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  1. He struggled with that tbh, he's a fucking lump of wood that only looks good when the sheep are up against a stronger team and all he has to do is kick an opposing striker, at the tarriers he'll be expected to stroll out from the back and start attacks and the cunts feet are on backwards going by his passing skills
  2. Difference is that mckenna at Aberdeen only has to defend, or lump it forward, he hasnt the first clue what to do with the ball at his feet, plus at the tarriers he'll be defending highet up the park, and he's a week in the jail if not slower Id love the tarriers to spunk any cash on him, he's a fucking bombscare waiting to cost them big time
  3. Was that the game they just opened the gates eventually and everycunt flooded in lol
  4. Id have thought gerrard might keep dorrans to see if he can offer anything when fit
  5. Its not their forum, its a twitter account that posts the best posts from mentalist tarriers either on their forum or on twitter
  6. Aye but hiring they big banners to hide the top tier costs a fortune
  7. Ideal world they get fucked out of europe altogether, the fire sale of all assets would start
  8. What an impact he made, ill argue he was overall better than klos, as he could kick the ball and more comfortable in the air
  9. He made the mistake of allowing ruiz to get in close, he had what? An 8inch reach advantage, ruiz shouldn't have gotten near AJ
  10. Nah he cant train joshua in the ways of quick hands and feet, he should ask the manny pacquiao, he'd be some trainer lol
  11. No one hopefully, its the off season and today is a highly important day in history,
  12. Aye he might have been tbh, he clearly wasn't listening to his corner anyway I think ruiz is being under appreciated as well, everyone talks about how poor AJ was and his record etc, ruiz had a 32-1 record with 21ko's, they might have been bums but its stilp experience in fighting different styles of fighters that have different techniques, good on him for doing his homework on AJ and following his coaches orders etc
  13. Reason he was slevering shite to his trainer is cause ruiz rang his head like a bell, watch Joshua's first and 4th knockdown if memory serves me right, when he is caught on one side of the head it barely has time to react before being scudded on the other side, when he was saved by the bell his brain was likely still rattling about inside his skull
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