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  1. He got a lifetime membership from the RST and they done a big piece sitting in the broomloan stand im sure
  2. Walloper
  3. Lads chill, we know the daily record have made an honest mistake here, the record are courageous to the core remember
  4. Future addons for a cunt they don't want, fuck you norwich
  5. Mind the tarrier supporters club over in america that missed their bus to their pre season friendly game vs barca i think, cause they were too busy watching our game on a stream
  6. he's away to mexico, he's was meant to be going to qatar but he didnt turn left at albuquerque
  7. nothing guarantees goals though, look at boyds second term with us, granted we were playing honking football but even the half chances he took so easily in his first term here he was missing the second time around
  8. Tell me you get the joke now?
  9. Not a prayer we'd get him, he'd easily go for ten mill
  10. That fucking riled me up something awful, wee prick
  11. You can see law? No one else can
  12. who can you see in the picture?
  13. The worst part about king having a go at some of the fanbase is that he supports the thieving scouse cunts
  14. The easdales and ashley put cash in to keep the lights on too, all the while dealing with that sleekit bastard fronting a boycott of the club at a time where the fans were needed badly
  15. Wouldnt you if the chairman of the buying club came out and said we now have even more money for transfers
  16. If bojan is available and willing to come to scotland we should burst the budget for him, he'd run riot in Scotland
  17. What was allys username on here again, bluepeter9 or something like that wasn't it TravelingWilBEARy fucking off from here after it was rumoured that pictures of his maw and sister were doing the rounds
  18. naw in allys first year in the SPL, we were 2 down to falkirk, he brought on the likes of jelavic etc, we got it back to 2-2 then lost to a freekick with minutes to go, ally had us out of 3 competitions that year and the weans hadnt even been trick or treating
  20. FTFY
  21. aye MoN did get put in his place, but it took a scottish gaffer who knew this game inside out to do it,
  22. when the UoF released a statement that ally wasnt backed enough by the board in his attempt to get us back to the top league
  23. mind that time we WERE going to beat hearts and we WERE going to win this league
  24. nah he means banstead i think