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  1. Its not just fees, its wages as well, they paid less for dembele than we did for garner cause garner was on probably a quarter of dembeles wage There are good bosmans out there, just not for ten grand a week or less
  2. Eck would sort this shit out
  3. McLeish would have won that today
  4. Not one everyday fan should even be asked to contribute the next share issue, every bit of it should be coming from the big investors, the board etc, we do enough, it's time they did theirs
  5. Doesnt help the local area is a run down disaster that gcc conveniently forget about,
  6. Would he go back though, he's a failure down south, up here he's treated like a king with the most financially backed team in scotland to play around with
  7. tav goes, we switch to a 352 with candeias as the right wing back, jobs sorted
  8. This, the start if an alarming decline,
  9. saturday simply cannot be used as a judge of wether pedro and his assembled team will cut it or not, just as skelping a lower division dunfermline doesnt constitute the best team ever so far he's had two challenges with HIS team, they fucked it in Luxembourg, too early or not that was just shite, they went to motherwell and got a deserved 3 points and held out in a point when motherwell were dominating as for saturday, we came flying out the blocks, nearly blew hibs away, on another day we would have, then hibs edged their way into the game (teams will do that, we aint gonna dominate the full 90mins) hibs got their goal in a wee period where they dominated, had the ref not fucked it up big time we might have went back into the ascendancy and won the game, who knows maybe his subs could have been better (they could have, rossiter on for windass the minute jack was off would have been my call and move miller to the left, windass blows out his arse by the 50th minute anyway) but lets be honest, hibs for all the fact they are a rabid bunch of fenian bastards, they can pass and move the ball, i bet they would beat the tarriers with a man extra at parkhead But as the poster says above, ref decisions at the weekend accounted for a 5 point swing in the league and the fucking weans arent back to school yet, instead of us being top by 2 points were behind by 3, we arent out of anything YET
  10. Anyone with 365 check your emails, risk free in play bet for united v arsenal game tomorrow up to 50 quid Basically bet 50 on over 0.5 goals Minute the game kicks off bet 50 on the draw Worst outcome is you win 2.50
  11. cardoso has the air of zurab khizanishvili to me, he'll stroll through games against utter shite but games where battering rams play up top or half decent strikers he'll be a rabbit in the headlights
  12. 3-1 down at home and people wanted us to bring on rossiter, fucking hell at least Pedro went for it and put on someone who can supposedly go forward with the ball, the time to bring on rossiter was when jack was sent off
  13. Im still waiting on weiss' flight landing
  14. Wanker lol, mind the 50 will be SNR so watch the odds you bet it on
  15. aye check the new offer from 365, its not a risk free bet now its a freebet SNR, plusi only got up to 5 quid, i know others got upto 25 wankers
  16. Able to see dunfermline lying down to us crystal clear
  17. My mania link is fantastic
  18. How come the coppers are quick to investigate a 28yo man being assaulted at parkhead, but when its twenty 8yo's they do fuck all
  19. Fucking thick manky bastards, we had pumped dunfermline all season, the 6-1 wasn't unexpected, the tarriers however won 4-0 at a place they drew 0-0 only months earlier
  20. Boyd was scoring goals as a twenty year old, leading killies front line before his 21st birthday, moult has played for ten different teams by the time he's 25, theres a reason why teams like Nuneaton and Accrington didnt take a shot on him
  21. You cant compare someone playing for wolves to someone playing for Nuneaton town, moult has been passed about the arse end of English football like a scud mag in a school,
  22. Maybe he will maybe he wouldn't, but we need our strikers to take what little chances they might get, moults sitter yesterday could be an indication that when we need him most, he'd flop
  23. well not really, for a start you tried to make it out that he has the same record as boyd when we signed boyd, he hasnt, secondly we signed boyd after had had 3 and a half seasons of leading killies frontline, moults had two seasons at this level, if he continues scoring like this for the rest of this season he could be worth a punt as for the tried and tested part, he isnt, he's played for a motherwell team where the rest of scottish football open up to them, he'll be coming to rangers and playing against shite who park the bus, games where he might get only one chance (like yesterday)
  24. What happens if in that 20 seconds, a player gets a career ending injury, if the video ref is needed then play should be stopped at the moment of controversy
  25. You're right, his stats are even worse now ive looked at wiki, over 239 appearances, 84 goals, takes his % to near 33%, nowhere near good enough