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  1. Is it not 10% of stadium capacity in europe? If you want it that is?
  2. He's available on a bosman from New years day
  3. No we needed EVERYONE to step up in that last 30mins
  4. The same davis that played 90mins in the defeat at ibrox that we didnt dominate People saying davis was missed when its the most one sided old firm game for us in nearly a decade. 😂😂
  5. I actually had mellowed out for a good few years, but in the last number of years my hatred for them has grown to levels i never thought id ever get to
  6. I cared more about sunday than i did about thursday, now after Sundays result we badly need to win on thursday to inspire the squad again
  7. If theres enough pressure on tav then why not relieve some of that pressure by taking hjmoff set pieces and captaincy etc
  8. Sometimes a managers instructions need to be ignored on the park, tav could easily seen the day morelos was having (we all could) so maybe he could have ignored gerrards instructions and took it anyway But thats neither here nor there, its done now, i just wish we had a more ferocious captain on the park
  9. If the man tav was up against was any good he wouldnt be loaned out to the tarriers ffs Tav played well, but lets not pretend he kept messi quiet lol
  10. Its to do with the fact that against ten men we were honking, worse than that, i honestly wish they didnt go down to ten men because there would have been less expectations on the team and they might have done something, instead for the last half an hour most of the players on the park shat the bed
  11. Not expected, but needed to, especially given the run of games coming, the dropped points last wed, and the tarriers run of trophies We badly needed to win yesterday
  12. We've won other big games, it just seems like when its a big game that we need to win or are expected to win, we choke, and its fucking soul destroying knowing that its a mental thing as the ability is there
  13. No i chose games where the expectation was higher, the pressure on the team was greater Hearts away, we had went top of the league, oir chance to stay there, we blew it Sheep away, start of a massive week in the season, we blew it Tarriers at home, chance to lay down a marker, show that we are better than them, we blew it Today game...... Do you see a pattern forming here, scudding the worst hearts team in a decade at ibrox is one thing, and the team have played well for most of the season, however to me it feels like everytime a game has more than normal pressure in it, we choke
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