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  1. The plot thickens
  2. That old chestnut eh?
  3. Never gospel mate if that's the case....i apoligise for speculating. It's sad when a story like this get's yer baws tinglinging but sadly that's all it takes!
  4. The sun (i know ) from the other thread mcparlane one i think...if true...big if i'd have him back in a minute...pure speculation. The thread was for thoughts not wido replys if this was the scenario.
  5. His agent
  6. Speculation obviously but ffs could do worse?
  7. Well how many free agents are kicking about after transfer window...makes sense no?
  8. So it has to be Jelavic? Personally i wouldn't mind he's got to be better than what we have. Short term 6 month deal to secure 2nd place....thoughts?
  9. I was never his greatest fan but the boy tried his best and he couldn't have been that bad...he's got a few international caps has he no? So hardly a junior player!
  10. He genuinely looks like he's about to tan his wrists.......what a complete fucking wanker. Best interview i've seen for a while though....don't let me stop you Mark you bitter fenian bastard.....carry on haha!
  11. Senderos passed the drug test though, that's how he's on the big bucks haha!
  12. Senderos might as well earn his wages he's a shite taxi driver as well.
  13. I thought all this was going on at his personal page....currently debating haha!
  14. He Is The Walrus
  15. Very tough game tonight make no mistake about it. I guess it's just a case of what Rangers turn up for this match. I think we can all agree there's been too many false dawn's this season let's hope the ICT game was just a blip on our recent good form especially with the Bheastenders game coming up next. It's massively important we go into the game against those cunts with confidence as high as it could possibly be. C'mon Rangers into them tonight and let's not spoil xmas before we meet them!