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  1. Don’t think there can be any argument that he’s our main man now. The boys been outstanding this season . Let’s hope he can keep it up consistently.
  2. Jon to start would be criminal for him not to get the chance to get the record... Shagger back in after that though. He’s our no 1 and Jon will know that. Morelos bench for me. If he’s gonna fuck off and make no mistake he will the quicker we get the other two bedded in the better.
  3. I’ve got a question..... Why don’t they go home?
  4. Good enough he’s old enough. We’re playing St Mirren ffs he’ll be fine.
  5. He won't be going anywhere in January. King and Gerrard have publicly stated it and if he were to be sold i genuinely think Stevie G would walk and who could blame him. The gaffer would have no chance of winning the title and would show him that the board have no qualms about making him look like a mug. For that reason Morelos is going nowhere, even Dave's not that stupid.
  6. Gave it to their fans early doors as well...the man was immense tonight.
  7. Sorry boys massive fail trying to get into photobucket for the forum link...basically the red and white vertical striped tennents one....batter in with the slagging i'll try again the morn
  8. Down at my bros and arguing about the year of this top....bottom line...didn't wanna hijack gb's thread so half to erskine half mnd if anyone wants it?
  9. Really? To be fair i was pretty minced...twas the festive season
  10. Or Queens Park in the old 3rd division.
  11. That's a classic haha...... somebody get a picture made of that mon to fuck....??
  12. I'm not reading through the last few pages cause i can't be arsed.... he was dreadful in the first half..... but what a fucking header, outstanding... then he was blowing out his arse after it. He's not fit enough to start against the Taigs!
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