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  1. First time around he was a fucking wage thieving bastard, the fact he's cost us overall the best part of 10million in fees and wages us an utter disgrace
  2. His record for hearts was 1 goal every 3 games, cosgrove, doige, dykes all have a better record than lafferty, i wouldnt spend the better part of a million on any of they 3 Lafferty scored against the tarriers and gave them the finger at parkhead, cunts creamed themselves thinking he'd be brilliant for us, when in reality he is a shocking footballer
  3. Then we'd be right back to court as dundee united etc would challenge that being awarded titles but no promotion is against the rules
  4. Nope, if someone is a champion they earned the right to get the benefits of that, hence promotion to the league above If the season isnt finished you need to null it or award everything, not something but everything, and thats what hearts etc are fighting against
  5. Cant force reconstruction, its a members vote for that, cant rerun the original vote as the arbitration will be looking into the shady going ons with dundee, why run it again so they can just vote again based on underhand dealings Option 3 and 4 are the only two available now, and 4 will cause chaos And its this that makes me think the SPFL will get away with this
  6. They would have less of a case if the SPFL just said "this season is abandoned, no records of this season will be kept, its literally a side note in the history" They literally couldnt award clubs for something they didn't earn fully, or else you get the likes of dundee united etc going back to court (if they could avoid it) The safest way that the SPFL had was to finish the season or null it, they didn't do either cause the tarriers are skint and badly needed the title
  7. Couldnt do that, if the likes of hearts, partick etc can try claim compensation for being relegated with an unfinished season, then teams could do the same regarding euro places and league places etc, The only option other than awarding titles and relegation is a null and void, reset back to the start of the season and use last years standings for euro places, or else finish the season, If n&v teams wouldnt have a comeback as the season is declared incomplete so therefore no clubs benefit or lose out as nothing was settled or guaranteed
  8. Id be amazed if that bob crilly did indeed have anything to do with the tarriers back in they days, i know him and his boys and not once did he brag about being part of the tarriers back then, all he used to brag about was his gig as a juniors manager, and trust me when i say he liked to brag, If he did indeed work with the tarriers he'd have never shut up about it, im guessing he's just running his mouth on twitter trying to look good to his tarrier followers
  9. After what he's got up to and what he said after he left us, i wouldnt believe him if he said his first name was kyle
  10. Thought this was a @KingKirkthread
  11. Fuck all to do with pressure, more he thought he was billy big baws and had made it
  12. Embarrassing all because he scored against the tarriers, cunt was a waster first time around and was an even bigger waster the second time around
  13. Somewhere in northern Ireland there is a shelf stacker who didnt get a career in football all because this lanky streak of pish showed up at the same trials and got picked because of his height An absolutely abysmal footballer who literally stole a wage, and i cannot believe we signed him a second time, absolutely frightening
  14. Nah because if one team whos expected to make the top 6 fails to, then it fucks the whole planned fixtures The only thing that makes me think we just got unlucky is that if they picked this and the top 6 stays the same as last season, then we'd have played more away games than home, so my guess is that the fixture computer was told that the top 6 is going to be a different 6 from last season, so we'd need to find two teams who we only play away once that could make top 6,
  15. Its actually quite unbelievable, the top 6 from last season we go to twice pre split, tarriers only go their once,
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