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  1. Headlines on the back pages for the lies and a wee retraction on an inside page. Strategy wise it's a no-brainer what to do when your trying sell advertising space.
  2. Agents and journalists doing what they do best, creating this weeks narrative.
  3. Yes but if he isn't sold it's goals and assists that will determine that
  4. It's a nothing job really and should be bottom of the priority list.
  5. OP's lost it.
  6. Absolutely no complaints and it's good to be optimistic for a change. Too long until the next game but as has been said, the break may have come at the right time.
  7. I like the tactics but it's got nothing to do with offside. You can't be offside if receiiving the ball directly from a throw-in, goal kick or corner no matter your position on the pitch
  8. I hope stays with us. He's special all right
  9. I watched the game at home and the whole place seemed subdued for long periods. Singing from anywhere is a good thing