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  1. Let me get this right.. He has turned down playing for his boyhood heroes for a championship side? EPL i could understand but Boro? Just wait until the fans turn on him if he doesn't score goals constantly. All the best Boyd, you wont be missed!
  2. hates the thought of higher english tomorrow :(! at least i wont have to do any more close readings!

  3. hate the top, but i always buy the home top so if this is the top then i will be buying it
  4. -going to fire off an e-mail to sky about their coverage, anyone care to help?
  5. lafferty scores and hearts equalise :praise:
  6. yeh good day :D bit late on replying to you though sorry x

  7. Rangers - 53rd league title, league cup, manager of the year, player of the year, young player of the year, two old firm wins, garaunteed CL Celtic - an old firm win, a 65K a week striker that didn't score in the old firm
  8. "quite a statement by celtic" what that they won a meaningless game?
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