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  1. Expected us to get beat, thought Marseille performance was maybe a one off. Good result, hope it continues.
  2. Cut off his nose to spite his face.
  3. Mon the Kuch!
  4. Fod Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans Walker (Hopefully) Kranjcar Morelos
  5. My Dad said he didn't have a good word to say about Craig Thomson, said KT called him embarrassing for booking Dorrans early on
  6. Win both or Pedro oot
  7. Aye he megged that French cunt
  8. I was expecting a 3/4-0 to Marseille and a bit of a one sided match. I enjoyed that today. Glad I went. Sheffield can't come quick enough now
  9. Alves and Cardoso barely broke sweat, the odd clearing up to do. Candeias is lively, harassing that full back and he's fucking rapid. Herrera still needs to convince me.
  10. Free shit works, shit you pay for doesn't. Nae bother
  11. You'd think he was getting tied up and leathered everyday in training.
  12. I'd love to see someone wipe him out in the first few minutes
  13. Goodbye