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  1. Because if its null and void it will go on last seasons placings to decide European entrants
  2. Tarrier running costs are around 7.5mill a month give or take, they're helping no cunt
  3. Scotland only scoring 1 goal in 3 games got them knocked out, they went into the final games needing something like a 6 goal swing between them and holland, the fact england were 5up surprisingly against them should have meant had scotland scored a few more they'd have cantered into the last 16, instead they did a "scotland" and fucked it lol
  4. And in the accounts it was already fronted, so we had no shortfall before the euro games, and likely the home games were worth 5mill in total, so we have an extra 5mill to help us through this time until euro prize and tv money comes in
  5. Aye prize money, but not the 2mill+ per home game we banked plus hospitality, catering etc, when the accounts were done we hadnt qualified for the last 32 yet,
  6. Surely this meant that the ten mill shortfall was already in place, so hopefully the extra euro income we didnt expect covers us in this lockdown
  7. Bowing out to Copenhagen, naw they got fucking pumped 😂😂
  8. All 42 clubs met to discuss divvying up the prize money, i bet a deep sea that the tarriers are feeling it worse than us, their monthly costs are 7.5mill,
  9. Why not, we have a better chance of survival as when the football does eventually resume we can earn money back again for people who put it in the now Aberdeen are a tinpot shitehole of a club that were reducing capacity of their ground to try make it a better atmopshere as they couldnt fill it, Fucking get laughing, we'll we way more fine that that mob
  10. Could it be that the spfl came up with this random guy after it was leaked
  11. Plenty would offer to drive him down but its not an essential journey in this crisis
  12. Well if Neil Doncaster insists then it must be true eh lol
  13. Nah klos was brought in after charbonnier mate
  14. A trophy for finishing 9th, fuck off thats a shambles
  15. A well know twitter handle that regularly leaks things, if he's posting this then its real, and it's a fucking disgrace
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