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  1. Not too far, Plymouth to Derby about 250 miles. Great trip!
  2. Misteral


    I won't be able to sleep now. Thanks, OP.
  3. Messi was top with 65 I think Mbappe Lewandowski Sterling Griezman? Ronaldo 38 Tav 37
  4. In terms of goals and assists combined Tav was 7th in the whole of Europe last year with 37, just behind Ronaldo on 38. The six above him were all forwards. That's how important he is to us.
  5. One of the best at the time was the King of Ibrox Park.. i was in the Derry v Bayern that night. Beautifully mental it was.
  6. Some players have gone on holiday already. Don't know who though. I'd imagine McGregor, Flanagan, Dorrans, Davis, Jack but I'm only guessing.
  7. I'm sure there are some who still don't appreciate him and what he contributes to the team but I really don't get that. He's been excellent this year.
  8. They're even gushing about us on Sportsound. 😃
  9. i really hope we hear some pain second half.
  10. That was a fine first half. We are well organised but need another goal quickly. I think. They need to change something, but what? How come the stream''s switched to Tim TV?
  11. I hope we see confidence and aggression from the start. Intae them, Rangers!!!
  12. No surprises in the starting XI. I'm pretty sure we'll be right up for this and I'm actually feeling quite confident. Yikes 😮
  13. Well done the reserves. 😊
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