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  1. Misteral


    I'm no great fan but we're paying his wages so SG may as well find out if he can actually offer something. If not, then it's damage limitation.
  2. Misteral


    He will (and should) be given an opportunity to impress, though I expect he won't.
  3. Misteral

    Big Jock Knew

    I had a comment deleted in the Guardian's Rangers match report for bringing up celtic and paedophiles today. It wasn't offensive just stating what we all know.
  4. I probabyt only saw about 45 mins in total with the stream issues but that's exactly what we wanted, Rangers. The league is taking on an interesting look now.
  5. We must take advantage of the tim's result. No fuck ups, Rangers.
  6. Can't be messing about today. Get the win, Rangers. Decent performance or not.
  7. Misteral

    celtic PFC: China Syndrome

    All that effort for the wrong forum.
  8. Misteral

    Presser - Gerrard and Grezda

    Even at this early stage every league game is a must win. We better get it done on Sunday.
  9. Misteral

    Qualification From the Group Stage

    If the bookies offered 3/1 I'd have a few quid on I think.
  10. Misteral

    Gerarrds Fault

    His lack of doing something about the obvious changes that were required at HT was very disappointing tonight.
  11. Misteral

    Flanagan cost us that game

    He should have been hooked at HT. Why wait until much later when it was obvious that he was a liability after 45 mins?
  12. Tighten up a bit and break for another, Rangers. Alfredo was onside. ☹️
  13. Misteral

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Just keep at them, Rangers
  14. Should be an interesting night and hopefully a happy one for us. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/07/spartak-moscow-Rangers-raul-riancho-massimo-carrera Spartak Moscow caretaker manager Raúl Riancho fears facing Rangers in front of their disgruntled home fans might be more difficult than playing at Ibrox. Riancho accused supporters of wanting the “complete destruction” of the club and risking breaking the careers of the team’s younger players. The comments came after players felt the wrath of the fans even before they suffered a fourth consecutive home league defeat, losing 2-1 to Ural on Sunday. Supporters remain unhappy over the dismissal of Italian manager Massimo Carrera days before Spartak’s goalless draw in Glasgow last month and Riancho is feeling the brunt of their anger. The 45,000-capacity Otkritie Arena is expected to be less than half full for Thursday’s Europa League encounter and the Spaniard is happy to take the criticism if it means the fans back his players. Speaking through an interpreter at a media conference, Riancho said: “It will not be easy to play in such an atmosphere, but as long as Spartak are my employee, as long as they pay my wages, my primary task is to protect the players from outside influences which are sometimes negative. “The players are the most important people at the club, they are the ones that go on to the pitch, they are the ones who fight to win. I will do my best not to sacrifice the players, do my best to protect them from these conditions. “The players normally perform their best only when they are steady, calm, secure and happy. Only this way can they play their best. If I succeed in protecting the players even a tiny bit, it will be a great feeling.” Riancho came under serious scrutiny over his tactics on Sunday and was asked his opinions on supporters’ nicknames for him. “I’m not interested at all in any nicknames people give me,” he said. “I’m an employee of Spartak, I have real feeling for the club. If journalists are trying to kill me with their questions, let it be. As long as I stay here I will do my best to fight for this club and make this club win.” Spartak succeeded in containing Rangers at Ibrox but, given they sit bottom of Group G with two points from three games, they will adopt a different approach at home to the leaders, who have five points. “For sure the game will be different,” Riancho said. “In the first match, Rangers were at home where they are very powerful with their support behind them. The initial idea was to keep a clean sheet and if possible to score late on. This time we are playing at home and our only chance to qualify is by winning so we will be more stressed on attacking.”
  15. Misteral

    Kent injured

    Shame he's out. Lafferty will probably start but would prefer Grezda or Middleton.