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  1. Great news indeed. Be good to hear a few 'Hey Baby's' tomorrow.
  2. We want a team to be proud of and SG and others have given us that. Tav lifting a trophy this season will be a sublime moment and I'm confident we can make that happen
  3. I was playing poker in a pub tonight that had loads of tims watching the game. The whinging about the ref was incessant with plenty of whataboutery. At least i won some money.
  4. Would rather be a wee bit excited about Patterson than shrugging my shoulders about Flanagan. An early goal would be excellent.
  5. Hartson really is a completely obsessed arsehole.
  6. Bit of a dramatic reaction. We won despite some players being crap. It won't be the last time
  7. So did Patterson put an inch perfect ball in for Defoe to score or slip it to Aribo? Hopefully the stream will be back soon.
  8. Expected us to break them down earlier than we did, but now we have I hope the players can put on a show and rack them up. They'll just come out and play the same I suspect so a wee bit faster play should do the trick.
  9. Had a fiver on Big Niko to outscore Stranraer @ 16/5 . Better than the 5/2 to score anytime.
  10. Decent team. Now to try and find a decent bet that involves goals.
  11. If fit, Stewart should play but whatever the starting XI/Bench is it should still be a comfortable victory.
  12. It;s best just to not read, click or share their poison.
  13. I posted this vid last week having just come across it myself. We love you Buffalo and cretins like Leckie will hopefully get their just desserts.
  14. I had my appendix out and the stitches were removed on the Wednesday before Big Tam's cup final in 1973. Despite being banned from going by the folks (I was 16), nothing was going to stop me getting to Hampden. When Parlane equalised it went mental (of course) and a few minutes later I felt liquid on my t-shirt. Looked down to see my appendix scar had split about an inch. Got down to the front and went to First Aid under the main stand and looked like a scene from M*A*S*H. What did they do? They they put a plaster on it and told me to go to the Royal! I watched the rest of the game sitting next to the photographers at our end. What a day that was and I got away with it with the parents after I told them I fell off a bus and we went to hospital the next day and got a few more stitches. 😀
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