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  1. Sniff fucking sniff
  2. Terrible news
  3. Nope and get rid imo, he's only looked a bit better than he is because the likes of kiernan etc being just as honking if not worse takes the blame from tav
  4. you'd think the wee punter from east kilbrides season ticket money that bomber got to keep safe would help sooth him
  5. Wish we had him playing this weekend,
  6. arguably our best time for youth is when eck was here and had to bring them in due to financial constraints, hutton, mcgregor (albeit promoted then loaned out) adam, burke, hughes, malcolm.ross etc, but even then a lot were either in terrible rangers sides or supplemented with big money signings to help them blend in arguably our worst period of youth development was either of walters reigns and wee dicks time here, money money money was the name of the game under they two gaffers, the only young players brought through were through necessity other than ability barring barry ferguson as for the current lot there just now, are any f them good enough? probably not that many if any will be good enough to play consistently in a title winning team, maybe a few would be good enough to be squad fillers but i doubt we have the next barry ferguson type youth player just waiting for his first team shot
  7. The dude uses bates and beerman when describing players who have in part developed here, i wouldnt call a 17yo and 20yo coming here as any sort of youth development tbh
  8. How the fuck can we count beerman as a product of our youth system when we got him as a 17yo
  9. A date with tommy burns in hell
  10. Reminds me of Bert konterman on the ball, and off it too
  11. No he's not he's 21 in October and only made 45 senior appearances in his career, that tells you everything about him tbh
  12. This, still don't see what people see in bates,
  13. Guy is a legend,
  14. You could say it is one of the most one sided ideas ever seen
  15. The idea of Club1872 is a good one, however where it was born from was the problem that everyone could see from the first mentions of it, the fact that the RST are there or thereabouts speaks volumes for the shambles that the fan group became