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  1. I still think the whole "arfield coming inside and no right mid" isnt going to work when teams sit off us and pack their half, tonight he was barely in the game and when we did press them they had an outball to their left back everytime The system will work sometimes, but against disciplined teams imo it wont and tonight showed it, we badly cried out for something on the right to link with tav Next week id start ojo and jones, tell them to get the ball down and get at the fullbacks
  2. Tonight was a hard one, the team obviously could hold their own, we all wanted subs but gerrard looks at them and if he thinks they can continue to contain legia then why change it
  3. Need the ball to ojo's feet so he can run at them, and we need a proper right mid to stretch them and close them down quicker over that side, arfield drifting into the middle isnt working
  4. We're not playing well the now, need to step it up a couple of levels
  5. Get ojo on the ball more, he has the beating of that fullback all day
  6. Legia seem to be happy to sit off our defenders and allow them the ball, our ball playing mids are feeding off scraps and second balls the now, an away goal would open the game right up for us
  7. No what should happen is that whatever side the opponents attack down, that centre half on that side shifts across and becomes the fullback while the other two centre halves simply play their roles, the opposite wingback tracks the opponent winger of he moves forward, But its certainly not a defensive system
  8. Its not two spare men, both side centre halves basically play as fullbacks when required,
  9. Id love us to try a 352 with them up front, the times we have tried it either one was slightly out of position (morelos away to killie) or we're chasing a game against 11 men defending like fuck
  10. Kent on the right, ojo on the left, play 2 up top and get the wingers to take their fullbacks on 1v1 everytime, we'll score fucking hunners
  11. Like davis in his first time here, only better arguably
  12. Flanagan until he loses form badly enough to be a liability
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