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  1. Hire a bike, ride round the island, Crocodile rock, Lion rock, the Indian rock, ice cream............oh the memories.
  2. Nobody's offended, it's just a prickish thing to do.
  3. Marv Faith,bro,faith
  4. I'm happy to be a Bear. I don;t need adjectives to impress anyone with how I feel about a team I've supported for fifty years.
  5. Probably a combination of money and the chance to experience something different, another culture, learn a language and so on. Hope it works out for him.
  6. Thursday will be a bit like a blind date. You're not sure what you're going to get but you're excited and nervous if (1) she'll look good and (2) she'll make sure the ending is a happy one. Fingers crossed for both but like the blind date I'll settle for the latter.
  7. No idea why you would feel sorry for them. They'll have a great time except for the scoreline of course and they won't expect to get anything from the game anyway
  8. Shame really but overall he's a lightweight. Hopefully we get a decent fee when he goes.
  9. Nope but Halliday won't be in it, that much we know.
  10. I saw him training and running about last week. He was doing the same as others like MOH, Hardie and McKay
  11. You sound like Donald Trump.
  12. Canny wait to see a Waggy hatrick on Thursday. Honestly calling our players cunts is out of order. You may not like them or think they are good enough but that's poor form.
  13. And the USA government as well.
  14. Double post
  15. Eh? Joe Cox's murderer? That cunt in the white van last week? White supremacist nutters in USA? How about the US Government? As I said, you seem demented and a bigot who can't think for himself.