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  1. Yeah if we do set a price, also if he storms the league others will be interested who could maybe offer him better terms etc, i can see why clubs doing it, just would prefer to get him tied down asap
  2. Not too keen on the loan idea, take him for 6 months, he storms the league, they drive the price up, we cant afford him,
  3. Has mcneil died yet, i got 25/1 he would this bank holiday weekend? Got a double on with bertie auld as well but my cashout for that is shite
  4. Im correct though, bartleys tackle was good for all of a minute before you realise thats our defensive mid fucked himself for the rest of the game, if your gonna get booked in the first 3 minutes you do it like that rhat bastard stokes did on papac, papac went off injured and it unsettled us for the first half
  5. Im not looking at naismith from past, im looking at our squad present and its fucking howling, we're not gonna go spend tens of millions fixing it either
  6. there's a difference between doing someone for a red card when 5-1 down, but doing someone for a booking after 3 minutes at 0-0 and the cunt gets back up and plays the full 90 isnt a hard man, its a fucking idiot imo halliday did a better job on brown in the scottish cup semi final last season
  7. bocanegra tupe'd over at a wage we couldnt afford, he then fucked off on loan to italy (if memory serves me right) and we STILL paid a % of his wage that we couldnt afford, he then returned after his loan, agreed a payoff with the club costing us hundreds of thousands, only to sign for another club the same fucking day basically he couldn't get a club in the summer of 2012 so took us for a ride for a year earning big bucks off us until he got another team
  8. i do, he got booked after 3 minutes, brown wasnt fazed, bartley was out of the game after tat given he couldnt put a foot wrong, and we got pumped, i much prefer my defensive mid simply marking cunts like brown out the game instead of picking up pointless bookings
  9. hope to fuck we never brought him over for the recent hearts game, we were fucking honking that day and that would put even the staunchest rangers fan off of signing for us
  10. Hydro has a lisbon thing on, basically it's their last chance to pay respects to the winning players while they are alive as by the looks of them, this year could be their last ever final
  11. Except he used bocanegra in his argument who possibly fucked us over even more than naismith
  12. Both countries have had a shot of wee maddie so you're probably right
  13. Fucking bin it nevermind moving it ffs
  14. See the players we are being linked with, we'd stroll this fucking league See the players we'll likely sign, we'll fight st johnstone for 3rd place
  15. Standards went right out the window when we filled uniteds coffers in the scottish cup game back in division 3