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  1. First half we are out playing them, out classing them and out singing them. A good watch.
  2. Lol......Chongqing, fucking amazing place.
  3. I was living in the middle of China when this was played. Never seen the full game before. It's excellent, some of our players........ just magic. 😀
  4. Agree with Club 72, gratitude deserved.
  5. I think 2 spots will be given whatever is decided about this season
  6. Sutton really is a prick. UEFA will cancel all domestic and international cup competitions. A bout five to six weeks will be required to complete our league matches but it will be a while yet before starting (around mid-June earliest IMO) which will have serious repercussions regarding player contracts and so on. My feelings are the season will be declared null and void eventually.
  7. Team needs to be 100% up for it tonight or we get a doing. Positive loyal.
  8. Think that was the poster watching the telly.
  9. That was a dire watch but at least we won. Will we raise it up for the EL as we normally do? I'll be surprised but we can always hope.
  10. We have to build some kind of confidence for the next two games and that is far more important than giving a kid a learning curve ATM.
  11. Possibly, because we can. I prefer to vent at results and not at guesswork. Even when the guesswork is educated.
  12. It's like a kindergarten in here. The game hasn't even started and people going really nuts with the team line-up. Despite the situation it's not a dead rubber so we should get behind the team and manager from the start and hopefully get the win. . If it turns out shite then they'll deserve the dog's abuse.
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