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  1. Feckin Spoon burners wouldnt have known what hit them if theyd messed with this lot!!
  2. Brings back memories!!! Forgot about that one!
  3. Yes indeedy! Unfortunately the Final wasnt as good!
  4. 69 Cup semi against Aberdeen at the piggery! Sang the sash in the Jungle!
  5. Always liked Bobby Watson. Thought he was underrated.
  6. Strange how the shorts look like plastic!
  7. You forgot 3 of them up for threats to a referee and a kid singing about wishing our kit man was dead!
  8. Speaking of which, has D'artagnan left the forum? Did I miss something? Yes, great post OP !!
  9. Im in there just a bit to the right of Daves head!
  10. Guess Craig Watson took his place. Was a strong team that night!
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