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  1. Depending on the bids that come in, defoe being here after the summer might convince morelos to give it another season, you can see the difference in morelos since defoe joined
  2. The problem with spending the whole night trying to unlock their defence is that we did the same stuff over and over again even though it wasnt working Other teams and our previous title winning teams win ugly but they also have they individually brilliant players who can win you a game on your own, jelavic overhead kick at pittodrie, naismith at Tynecastle last minute, mendes away to inverness, Do we have that type of player now, one who will at times disregard the managers instructions perhaps and do it their own way, and get us that vital goal, i dunno if we do, morelos maybe Last night i said id take a win anyway and we got it, im just disappointed that we or at least someone didnt try anything different when it was obvious our gameplan wasnt working If barisics shot didnt deflect into defoes path we could easily be sitting here bemoaning at how our victory at parkhead has been nullified already
  3. Tbf to CB, there were people who were claiming greg stewart to be a "game changer" because he scored a double against the worst sheep side to come to ibrox nearly 2 decades He's probably right in that there will be people who'll now want ojo to start
  4. Need to press them higher than we did against st mirren last night none of this sitting off shite as they will just launch high balls and on that smaller pitch its asking for trouble Get in their faces from the word go, have arfield playing right on their defence same as defoe, allow jack and kamara to do their jobs in midfield, have Kent and aribo play wide and take their fullbacks on 1v1
  5. No offence mate but your picking on flanagans crossing, how many of tavs actually hit a Rangers player as well, especially when it's 3v1 not in our favour in the box Last night after 5mins we seen that st mirren didnt care about our fullbacks, as long as they flooded the centre of the pitch and had 3 centre halves marking defoe they were comfortable, i cannot believe that gerrard didnt try change it, Last night we never once isolated a man and took him on, hardly ever made a drive towards their box, we barely had them turning towards their own goal to defend, Its worrying that a lot of the post match talk id of how our backup right back didnt perform after being out for months, yet davis, kamara, jack, 7mill kent, aribo all get a "get out of jail free card" for that tepid shite last night
  6. You can criticise a win you know, if we dont then it could lead to complacency Last night was brutal, for me it was down to the fact that we play one way and one way only, if teams nullify that we are out of ideas and it took a deflected shot from our left back to get us something last night We need the ability to change it up during games, switch from the 433 to a 442 or a 4132 or something, last night we had st mirren camped outside their box yet we have 3 centre mids that will not make a run in behind them, it was easy for them to defend against,
  7. Dont you think teams will target the 18yo young player who's playing far up the pitch like tav does As for hitting someone with a cross, not even beckham in his prime tonight would have got defoe an assist from a cross Tonight we didnt need attacking fullbacks, st mirren didnt give a fuck if our wide players got the ball because they had 5 men in their box while we had one, tonight we needed a high pressing central midfield and 2 up top,
  8. Whats silly about it, the 433 wasnt working at home against a 541, so did we change it to maybe a 442, try help defoe, or did we go 352 press them higher No we limped out the game playing 433 with different players and it was brutal to watch, we dont need 3 sitting mids at home to st mirren
  9. So we change the system then, or is gerrard no better than warburton and his plan A and only plan A
  10. Ive said that plenty times, however not even tav tonight would have made much of a difference, the lack of midfield runners into the st mirren box was fucking disgraceful, defoe played against 3 centre halves tonight and at times the closest Rangers shirt to him were the fans behind the goals,
  11. Create what? Did you see us going forward tonight, apart from corners i think defoe and aribo were the only two Rangers players to actually go into the st mirren box tonight Its scary to think we are more criticising a defender because we dont create much at home to st mirren while guys like kent, davis etc get away scott free, our midfield was fucking abysmal tonight
  12. Not really sure what else we expected from him tonight, he offered width, offered an outball, frightening how he gets criticised yet guys like davis, jack, kamara, kent and aribo all get away with being absolute dug shit against st mirren Or better yet, gerrard should get criticised for that tonight, plan A doesnt work, fuck it we wont do it better we'll just keep doing it the same and hope things work out, if that deflection doesnt go for us on barisics shot we've dropped two points As i said in the patterson thread, when we criticise a defender in a game we keep a clean sheet before the attacking players then we have went barking mad
  13. So who plays then if tav isnt fit? An untested youth player against a team right up for it, that has car crash written all over it
  14. What would tav do here differently, he'd be flinging crosses into the lone striker whos about a foot shorter than the 3 centre halves marking him We need attacking mids in the centre, not 3 guys who prefer to sit on the halfway line taking the ball off the centre halves,
  15. The struggle aye, but not to even try anything different is mental, tonight the tarriers have seemingly went 352, do we really need 3 sitting mids at home to st mirren?
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