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  1. Jimbeamjunior

    Steven Davis

    At least he does the right thing in that instance
  2. Jimbeamjunior

    We’re absolutely rotten at times

    Yeah but next 3 games we'll be lucky to create the same amount.of chances combined, do you have faith that one wed night if we get 6 or 7 corners we can actually capitalise on them, or take our one half chance when required
  3. Jimbeamjunior

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Just havent got the breaks? Lafferty misses another tap in sitter, we continually go wide and throw crosses into a box with one striker whos weakest point in heading, Never did we try change it up,
  4. Jimbeamjunior

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    Maybe because in the final 3rd we have been honking again, maybe because we continue to do the same shit over and over again even though it never works
  5. Jimbeamjunior

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    He's dug shite, that shot he hit when jack was fouled, lay it off to the side and we have a 1v1, he's never in decent positions in the box, just not good enough Badly need a penalty box striker
  6. Jimbeamjunior

    Steven Davis

    Given we gave davis around a million a year ib wages, not to mention bonuses etc, and he got the new deal from whyte only a year before bumping his wages up, we surely expected the guy to play ball, he tupes over, we sell him immediately for say a million quid, everyones a winner
  7. Jimbeamjunior

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    We are, given how shite i am at gambling id love to be behind him giving him tips, ruin him quicker
  8. Jimbeamjunior

    UEFA fine us £14,000

    Aye good yin, pur laywers are that fucking bad the clown would end up with 25% of the club and us having to cover his expenses
  9. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Better option than the guff served up on Thursday night, how much did we trouble the rapid keeper? You play counter attacking against at team better than you, that rapid team isn't better than us, gerrard fucked it on thursday night
  10. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    Set up to counter attack in a game where we need to win against a team that didnt want to attack, gaffers fault again
  11. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    A must win game and we play an inconsistent youngster who isnt in good form, that falls on the gaffer, if he had played flanagan he would have been hounded, so middletons age doesnt excuse gerrard,
  12. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    So in a game of that magnitude, a player who everyone agrees is likely unready for such a game, plays the 90mins, and it isnt the managers fault?
  13. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    So its gerrards fault then,
  14. Jimbeamjunior

    As a support (re: middleton)

    See thats the worrying thing about he's not ready for a game of that magnitude yet, walter barely gave barry ferguson a sniff at the first team but advocaat threw him right in following year and he was bossing far better midfielders in europe, leverkusen was unreal, Either middleton IS ready, and therefore gets the abuse that others would get, or he isnt, and gerrard should get the abuse for playing him