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  1. I love Vegas. Not a place like it in the world. Literally anything can happen. That darkie probably was probably being serious. I was there last June, 45/46 degrees and it was unbearable at first but got used to it as time went on. Enjoy it mate.
  2. Fucking useless cunt Cahill
  3. Diego Diego Diego
  4. Chelsea goal coming
  5. That's a fucking shocker Alonso
  6. Aye cause if they don't, they will wake up at some point and just blow Arsenal away.
  7. Ball straight to the skull
  8. Diego, loose cannon
  9. Fuck sake, useless sheep shagging cunts
  10. Haha greedy wee fuck
  11. Rooney slow as fuck
  12. Replaying that Roberts effort like a goal. Spazzies
  13. Aberdeen hounding the cunts
  14. Fuck!!!!!
  15. Hospital for a burst gum. Fucking pussy