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  1. Results like this in the past for either team were freakish results but TBH it's something that doesn't surprise us now. And that saddens my heart. We need money...........and maybe another manager.
  2. I'm distressed at the thought of watching the 2nd half. Yet praying for some kind of miracle. The pain, the pain.............
  3. Hyndman is a wee boy lost.
  4. Naive beyond belief. What a shite start
  5. We better get right fucking intae them today. Geeza a win FFS, Rangers.
  6. Can't imagine many will be unhappy about this but we need to buy someone decent up front in the summer
  7. Surely the reasons for appealing, ie their side of what happened and why it wasn't a red card are on the record and made public? Are they? Anyone know what they were?
  8. If your not happy ask for a transfer but don't go greetin; tae the press.
  9. Sorry, just noticed the other thread on this.
  10. This is the most ridiculous suggestion thread I've seen for a while.
  11. It really was dire today, poor tactics, wrong line-up and little fight from a less than skillful squad of players. A recipe for disaster if anything was. Really looking forward to Saturday.............
  12. GTBFO and the sausages are in the frying pan then heading for the train. C'mon Rangers, let's do it today. WATP
  13. Had my fiver on Rangers to win in ET @ 33/1 but any win will make me happy as fuck.
  14. Awful news RIP big man