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  1. We have two other right backs at the club, if one of them cannot be trusted to play right back in games like home vs hamilton etc then why the fuck did we sign them and why the fuck are they still here Pointless buying another right back when we have 3 already but gerrard wont drop his favourite
  2. Panic no, but concern that we have been by large shite away from home in every game this season and continue playing guys who are costing us mistakes, yeah damn right im concerned
  3. If you wanna count the post split fixtures as gospel then we dont need morelos clearly 🙄 Fact is without a genuine right sided player we lose the ability to stretch the opposition down their left, and it gives them an easy outball so the pressing is pointless, you say jack is excellent at covering for tav, i say why should he drop out of position when he's the best centre mid we have, why do we have guys filling in different positions when they dont have to, they arent world class like the liverpool team, If we want to persist with the 451 then imo we need a proper right mid to push their fullback backwards and press him when he got the ball, the currenr formation made the tarrier fullbacks look good against us for starters
  4. Well yeah it is because we have played some really pishy teams away, we still have places like sheep, hibs, motherwell and the tarriers all to go away to, most of our fixtured up to new year are away from home
  5. None would, given his age and what a semi decent scout would spot he'd get a championship team at best,
  6. I think it isnt as in depth than that, tav has always been fucking howling defensively, i remember kiernan screaming at him for losing his man at ibrox and costing us a goal against the tarriers under Warburton, he's been pish at the back his whole Rangers career and probably beforehand given his career to date What will be affecting him is the lack of someone proper on the right hand side he can work off, last season candieas used to cover when tav went overlapping, hence the number of assists and goals, now he doesn't have that cover his attacking threat is neutralised and he's is forced into playing more defensively, which he is shit at
  7. Helander contested a ball in the air, ohalloran ran off tav as per usual tav was fucking sleeping
  8. Can you imagine walter having a captain like that 😡😡
  9. Well it then becomes a lopsided formation, you allow the opposition left back free reign on that side until one of your actual centre mids comes out to face him, ryan jack is fucking excellent in the middle of the park, yet in previous games he's always going out wide to cover for the fact we dont have a wide right player, it then leaves a gaping hole where jack was in the middle and this season it has cost us goals The tarrier first goal, if we had a proper right mid, tav isnt that high up the park and goldson has an easier pass, yes he fucked the pass but his options were limited because we have one person on the right and 4 in the middle, all covered by tarrier players And the high pressing, mistake forcing game goes right out the window because the opposition always have a free player to pass to who can walk it 20 yards or more up the park, We badly miss candieas wide right
  10. He links up well with morelos, he just needs to play in the centre, not this wide right pish
  11. And he was a right midfielder, something that we dont have or if we do gerrard just doesn't want to play him, arfield wide right is a failed experiment that we keep fucking trying to no avail, we've loat one of our best attacking Central mids from last season and now have a wasted player wide right,
  12. We have been though, Killie away, needing an injury time set piece winner St mirren away, needing a barisic free kick St johnstone away, needing shagger to keep us in it first half from a tav mistake before morelos bails us out Livi away in the cup, probably didnt deserve the win given the chances they missed Hearts away, we didn't win Other than maybe the last ten mins away to st johnstone we haven't looked comfortable in any of they games
  13. No they haven't, not all of them anyway, kamara for some reason hasn't followed on from last season, aribo has fell away big time, jack and davis aye but the 3rd slot still needs filled and trying the same two guys all the time when its not working is killing us, especially when we have an actual forward supporting mid stuck wide right
  14. So we keep a defensive bombscare in, in the hope he creates something, instead of replacing him with a proper defender, and allowing the 5 midfield or the striker to create stuff Thats fucking sherlock Holmes genius there, why not focus on not conceding first then scoring goals, like walter used to do
  15. He'll take everything now to try atone for the goal he sold, he's predictable as ever
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