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  1. Will be happy with a point at this stage but we shouldn't play for one. A win would put us in a great position to qualify. BTW, for those talking about UEFA club ratings etc etc I'd rather look at the betting markets (Skybet). Porto are 28/1 to win the cup (joint 6th favourites) and we are 80/1, as we were before the YB game. Getting something on Thursday will be a good result.
  2. We're not perfect, never have been, never will be. It's just about proving we're better than them come the end of the season. Saturday was disappointing but it is only October.
  3. Kent for Ojo would be a start for changes on Thursday but Tav won't be dropped for this game, though if he has another poor game or costs us a goal he should be dropped for Motherwell.
  4. He wasn't the worst OP, so why pick him out?
  5. Disappointing display today and we got what we deserved. Result about right overall.
  6. Pretty dire first half overall but we should go on and win this quite easily, I hope anyway. Kent for Ojo sooner rather than later and Stewart for Arfield at some point as well
  7. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/54378/Heart_of_Midlothian_vs_Rangers.html
  8. Like every single league game it's only about the three points so let's get them. Big Niko to score anytime @ 12/1 will do me.
  9. IIRC, I was happy with big Peter in goals at least over his peers in Scotland at the time. Overall, solid with a great kick out and some mad moments.
  10. Aye, she was lucky. Can't see us holding on but you never know.
  11. It's Rangers and they are playing fitba so it deserves to be in the BD. Would you say the same about the development squad ya sexist dick? 😂
  12. It's no friendly. Kicking bits out of each other. Stay calm, Alfie.
  13. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/53915/Colombia_vs_Chile.html
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