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  1. And here was the response...about the fans...
  2. Yes we used to go into the jungle. We would occupy maybe a third or quarter of it. No barriers back then.
  3. I could be wrong, but I thought Ian Archer was not particularly a 'friend' to Rangers, so to speak. Id say bring back John Fairgreive!
  4. KingKai

    Ianis Hagi

    Really LOL'd at that one!
  5. Right up there for me too! Was in the Derry, all going mental! LOL
  6. BLATANT PENALTY. Check out the video at 1:12.35 OJO's jersey nearly ripped off him! I remember screaming about this at the time, now its confirmed. Meant Aribo!!!
  7. Yeah Craig Watson. Dont know why Big Davie has a goalie jersey on, maybe it was a fives. Expect Don54 might know
  8. Feckin Spoon burners wouldnt have known what hit them if theyd messed with this lot!!
  9. Yes indeedy! Unfortunately the Final wasnt as good!
  10. 69 Cup semi against Aberdeen at the piggery! Sang the sash in the Jungle!
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