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  1. Warnock " There's Only One Team In Scotland - And That's Rangers "

    Warnock would chase everyone of they shitebags out the club
  2. Stevie Clarke

    Fuck knows why, mourinho raved about him when he was a coach at chelsea, and he didnt do to bad at his other jobs
  3. Stevie Clarke

    Why excited by de Boer, whats he done to excite you
  4. Stevie Clarke

    Its not just a good 6 months at killie, its an astonishing 6 months in which he has shown tactical nous, ability to spot a player for the league we are in, shown that he has learned scottish football pretty quickly and can punch above his and killies weight Clarke has won more points against the tarriers than murty, pedro and Warburton combined, why not take a chance on someone who has shown he can adapt to a situation pretty quickly
  5. This summers rebuild mk5

    A competent, tactically astute manager would have been closer if not top of the league with the current squad, these players are no worse than namouchi, malcolm, ross etc and eck won the league with them
  6. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    Many was walter temp manager for?
  7. Where Murty record is compared with his predecessors

    Murtys stats will be misleading as they will include the games that he was temp manager last season will they not?
  8. Leadership on the park

    The day davis got the armband, we havent had a proper leader since, even jig was a poor captain
  9. Too many handwringers

    You're not getting out of it that easy, I'll fucking ouija board you the results if you do
  10. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    When i see the shitebag mentality of our team at times i long for someone like eck who'd tear them apart for it
  11. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    We're rubbish
  12. Windass stat

    What good did his goal do given he disappeared right after it for the rest of the game, why cant he put the same shift in for 90mins
  13. Windass stat

    Fuck knows why, ge vanished after the 4th minute on sunday
  14. Daniel Candeias

    Old fashioned winger, none of the cut inside shite, get to the byline and get a cross in, the amount of good balls he's put into the box, imagine someone like boyd, his first stint here, would score from
  15. 2m a year & an under 20s novice - the difference

    Also, had murty changed it right at the red card and put an extra man in midfield then rodgers doesn't bring on the striker, he cant because he's already being overrun in midfield,