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  1. Seen on twitter we were 4 down at ht and drew 4-4
  2. Not many places will be able to develop mccrorie like we need him to now, the boy just doesnt need any game time, he needs game time in a team thats gonna be like ours, a dominating, possession controlling team who'll face other teams sitting in
  3. I never mentioned morales, i said goldson, who at times has been suspect but never dropped at all
  4. Worrall, jack, tav, goldson, theres 4, all played through various drops in form, or injuries or tiredness because gerrard wont drop them
  5. Probably because in England they do still try to play football, whereas up here in the dark ages, the defenders are worth more everytime they kick seven shades out of a striker and get away with it I dobt recall many teams putting 11.men behind the ball when playing sunderland
  6. Hope its getting a new kitchen and tie
  7. Played more, his wiki stats show him as playing none in the scottish cup
  8. But he clearly didnt if goldson has played 50 games, worrall and katic between them haven't played 50 games between them, he dropped katic for worrall and kept the same pairing in barring injury And tbh i have no qualms with that, allow a pairing to get to know each other, but rhe tiredness excuse cannot be used when you allow a defender to play 50 games
  9. I doubt we'd have won the last 3 and the tarriers drop 4 points after the OF has we beat them,
  10. Except goldson played 50 games, so clearly he wasnt rotated to prevent from being shattered
  11. Rotating centre halves for no reason, replacing one cause he's shattered Yup they are definitely the same thing, 😞
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