time doing that though as at the end of the day they no know matter what every single allocated ticket will be sold. On the other hand I suppose it defeats the point In a ballot for everyone. Its like entering a raffle with no chance to win which you wouldn't do. I don't know what the answer is. The ballot for everyone would seem the only way as shit as it may turn out for folk. I got the semi last year but not the final which i was happy about given it was against them. I would be gutted about it but if there was a system in place which meant I missed the semi or final this year but would get one the following season should we get that far i would accept that and it would be fair enough. That system just wouldn't be put in place though
  13. We got three. Happy days Can't help but feel for those that didn't, especially having been to all games. Don't think there's any fairer way than the ballot, but it is pish/rotten luck if people are consecutively missing out. Is there any truth to lower priced season tickets being less likely to get tickets?
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