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  1. Jimbeamjunior

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Pzj on twitter saying the tarriers have asked for a 4 year extension to their co-op loan, wonder whats going on here lol
  2. Jimbeamjunior

    Lassana Coulibaly

    How are they a massive leveler? If a shite player cant pass 5 yards then not even playing on a bowling green will help that, Less talented teams should be regularly turned over on these parks as the better footballing teams don't have divots, shite grass and uneven surfaces to cope with
  3. Jimbeamjunior


    Not many have made mistakes that didnt allow them to play because the FA of their country blocked them, we are paying his wages yet he wasn't available for today due to his selfish nature, wether he was trying to save his marriage cause he's a rocket or simply couldnt be arsed playing for NI, fact is HE cost us our backup striker today, no one else Players will always make mistakes, its the nature of footballer stupidity, however not many of them make a cunt of their second chance at a level that we provide, he's a grown man not a stupid wee boy, his actions and their results could have cost us today,
  4. Jimbeamjunior


    Missed a game because he got wind of the story being prepped and dumped NI to stay at home and try save his marriage, therefore costing us a squad player for today
  5. Jimbeamjunior


    How often did gazza miss games because he broke rules with the English fa, lafferty does not give a shit about Rangers
  6. Jimbeamjunior


    Its his attitude though, its all about him, he never thinks of anyone else, that's why he's not in the squad for tomorrow, he is a selfish bastard and once again acting like a knobend while at our club
  7. Jimbeamjunior


    Except she didnt, and lafferty had again made a cunt of himself while at our club
  8. Jimbeamjunior


    Aye and hows he acting in his 2nd spell, lafferty is getting a chance many people both didnt want hik to get and felt he would make a cunt of it, and he's certainly making them look right, Guys a grade A banger, Rangers should bin him for being shite as well as a rocket
  9. Jimbeamjunior

    Back Where We Belong

    When you listen to gerrard talk about us, as in the fans and the club, you'd honestly think he grew up as a Rangers fan and spent his playing career at us, he has only been here a matter of months but the club and its traditions have soaked right into his bones,
  10. Jimbeamjunior

    Semi final allocation

    You do realise that all ticket revenue is split between the 4 clubs, meaning all they tickets we sell, the sheep will make money off of them
  11. Jimbeamjunior

    Semi final allocation

    If the SPFL offer us the extra tickets we should tell them to ram them right up their fucking arse, yeah fans might want the tickets but once again we, the Rangers fanbase and club, have to dig this two bob organisation out of a hole, Fuck them and their attempt to appease the sponsors,
  12. Jimbeamjunior

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tbf 5mill is pennies for an english team maybe trying to avoid relegation, or a championship team on the brink of promotion who are looking for that extra squad depth
  13. Jimbeamjunior

    Quickest Rangers goal you’ve seen

    Mols vs dunfermline
  14. Jimbeamjunior

    Top by the end of November...?

    Tarriers will win their next 5, hopefully we will as well
  15. Jimbeamjunior


    Dunno about that, kirk broadfoot has a uefa cup runners up medal, and all he had was graft, we have had many many players throughout the years who covered their lack of ability through sheer graft that the opponents couldnt match