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  1. Let's hope they come on to give players a rest and not for any other reason, except Defoe if we need a goal. Hopefully it won't come to that.
  2. H & H is a really good podcast and excellent value at Β£2 a month. I might not always agree with what I hear but that in no way diminishes it and I'd recommend it to all Bears.
  3. We're depressed tonight but I'm optimistic for the rest of the season..............as long as we go through on Thursday. Three big disappointments in one week will be really unfair.
  4. Fucking utter shite day this turned out to be, and undeserved as well. I hate life sometimes. But fuck it, there's a lot more to fight for this season and we will, starting Thursday.
  5. Tav must see a hypnotist about 'you know'. Obliterate it from his vocabulary. It will work, and quickly.
  6. I'm sitting here in shock that we are not all on here fist pumping. Fucking jammy bastards got away with one and they know it.
  7. From The Guardian MBM, sums it up. 90+7 mins: It’s all over! celtic have been pummelled from first to last, and won anyway
  8. Injustices do happen. We never took those opportunities which is what it's all about, but apart from that well done.
  9. Aribo's bigger than the pong and Kent will take the piss out of meltface. Swap them around?
  10. We've dominated them everywhere but must make at least one of these opportunities count. C'mon Rangers, take it down.
  11. Can't and haven't watched the 2 hours of punditry especially with the mutton on. I'm just listening to some of the podders on H&H talking about their first and also their favourite OF game. So much better, I assure you.
  12. Can't believe we still have an hour to go. πŸ˜“ Real pity about Davis. I'd love an early goal by Alfie but that might make me even more on edge. I'll take a late winner. πŸ˜€
  13. Nerves making me sick. Please do it for us, Rangers.
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