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  1. I think the fact that he's been called a racist all his life might be a pointer towards him having opinions that are racist.
  2. That's such an irrelevant statement it's laughable, but at least you're admitting you are racist.
  3. Self-educated and balanced therefore I'd never be a racist, unlike some in here.
  4. You were asked to stop being a fanny but I guess you can't help yourself. Get a fucking education.
  5. What a pish result. Still top though, says he scrambling for anything to make me feel good.
  6. Fucking cunts, well that's that gone now go and get the three points Rangers. Expect Hivs to sit back now. Just do them!
  7. We are 2/5 to win tomorrow and that's short enough! Thought we would be nearer 8/11 or 4/5, TBH. Still expect a victory though. 0-3 would make us all very happy,
  8. We won't be top of the league tonight but should be tomorrow afternoon. Fucking hope so, anyway.
  9. If we get a win and a clean sheet it will be fucking brilliant and it's definitely possible we can. But just a win will do of course.
  10. Skybet. Changed my mind, did Goldson to score and Rangers win @ 9/2.
  11. At odds of 1/25 it really should be an uncomplicated victory tonight. -4 goals at 4/1 is tempting.
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