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  1. Misteral

    vendetta against Alfredo Morelos

    He has mood swings that can get a bit extreme at times and the media and others will highlight them as long as he has them. The onus is on him to calm down a bit for the sake of the team but still retain his positive aggression. He can learn to do that so hopefully he does.
  2. Whether we win or not, 10/1 or 11/1 is a very good price in my book
  3. Think the team picks itself bar Halliday/Ejaria. I'd go with Halliday.
  4. I lived in China for years so with you on that. I used to get up in the middle of the night just for commentary from Rangers website.. Sometimes it was on some Chinese sports channel if I was lucky. 😃
  5. It's to stop teams from the same country kicking off at the same time, i think, and TV money of course.
  6. Misteral

    Goal 500 for Ibrahimovic - some strike

    Nice goal, wrong forum
  7. Misteral


    You're right. I worded it badly. 😄 If you are behind the ball when it's played you can't be offside
  8. Misteral


    We're both right I he was behind the ball (not offside) and two defenders (not offside).
  9. Misteral


    That doesn't matter Candeias passed it forward, Morelos could have been offside even if he's behind him , but the guy tackling Candeias plays him on. Nah, offside is all about the position of the opposing players. Your not offside as long as when the ball is played forward there is at least two players between the receiver and the goal, including the keeper. In this case there was, the keeper and the guy tackling Candeias.
  10. Misteral


    The guy tackling Candeias is playing him on.
  11. Misteral

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Team looks fine for today's game, though wonder about Ejaria being absent. Hopefully find a link for this.
  12. Misteral

    Buckle up troops

    I think not TBH
  13. Misteral

    A pint with Novo

    Not quite legendary status but I don't imagine many Rangers fans putting him down. He scored some classic goals for us and I like him. Must pop into NN10 one day
  14. Misteral

    your greatest atmosphere ever at Ibrox.

    I was in the Derry at Rangers 2 v Bayern Munich 0 in the ECWC semi-final 1972. Enough said. ❤️
  15. Misteral

    Grezda sent home by national team

    of have. That's better. 😉