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  1. Daftest thread of the year, so far.
  2. McInnes- is it now or never?

  3. Pedro - recruitment.

    We're not at the point where we have an exciting team that we look forward to seeing week in week out, but I feel more optimistic that we can be. Hopefully we'll see a few decent signings in January.
  4. Player ratings

    First half was not good to watch but going in 1-0 was good. On the second half I agree with most of the OP except Candeias was pretty ineffectual. 5 for him and 3 for Windass.
  5. Had a wee punt on Pena to score the next goal live when it was 1-0 @ 16/1. Ya dancer
  6. Good win, no complaints about that. Alves and Dorrans stood out.
  7. Nice take, Pena. Yeeees
  8. When all's said and done all I want is for us to win every game these days, stay in contention and give us some hope. No messing Rangers, get it done
  9. Exactly. Can't understand anyone getting their knickers in a twist about this.
  10. Scotland v Slovakia

    A win guarantees a play-off spot after tonight's results. On another note, as much as I fucking hate the fucking thumb heid he is 20/1 to score from outside the box tomorrow. I don't really care if/when tarriers score for Scotland as it's not the manky mob they're playing for and that's a bit of a price, IMO.
  11. 3-3 v Morton

    Bruno and McCrorie absent
  12. Scotland v Slovakia

    My stance on all this. I support the Scottish team on the park and always want them to win. Fuck the fans who boo anything to do with current or ex-Rangers players and fuck the SFA. They are all cunts.
  13. Scotland v Slovakia

    A well deserved victory against a decent team (with 11 players). The sending off helped and their keeper was outstanding.
  14. Scotland v Slovakia

    I have sound. Try moving your mouse bottom right of screen. You can enlarge picture there as well.