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  1. Feel good factor coming back?

    Feel good factor? Too right! I'm very very optimistic that SG and his team will deliver the goods and we'll be feeling fucking fantastic most of the time next season.
  2. Europa League first qualifier - seeding list

    That Welsh Nomad side would be a laugh.
  3. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    Maybe the outcome is on hold and SG wants to talk to them. Whatever WE think of them, they are the two most senior players at the club, Captain and VC no less, so I wouldn't be surprised if SG has asked for a meeting.
  4. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    We have a new dick in the house
  5. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    That's because he can't............ except hopefully get him punted
  6. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    He is the only Rangers player I've ever despised. Well maybe Ian Black as well.
  7. HKFC Soccer Sevens

    Well that's pretty pish.
  8. Arteta

    Come on OP, why post a rumour as if it was fact, with no evidence to back you up? It might well happen but for the time being it's false.
  9. Permanent Deal for Murphy

    For me he's shown enough...........just.................to warrant this. Hoping for better things from him though.
  10. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    What do you mean IF? All news agencies have an agenda and it's patently clear BBC Scotland have one that's aimed at putting Rangers in a bad light whenever they think they can get away with it.
  11. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    The thread is about BBC clear bias. The club did nothing wrong in my eyes it's just the BBC trying to make out we did.
  12. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    We didn't make a statement. We sent a response to his lawyers.
  13. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    The club is right. If the guy wants the company to be vicariously liable for the actions of it's employee it's the company that is now in liquidation that's relevant. A company formed after the allegations took place cannot be liable as an organisation.
  14. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    First time I've seen their headlines in a long time. Just went channel up after Eggheads. Fuck the BBC, all of it.
  15. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    The Blatantly Biased Corporation. The BBC and especially BBC Scotland are utterly contemptible organisations.