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  1. Nobody's forcing you. We all know he's a prick but some of it was quite funny even if he's not the most articulate of individuals.
  2. He is a clown but I quite enjoyed this.
  3. Can somebody copy and paste the John Brown article? I have no idea what's going on.
  4. Know nothing about him but by most accounts not a bad signing. Welcome, Jon.
  5. Really hope this gets to court and the SPFL can be exposed, even if that means no leagues starting.
  6. Nothing would surprise us anymore.
  7. Doncaster joining UEFA ethics board. Is today the new April Fools Day?
  8. Internet-keyboard-football fans. A perfect storm for hysteria.
  9. Should i be excited by this signing? I have no idea. But he's one of us now and we should give him the chance that we'd all love to have. Got to hope it all works out well.
  10. Pound for pound he's a good signing.
  11. It is a very exciting signing if you value potential. This lad could be class.
  12. Oh, they'll try all right, but at the end of the day it will ALWAYS have a *.
  13. It was a terrible decision to call the league and for sure a corrupt process involved so they could call it for the Tims. But actually, that's done them a disservice. They would likely have won it on the pitch but in the end got an award instead. We can always take the piss now about their 9*. now and they can't really argue against it with true conviction.
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