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  1. But they won't come out and we can't sit back. It's going to be hard to score one, never mind two.
  2. So dire, so sloppy, so short of ideas.
  3. Some defending that. FFS, Rangers, get a grip.
  4. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-Rangers-vs-kilmarnock-live-streaming
  5. Starting Xi is a bit uninspiring but they better be up for it and give us the win. Fed up feeling shite this week.
  6. I hate not looking forward to a game. Not that I don't think we'll win but I'm just so deflated by Tuesday. It's weird to feel like this. Hope I perk up by tomorrow.
  7. We'll win every game left in the league, Sheep will beat the tims and we'll win 55. That's my wild prediction. Got to hold on to something, I suppose.
  8. Jesus fucking christ, fucking nightmare.
  9. Nah, or there would a few potential streams mentioned, I'm sure
  10. It will be a bit of a lottery if it goes ahead. Hope we're the lucky ones.
  11. My only winner, so far. Still down a wee bit though.
  12. I never hated Mohsni like some did. He was a bizarre character at a bizarre time. I was there when he scored that header v Albion Rovers. What a shite night that was.
  13. What a day of sporting excitement with the Cheltenham Festival starting, Champions League and a crunch battle at Ibrox tonight. Hoping for a win/win day. 😊
  14. After us dropping stupid points again last night I thought it was on the cards they would drop points today. Not over yet.
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