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  1. Tony Pulis

    Just been sacked off west brom, worth a go given the abysmal names we are linked to????
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    No jinxing it yet, but surely hearts wont fuck this up
  3. Means nothing, we beat aberdeen twice inna week yet they are above us in the league, fucking pointless
  4. 16 points dropped at home isnt a "set back"
  5. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Am away to the pub, fuck this
  6. Would you take winning the league....

    Think about it this way, we are offered a title that we have won 54 times already and will definitely win again at some point, to stop a 10iar where even some of their legends say the titles were devalued with us not being there And all we have to accept is the tarriers winning the 2nd biggest club trophy a club can win and one we will never ever win Fuck that
  7. Would you take winning the league....

    Talked about by who? Us, and thats it, by fuck ecks treble and strachans title and last 16 of the CL arent mentioned but both euro finals still are, We win the league, they win the europa, they are more successful, fuck that
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    what the thick mickey bastards are complaining about apparently is adults taking concession ST's, no wonder they are told to fucking quit it, robbing bastards also they are trying to charge CL ticket prices for the europa league
  9. Would you take winning the league....

    your call mate, i know that when they went to seville i fucking hated every single last minute of it until porto won the game, and after losing in manchester i felt it was the second biggest low id felt as a Rangers fan after missing out on 10iar imagine the next god knows how many generations of bears fans having to grow up in the knowledge that the tarriers were the last scottish team to win a european trophy, unthinkable, league titlesare a dime a dozen, we've won 54 and eventually will win our 100th, but we'll never win a european trophy ever again i couldnt handle the tarriers winning anything bigger than scottish football if we cant
  10. Jason

    Tav cannot play without someone in front of him willing to track back, funnily enough tavs been brutal last two games without candeias doing work for him wide right
  11. Jason

    Sometimes you need the guys to do the dirty work for your flair players to do their stuff, Holt might not pounce on a defensive error and play a great through ball to the striker, but he's the one that caused the defensive mistake in the first place with his shutting down and harassing the opposition
  12. Would you take winning the league....

    Its a tale of two successes, we'll win the the league again, thats not in doubt, but they will NEVER win a euro trophy again, neither will we, i couldn't face them lifting euro success when ive never seen the same for Rangers Nobody talks about league titles a few years after they are won, but win a euro trophy its spoke about for decades, fuck that in this shitehole of a country
  13. Would you take winning the league....

    So you'd rather give the tarriers their greatest achievement since 1967 just so we can win something we've won 54 times already, not a fucking chance mate, think about it, half their titles the now came with no competition, even their own legends don't accept the last 5 years titles properly Fuck that watching them parade a European trophy, thats the ultimate kick in the balls for us, when we went to Manchester, if someone offered you the uefa cup guaranteed for no title that year, what you you have picked European succes everytime for me im afraid
  14. Would you take winning the league....

    No chance, couldn't take the tarriers winning a euro competition in my lifetime,
  15. Anyone with 365 check your emails, risk free in play bet for united v arsenal game tomorrow up to 50 quid Basically bet 50 on over 0.5 goals Minute the game kicks off bet 50 on the draw Worst outcome is you win 2.50
  16. DOF signing the players from now on?

    if we indeed hire a manager then yeah he will have final say, however if we hire a first team coach then you might find the say on whats needed and signed is down to the DOF Mark Allan doesnt strike me as that type of DOF however, and i think thats why we got him in, he's to take care of EVERYTHING else bar first team matters, hence why we hired pedro before a DOF was in place
  17. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Even worse he went to book boyata in the last 10mins, reached for his card, realised boyata was booked earlier and would need to go off, and pretty much put his card away He's a cheating fenian bastard
  18. This year being a write off

    So are we
  19. This year being a write off

    Problem is where we gonna get these players from, we're already running big losses, the board wont sanction another 50-60 grand a week on the wage bill coupled with the transfer fee outlay
  20. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Every team will drop silly points, but we hace been robbed of at least 9 if not more, can you say the same about the tarriers?
  21. Michel Preud'homme

    MW might have been, but pedro wasnt, if the refs done their jobs properly then pedro was at least 5 points better off, there's physicality and there's down right criminal behaviour which we've faced all season
  22. Gary Rowett

    Probably because he talked the talk financially, I'll do this for half what the rest want etc And tbh see the 7 games murty has had in charge, no harm to murty but i think pedro gets us more points out them all,
  23. Gary Rowett

    Tbf we have no idea what the meeting went like, im not one for defending the board but for all we know he wanted 20mill transfer budget and 2mill a year wages for himself
  24. Derek McInnes

    Aye it is, 2nd highest wage bill for 3 years in the spl, won one trophy and a win record of just over 50% is dugshit
  25. Derek McInnes

    Id go for mph if we have the tools he needs, if not eck to stabilise us then good gaffer in after him