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  1. Was there trouble at the game?

    Deary fuckin me, just watched the you tube clip....really great bunch of lads there....
  2. Was there trouble at the game?

    so did the police get him in the end? And if not, i would want to know why not?
  3. Was there trouble at the game?

    couldnt give a shit who the lad supports, if their being a dick, treat them like one.
  4. Was there trouble at the game?

    im sure circumstances could allow for it. Hopefuly.
  5. Was there trouble at the game?

    If there was wee dicks trying to stop the police from carrying out an arrest, then said dicks should have been tasered. Would have been more entertaining than the football.
  6. ***The Official Livingston vs Rangers Match Thread***

    ive got a nice wee link for the FA cup game between Livi & Rangers...cant wait to see who is our manager.
  7. Can we still win the league?

    I think it could still be close but with ally in charge a horror result is always a game away. As for play offs, i cant see us getting through a 2 legged affair of that intensity. Ally would be shit scared like tonight and go ultra defensive, he deprives the players of confidence. These guys need a manager to tell them to go out and play to win, not be told "here boys the opposition look awfy gid".
  8. So basically mccoist has gone with a back 6 doubling up at full back to cope with hibs del piero-esque wingers....
  9. There is no excuse, this squad should be giving the likes of HIVS a doing. Anything but a win and its another night of Ally GTF threads.
  10. tbb being banned

    So basically we could belt this out on monday night & get the place rocking, if everyone just agreed to change one word.....but we wont because that would be just too much for some folk to stomach...so it will remain a no go. Thats fucking abysmal.
  11. Rangers 'fan' writes about George Square

    spot on with this.
  12. The Rangers - Negativity

    What i'd like to see is a return of the spirit the fans showed in div 3. Rally the troops and get Ibrox packed to rafters, drag yer granny along if it means filling a seat. Yeah the footballs shite, but its about the club first and foremost.
  13. Ally McCoist - all chat in here

    Ally is the equivilent of replacing the teacher with the class clown. How was anyone ever expected to take him serious. I feel bad for saying it, but ally knows he is finished with football if he walks...but that time is here.
  14. Kenny Miller is done

    Coasting it today in the motm stakes, another 10 of him and we would be fine. Jig would do well to watch the game back and see how vocal a real captain should be. Ally out = "jobs for the boys" out.
  15. Lack of shots on target

    Boyd and miller will rattle them in, but they need balls that they can run onto, not receiving passes with their backs to goal. If the midfield can produce this, we will be ok, but ally aint the guy to assemble that plan.