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  1. Home would have been much better but no complaints really.
  2. The question is definitely the wrong way round. Forest, Christie McGregor and Eduardo might make our bench.
  3. It's early still but an unbeaten run and victory over them and we won't be able to control our optimism. Please make it happen Rangers.
  4. Canny wait, decent starting XI and a strong bench. Getting intae them early and a goal in the first quarter is what we want to see, Rangers.
  5. He's a top member of our squad. Hope he's here next season as well.
  6. The way the tie is sitting it's quite difficult to predict what will occur. I've had my bet on a 2-0 but qualifying, as we know, is what it's all about.
  7. To me this seems like a decent move by both parties, but as always only time will tell.
  8. Probably not but unless we have a reason to hate them or they are looking for a fight it's a good thing to make opposing European teams feel welcome and to have a good time. What goes around comes around, usually.
  9. Don't buy it. Don't give them hits. Don't read it ever. Promise yourself.
  10. 4-3 defeats all over the Tims tonight. lol
  11. Me too, I used a fiver free bet 😂 Happy enough though. WATP
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