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  1. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    I didn't say I knew exactly, I said about £2million, which was quoted in the papers in London.
  2. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Getting cheeky on the internet, takes a serious amount of balls.
  3. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Can't be bothered arguing, what ever you say.
  4. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Yes, really.
  5. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    He's spent most of his career with players like Van Persie and Fabregas playing against quality opposition week in week out under Arsene Wenger seeing about £2million per year. You think he's going to come to the SPL?
  6. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    He's taking the pish. Hahahahaha! :lol:
  7. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    He's been linked with moves to Juve and Roma and he's said he wants to go to Spain or Italy. Unlikely we could get him.
  8. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    It's not the figures, it's the player.
  9. Bryan72

    ***The Suggestions Thread***

    Are you a fucking mongo?
  10. Bryan72

    Barcelona vs Man United

    Because there's only 1 set of Iniesta, Xavi and Busquets, most likely.
  11. Bryan72

    Barcelona vs Man United

    Nice bite.
  12. Bryan72

    Barcelona vs Man United

    Because he's lost a game against a better class of opposition doesn't mean he's a shite manager you fuckin' mongo.
  13. Bryan72

    Barcelona vs Man United

    Poor Man United squad.
  14. Bryan72

    Barcelona vs Man United

    Fuckin' shocking ae.