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  1. nah he just dodged his taxes even after earning fucking millions upon millions
  2. tell me you typed that in sarcastic font?
  3. good read but one answer shows you just how poor rangers are at youth development and have been for decades, he said fergie is the best young player he has ever seen yet he tried to flog him to hearts during 10iar year (if memory serves me right) for a few hundred grand, had walter stayed even one or two more years, ferguson might well have been shipped off to some shitey team and we'd have lost out on what he gave us for years both times around
  4. Well we do have a board full of goofy bastards already
  5. Kings constant sniping at Warburton, could that be a snide dig at the board as well that seemingly overruled him/outvoted him when we needed a gaffer after mccall left?
  6. Do people seriously think that 6mill will bridge the gap between them and us
  7. Aye blamed it on ashley as well
  8. That was outstanding that goal, wee wanker must have felt fucking stupid
  9. You know what the best part of that season was, and i challenge anyone to argue different The Tarriers won fuck all after getting to seville and everything
  10. They must have as we battered in over 100 goals that season
  11. Moore, then de boer, then Micheal mols, The 3-3 game at the piggery early in the season is the one i lost my specs at when de boer equalised right after they scored
  12. That hearts game was unreal, miss a penalty then go and cuff them 2-0 was brilliant, what a crowd we were that day, literally had Edinburgh rocking
  13. any chances he's had this season no matter what position on the pitch he plays he has rarely taken, hell even the story is quite nice to him with him "bagging " a goal yesterday (it was a penalty ffs) fact is he isnt clinical enough and at times isnt intelligent enough to play through the middle,no harm to the boy, he was brought here to get us to this league, but we need better than him to win this league
  14. aye, titled "the barca bhoy"
  15. either cause he wants something from the club or has been told by the club to shut it and accept it
  16. this by a mile, murty scudded hamilton by 6 and they are bottom of the league, if he beats the sheep away while putting on a show we can start the wankathon
  17. its unbelievable how one man can put himself first consistently to the detriment of the club and its fanbase by creating such a divide between individuals either on a small or grand scale we, as a fanbase, will never unite in one whole movement to facilitate change at any level in our club while people like this director in question continue to peddle their own agendas without consideration for the grand scheme of things
  18. Miller is our top scorer, ali crawford us Hamiltons, both have 9, says it all really
  19. Nothing against the team today, but hamilton are absolutely dug shite, bigger tests coming up abd i doubt even the new boss will base any player opinions on todays game
  20. Tav in at right back again, wtf does he do in training that a few bosses think he's a defender
  21. Minstral was 40 years old on that very day
  22. match your bet on smarkets or betfair, wont net you a big won but get you just under 30 quid guaranteed if you find a good match, just make sure you pick a near certainty loser on the bookie
  23. i like to think my answers over in a deep and meaningful manner first
  24. hunting in the wrong place this season then